Souldiers Boss 45 Would You Love Me

The Souldiers

Souldiers Boss 45 Would You Love Me

Here’s an obscure single on Tampa, Florida’s Boss label, the Souldiers with a great harmony song “Would You Kiss Me” b/w an underrated ballad, “Lemon Sun”. Release date was approximately January 1967 on Boss BOS 007 (BSKM-1119/20)

Lewis and Swilley wrote “Would You Kiss Me” for Fulprod Music Pub ASCAP, while Hillert wrote “Lemon Sun” published by Fuller Music Pub. BMI.

Despite the obscurity of the band, the other two names on the labels are famiilar, John Brummage and Charles Fuller.

John Brummage had a hand in the production of the Royal Guardsmen’s “Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron”. He produced the Split Ends “Rich with Nothin'”, the Noah’s Ark “Love In”, several for the Rovin’ Flames including “I Can’t” (which he wrote) on Boss, “Gloria” on Fuller and “How Many Times” on Decca, and many for the Boss label including the Berkley Five’s “You’re Gonna Cry” and the Ravens who I’ll feature soon.

Charles Fuller headed the CFP, Fuller, Tigertown and Boss labels, among others, with Brummage most often listed as producer.

There’s a possibility this Souldiers band is connected to another local group called the Soljers aka Blues Syndicate, with Bob Conn as either member or manager, but otherwise I can’t find any definite info on who was in the band or any photos of the group.

Souldiers Boss 45 Lemon Sun

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  1. The “Hillert” who wrote “Lemon Sun” was Ed Hillert who was from the Detroit area. He wrote songs in his spare time and had several of them recorded by different people. His “biggest” claims to fame were “I’m Not Built That Way” by The Hesitations, a Detroit soul act who recorded for Kapp records, and “Lonely Too Long” by The Sandpipers released on local Detroit label “Giant”, home to legendary soul records by Tony Hestor and Lorraine Chandler. I know this because I tracked down his widow many years ago and she had several copies of this in the family archives. How it all came together back in the day she really didn’t know as her husband handled all of that.

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