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I am Chris Bishop, currently residing in the Hudson Valley with my family. I grew up in New York, Toronto and Houston, attended college in New Orleans and Colorado, and lived for some time in California, Oregon and Japan. I’ve traveled to every state of the continental U.S. except North Dakota, and a good deal of Canada as well.

I’ve been a fanatic for garage rock since high school, notably from hearing the Bondsmen and the Q65 on the Mod Monday radio show and buying LPs of the Remains and the 13th Floor Elevators at the old Venus Records. I started Garage Hangover in August of 2004 to share some of my favorite songs with friends of mine, but it’s grown into something else entirely.

I’m looking for a sponsor or grant in order to devote more time to research. Please contact me if you know of any grants or companies interested in underwriting this work.

Band members, record collectors and fans in the Hudson Valley, New York area should drop me a line.

I also will buy collections of records: 45s, LPs and 78s; especially in New York or western Massachusetts.

Deejaying at the Swan Club, València, March 15, 2008

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  1. Hey,Chris!

    I’m Max from Russia,and i’m here to say:

    I love your site! It’s a great work, and i wanna say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for it.
    No doubt, it is one of the greatest websites about garage rock in Internet,haha

    Never stop doing what you are doing!
    Thanx a lot again and again, huh!

  2. Hi Chris – just a quick note to say “thank you” for all of your hard work. When I stop by here – every few days – it’s always a complete joy. I have no idea how you find the time to do the detailed updates you do, yet manage to maintain all of the other things you’ve got going on in your life. Your hard work is not unappreciated my friend!

  3. This site is a lot of fun! Thanks for creating it. My sister and I were remembering a song played on WGH radio in Norfolk in the 60s and we cannot find any trace of it on the internet. We don’t know who did it but think it must have been a local or regional garage band. We remember the lyrics:

    “I get the feeling when she walks
    Same old feeling when she talks.
    If she would only look my way
    That’d be the day you’d hear me say
    Thrill me
    C’mon c’mon, thrill me
    Hey Hey Hey Hey
    Hey Hey Hey Hey (call and response)
    Hey Hey Hey Hey
    Hey Hey Hey
    I know I’m all right
    All right all right all right”

    It was a very hard driving rocky rolly song. We loved it as pre-teens. We would be so happy if someone could identify it.

  4. That’s the Coastliners “Alright”, released nationally on Back Beat records in late 1965. The band was from Baytown, Texas I believe.

    The original local release was in fact the first 45 on the International Artists label. It’s recently been reissued on the Never Ever Land boxset, but I can’t recommend that set because of its mediocre sound quality. I’ll write about the Coastliners as soon as I can track down a copy of another record by them, “I’ll Be Gone”.

    Was this WGH in Newport News, VA?

  5. While the Coastliners recorded a version of “Alright” in late ’65, the version that was much more popular on a regional basis was the version by the Legends. It was released on the Parrot label in the early summer months of 1965. The Legends were certainly that, in their homebase are of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But by ’64 they began making treks down to Florida, where they would stay for varying lengths of time. “Alright” was recorded while they were gigging in the Miami area.
    The original version of “Alright” was done by the Searchers, an LP cut, not ever released in the USA as a single.

  6. WOW!

    Thank you Chas and MopTop Mike. “Alright” is definitely the song we have been trying so hard find out about. So neat to actually hear it! I wonder if an mp3 exists for The Legends’ version. I think that may have been the one played on our local station in Norfolk, VA.

  7. Really enjoyed exploring your site and was very pleased to find a bunch of long-lost Canadian bands along with others from around the world. The amount of work you’ve put into this is pretty incredible. BTW: I didn’t notice anything on The Bad Seeds and Zakary Thaks (both out of Corpus Christi, TX, with connections to Bubble Puppy) or on two more Montreal bands: The Haunted and The Rabble. An indie label worth checking out is http://www.disquesmerite.com/ — reissues of classic Canada/ Quebec garage/ indy rock. Most of the site is in French, but there are some gems to be found there. Cheers.

  8. Ah…..The Coastliners. They were from Baytown, Texas, which is about 20 miles east of Houston. The first Texas 60s 45 I purchased was their “She’s My Girl/ I’ll Be Gone”. (I moved to Houston, in 1970). In 1998, they released a cd with a new recording of “She’s My Girl” and “Alright”. The rest of the cd was Beach Boys surf tunes and late 50s – early 60s do-wop.

    Coastliners 45s
    – Alright/Wonderful You (1965) – International Artists 101
    – Alright/Wonderful You (1965) Back Beat 554
    – She’s My Girl/I’ll Be Gone (1966) Back Beat 566
    – California On My Mind/ I See Me – D.E.A.R. 1300
    – The Lonely Sea/Big Mike, The Sidewalk Surfer – (early 60s) Astro 109 (I do not have this one)

    I also found two more Coastliners songs on compilations
    – My Kind of Girl – “Houston Hallucinations” – vinyl lp
    – My My Oh My – I would have to dig through my collection for the source

    I have digitized the recordings and with the software available the songs now play clean.

    The 45s are also listed in “Journey to Tyme”, 1981, by David Shutt, a discography of Texas 60s recordings

    1. I knew the Coastliners very well. In the late 60’s I dated the bass player, Rich Gardner (from Houston, Larry Sanders was my neighbor, Tommy Meekins and Rex Kulbrith were from Lynchburg, Texas, Rex later changed his name to Kramer, Ozzie Hart was from Highlands, Texas. Larry is still in Baytown, Tommy has been a Pastor for many years and has a church called Church On The Rock, in Lynchburg. Rich is who knows where?? Tommy and his son, son in law and Ozzie still play mostly for private parties. They will be at the Goose Creek Country Club in Baytown, Texas on June 21, 2014. Tommy can be reached at TommyMeekins@hotmail.com to schedule the band.

  9. Hey, thanks for doing such a stand-up job! I’m 24 and from Houston, and I got turned on to garage rock when my older brother gave me a CD a long time ago featuring a number of bands from Houston/Austin in the 60s. All of it is totally rocking and original. Nowadays, I can’t get enough. Simple guitar riffs with a heavy fuzz, melodic bass lines, intense drum grooves with the occasional crazy fill, passionate singing and yelling–this is what rock and roll should be!

    So thank you for this resource that has allowed me to find so much more of it. Your history and research is especially helpful.

    All the best,
    Jonathan Wing

  10. It’s really great that such sites like yours exist. Actually, I found it when I wanted to find some information about the Czechoslovak band The Beatmen. Then I found here other fascinating bands. I visit your site very often.

  11. Hi, I’m a 26 years old girl from Italy. I think you’re doing very great job for garage rock’s cause. Your site is beautiful and complete, when I look for informations about some strange band, a one-hit band that I heard in some obscure compilation, I almost ever find them in your blog. Garage rock is my magnificent obsession. Thanx for what you doing, and sorry for my english!!!

    Greetings from Rome


  12. Thank you for this site that I discover not long ago (I was looking for cover pix of the Dynamites…): Great music and quality sound and images.
    Really great!

  13. Hi Chris,
    I have been following your blog for a while and am still learning about the garage bands all over the U.S. and the world. It is really a fantastic website.

    Singapore has a band that has made a name for itself not only in Singapore, Malaysia and the rest of South East Asia but also in Europe. I am sure you’ve heard of them but uncertain if you have featured them. It’s called ‘The October Cherries’ also formerly known as the ‘The Surfers’.

    One of the members, Peter Diaz, has a website and you can find information about them currently on my blog.

    Andy Young

  14. Great website.. came here originally due to some google searching for some Brent records stuff you have posted, and then found you have a treasure trove of information on my other obsession of local and province/country wide garage groups in Ontario. No one comes close on the web, in terms of using straight up info, pictures, sound clips, with no biases or so called “weasel words” . On par excellence! Look forward to contributing ! Peace from S. ontario/ and Vancouver Island..coast to coast baby!

  15. Hey Chas ,just visited the site for the first time must say im more than impressed to finally see someone with a taste for good music. Sent you a line regarding me dad playing drums for “The Dinosaurs” . The 45 on ur website almost shocked him ,nice work man…
    P.S Your son Emmett is Adorable….

  16. It can’t be a coincidence that the first comment I’m reading is the one by Ayrton,
    Brazilian’s biggest Kinks-fan.
    Love your site, Chris. A lot of bands I don’t know, so I think I’m going to listen
    to a lot of your MP3’s the coming days.


  17. Great page Chris. I´m a record collector here and like several people here, we have a cult with the vinyls. I’m really sad about the link about peruvian bands.. You know, shit happens everywhere… anyway, there a lot of bands from Peru really wild and crazy like Los Saicos, Los Mads, The (St. Thomas) Pepper Smelter, The Jaguars, Los Holy´s, etc. Hope you can write about that bands. Here in Peru was edited this year a great book: Demoler, edited by Revuelta Editores, by Carlos Torres Rotondo. The book is the story of peruvian bands since 1964 till 1975, even had a list of all the 7″ edited in that period. Is the first serious book about peruvian bands (if i can i will try to buy you a copy). Anyway, continue your terrific job Chris. Saludos.


  19. Looking for info regarding Dick Bocock and Bob Weaver’s band The Machine. Formed after the demise of the Swinging Machine in Norfolk, VA (1960’s). Didn’t they produce at least one recording? Heard them many times, were a fantastic group. Would love to hear their sound again. Any help appreciated.


  20. Hello…

    My father Peter McBurnie was lead vocals in The City Muffin Boys, a garage band from Toronto in the 60’s. I have some newspaper articles and even some interesting CBC recordings of the band. At some point they were supposed to make their debut for The Doors but were stopped at customs (you can guess) anyway- if you’re interested I’ll try to post more info. I would also like to learn more about them as there isn’t much out there..



  21. Lonnie lee and the big beats started in the fall of 1958 when I was in college at NEO at Miami Ok..we were probaby the second rock band in oklahoma north of tulsa. the first was probably bobby poe and the poecats, who went to tennesee in 59…the orig. band consisted of bob william on bass, jerry adams on drums, jeff goosbey on piano ray frick and I on guitar and I did vocals…we played boat shows, on radio, movie houses, colleges mixers ect…In 60 ray and I join the reserves, and in aug 6o I started over again with dale, archie and jerry woods..dale did not last very long because of wanting to attend school parties and dating, woods left right afer that. I pick up ronnie mason on drums, bob shoulder on bass and vaugh quimby on sax. archie stayed with me until he went to college. The five of us play all over kansas, okla, ect. This was the band that recorded with Amco records in 61-63, spent a lot of time in the studio. In 62 the lable released “you shake me and flip side was little angel” bob shoulder did the vocals, them I recorded “corner girl and I’ve been around”

    When archie went to college the band busted up and I joined up with a band called the ramrods and worked with them unil 1970. There is a lot more to the story of the lonnie lee and the big beats that will be in a book to be published by the end of the year which will have a lot of research of the bands in Northern Okla..already is out on the bands in southeren part of okla. It was a great time for bands with a lot of places to play your music…

    I thank you having my name mentioned in your article, I am almost 70 years old now and it is hard to belive what I accomplished in the music business…great memories…..


  22. Thanks so much for the website! I have often wondered about David Keller. I worked for him when he had his t-shirt business in Toronto in 1971-72…and have tried to find him…this is the first mention-so maybe someone will read this…

    if it is ok…I am going to post an email address ok? kmae02@hotmail.com


  23. Hello, then you must know DARA PUSPITA’s technician: HANDI?
    See his blog i constructed for him on embahgambreng.multiply.com

    Cheerz and let me know what you think

  24. Hi Chas,
    I came across your site while doing research for the site I’m creating for Lighthouse (the band Skip Prokop formed with Paul Hoffert after Skip left the Paupers). As we used to say…I’m blown away!! I made a donation – I know just how much work is involved researching and putting a site together. Please check out Lighthouse’s site…www.lighthouserockson.com. I’m currently working on an extended history page but it’s not up yet. I manage Lighthouse (have done so since the band reunited seventeen years ago). It’s the band’s 40th Anniversary and we’re doing a big splash hoping to get the word out. I’d like to create a link to your site on my links page. Would that be ok? i’ve also sent the site to Skip. Don’t think he’s seen it.
    If you get a chance you could check out my site as well. I’m a fine art photographer in one of my other lives. http://www.brendahoffert.com. Unfortunately I haven’t updated for a while. No time!!
    Hope your Christmas was Merry and may your New Year shine.
    BTW, if you go to the Lighthouse site please vote and pass on to anyone you think might be interested.

  25. Hello Chas…I sent you a message reference “Sound System” photos. I never got a reply..so I!m trying again. I will be visiting those folks who have possession of some of the band. I do not have MP3 so when you contact/send an address to where I can mail them.Have a wonderful day!!!!Lynn PS Hope Emmitt is fine!!!!!!!!

  26. Chris, what great work you are doing. A wonderful website and certainly a stroll down memory lane. I played in a 60 group from the little North East Texas town of New Boston, near Texarkana on the state line of Texas and Arkansas. Our group, LCS and The Bishops IV were a top forty group played for several years and in many different venues throughout the four state area of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Chris I just completed a new digitally remixed and remastered CD of some classic rock and original songs we recorded on old analog tape at Robin Hood Brian’s Studio in Tyler Texas in 1967 and Sevens International Studio in Dallas in 1970. I do hope to be downloading our CD with the text, and sending it to you soon, hopefully to be highlighted on your web site. Right now, I am hoping to find a long lost friend and our keyboard player from the day, Sandy Weiser, from Texarkana. We all lost track of Sandy after the group disbanded, and we all moved on with our adult lives. The last I heard from Sandy he was a DJ in the Detroit area, an also heard he may be playing or have played with a gospel group somewhere. I would really like any of your website family who may know Sandy Weiser, or a least contact him, and to have Sandy contact me or just let me know how I may get in touch with him after all these years. It has been since 1972 since any of us in the band have been in contact with him. Regardless of his circumstances, situation, lifestyle, etc, all the members of the Bishops IV would certainly like to catch up with Sandy.

    Sandy was one of the finest keyboard players I ever met. He was very versatile, playing his big beautiful Hammond B2 with two Leslie’s Tone cabinets, and numerous other keyboard instruments, as well as being accomplished on the auto harp, and harmonica and Sandy contributed significantly to our vocals. Sandy was an absolutely professional musician, and most of all our great friend, and I would certainly like to catch up with Carl Sandor Weiser (Sandy) if any one knows how to contact him. Thanks to everyone, Dannie Wilson

  27. Thank you for a fabulous site! Some of these were edgy, highly charged bands, and they should have been as famous as the Electric Prunes or the Blues Magoos. I knew some of them personally, and they continued to play in other bands for many years. It is wonderful to read about them and see all the old records they made. They made some great stuff. Especially the Distortions and the Rockin’ Rebellions. Thanks again, and I wish you luck!

  28. Nina,

    Hi I’m Maryl, a 27-year-old girl from the States. Now I’m living in Catania, Sicily. I wish I could find a lively Garage scene here. How is it in Rome? Could you recommend any clubs for seeing Garage bands? I’m planning a trip there for sometime in May.

    The only Italian garage revival band I know about is Head and the Hares. My friend has their record, but likely they’re no longer active these days.

  29. Hey CHRIS..’Fantastic site ” The knowledge inside of your head about this music must be over=flowing.Just lucky to be a small part of this. LYNN JENKINS of THE SOUND SYSTEM

  30. I was stationed at Kincheloe Air Force Base in the late 60’s and heard the Amen sing these songs. I had the 45 … but lost it long ago. I had on reel to reel tape and lost that long ago. I have randomly searched for it over time but today found the .mp3’s on your site. They bring tons of memories, along with the memory of a red headed girl I was in love with from the Canada side of the Soo.

    You have earned my lifelong thanks …

  31. The Coastliners,I grew up listening to that kind of music, I took that record to school for show and tell in first grade.The song “Oh Wonderful You”,my father is singing the falseto lyrics.The group formed in 1964,I do’nt know how long they knew each other before that.They split in 1969.My father left the band, I believe, in 1966.Larry Sanders took his place. The group members were,Rex Kramer,Tommy Meekins,Waymon Lamb,Ozzy Heart and Bob Williamson.I am currently trying to aquire original photos.When I can I will post.

  32. Hi Chris !

    Just stumbled across your site looking for information about the Myddle Class and their great single “Free As The Wind” which I heard on a Chicago FM radio station in the 60’s. Perhaps you should add another feature to this site in the form of a donate button for fans of this site. People could donate whatever they thought the experience of this site was worth to them. They could make donations every month or ocassionally in whatever amounts they wanted. Sort of a power in numbers concept. Perhaps you could set it up to get your donations by Paypal. It would be interesting to see what kind of cash this would generate for you. Who knows perhaps enough small donations would add up to be a mighty river.

    Keep Up Your Project

  33. Chris,
    I sent a couple of emails your way this week. One had pics of US FOUR from Louisville, Ky. The other was an update on a musical venture I’m working on. I hadn’t heard anything from you and was hoping everything was okay. Let me know if you need anything else . . . . . and THANKS for doing what you do.


  34. WOW WOW WOW!!! I could not believe this site when someone sent a link to me. I was in a 60’s band called The Bystanders from Yonkers, NY. and I found a couple of bands that played around when I was a kid. The Gyrations, who feature Robert Karlsson and his brother…Robert was my drummer for a while, and “The” another great Yonkers Garage band. This stuff is amazing, and cannot figure out how you found these gems. Also, any other info on Saints and Sinners would be great. Lead singer/Keyboards was Kevin Brenner who was my business partner for years and prior to that was my booking agent at a company called CTA. I would love to hear, see, or learn more about that band. Supposedly they opened for the Beatles when they played Shea Stadium. Thanks a million for the memories and keep up the good/great work!

    1. 4 piece band
      Kevin played left hand piano bass,
      and an electric piano with his right, and sang all the songs
      Stan played sax.
      Karl played lead guitar
      Nick played drums

  35. I was doing a search on the original Lost and Found (Misfits) from Houston and came across your site. I love it. I hope you are keeping it up.

    The Original Misfits will all be together in September in Austin. We all got together last year for the first time in many years for some of us.

    Jimmy Frost, Mickey Bishop, Pete Black and James Harrell. Thanks for such a cool site!!!

    So ….did you get a good gig?

  36. I was tyhe drummer and leader of the four fifths
    our best years were 1965/1970
    playing glen island the 42 club yonkers and especially the club on city island
    we had a great sound and very loyal fans
    anybody remember us?

  37. I accidently came across your message, and just wanted to say THANKS for letting me know that everyone is alive and (Hopefully) OK I knew the group as the Misfits in the summer of ’65 at La Maison in Houston,(I played tambourine for a few shows) and only recently learned about the further adventures of “The Lost and Found”. Again, thank you John Hays

  38. Chris, I just stumbled on to your site, really good!! So cool to see the band (MISFITS) my Dad was in back in the 60’s! This is the most information I have ever been able to find out about them. Glenda Shipley, if you have any photos of the misfits from the reunion, please send them to this site! Thanks, Darren

    ps Chris, are you related to any of the Bishop’s from Dallas Texas?

  39. Hi Darren,

    I don’t think I’m related to any Dallas Bishops. My family was from Maine, though my dad and sisters are now in Austin and Arlington.


  40. First of all I’d like to say I love your site.

    You forgot the most lively member of The Blue Echoes…..Jack Gagne. He was the one who brought the crowd to LIFE….Tossin’ and a Turnin’ all the way.

    Also, you don’t have anything on your site about The Capers, Ronnie Fray, Tommy Dean and Clay Highley (all from London, Ontario).

    Then there’s Brian Pauley, Wayne Jolly and Billy Hilton.

    Thanks for sharing what you do have though. It’s great to look back at the “Good Ole’ Days”.

  41. A friend of mine used to play records on an underground radio show. I lost contact with him, but he used to play this one song that I have been searching for forever! I know it went something like this:

    ‘Cuz Im the Wolfman, baby oh yeah’

    I looked up on your site and saw a title by Randy Fuller…but thats the song I remember.

    Any glimmer of light you can shed on finding this track that I cant get out of my head?

    Much thanks!

  42. One of my best friends is Pete Walmsley, drummer for the City Muffin Boys. Any archival info anyone has on this band would be greatly appreciated. Pete does not have a computer and I would be happy to send on any info or archives available.

  43. Hi Cyndy – how ironic – I just discovered this site today while conducting a Google search for the Muffins in order to verify the spelling of “Walmsley”. This was prompted by my seeing, for the first time, a photo of Peter and myself posted by John Radcliff, AKA “Krash”, on his Facebook page. I was tagged but Peter wasn’t – hence my search. You can probably grab a copy there or if that’s not possible I can email one to you.

    Although they’re not ready yet (too many megs.), I soon will be posting some shots from a session I did in front of the Yorkville fire hall back in the early ’70s. These were ‘Keystone Cop’ type ‘antique’ images complete with an old fire truck, costumes and all. Peter, with his magnificent sideburns and moustache, was a perfect model and was featured prominently in a couple of the photos.

    How is Peter? Did he continue on in music? Does he still live near Toronto? In my search I discovered that Peter McBurnie died in 2009. I saw quite a few photos from his wake but, perhaps not surprisingly, I didn’t recognize anyone! lol
    Was Peter there?

    I think Andy Krumins lives in Vancouver and now sells real estate. This reminds me I think I have some photos of Peter and the other Muffins at Andy’s 1st wedding at Inglewood in the Caledon Hills.

    Anyhow please give Peter my best. I will dig around in ‘the vault’ to see what I can find. And please email me and maybe send me Peter’s address so that I can keep in touch.

    Wow! This has certainly been quite a ‘blast from the past’. Thanks for this post!

    Edward Palmer

  44. Chas,
    Let me tell you a little about myself before I begin. My sister Chelle and I are the two last survivng children of the original owner’s and founders of LouAnn’s in Dallas,Texas. My father first started out in Fair Park, right across the street from where the State Fair Music Hall is now. He had an open air beer garden called the “English Village.” He quickly out grew this location, and wanted to build a larger one. He bought the property which was located at Greenville Avenue and Lovers Lane on the Southeast corner. He took his first name, and my Mother’s first name, combined the two together and thus,”Louann’s” was born. In the early days, Pappy’s Showland was directly across the street, housed in a large white “Circus style” tent. There were no City ordinances out there then,because the City Limits of Dallas at that time didn’t go that far out. The Club was in Dallas County only. It was until the early 50’s that the City Limits of Dallas annexed that part of the County. I can remember having to get rid of the hogs,chickens, and milk cow, because you couldn’t have these inside the City of Dallas.
    Where the Medallion Shopping Center now stands, there was an airport called “Mustang Airport” at that location. This was back in the day where the bi-wing propeller plane was dominant. The pilots used to fly in and order curb service. We had curb service car hops on roller skates to serve all patrons whether or not they flew in or drove. If you can remember LouAnn’s or have a photo of it, You can see that it was always not as big as it was in the final stage back in the late 60’s. It was added onto in sections at a later date.
    I don’t know how much room I have here to type in this blog, but if you want to reach me, I now reside in Atwater, CA for now, but will be moving back to the Dallas area in the latter part of April of this year. My current phone number is 209-357-3667, and my email address is Ca_papa2@yahoo.com

  45. I just stumbled onto your amazing site while googling Ronnie and the Pomona Casuals. Your site is fanatastic. Keep up the good work!

  46. Chris,

    I enjoyed dropping in to read about the great groups of the 60s. Thanks for including my past
    with The Surprize and other garage bands. Glad that you’re a fanatic for ‘garage rock. As I
    look around sites like yours and Mike Dugo’s I start catching garage fever again! It’s been
    47 years for me. Thanks for bringing back the roots and heart of pure garage rock.

    James Marvell

  47. Hello UK!! I was stationed there in 1968-1972 in the Air Force and had the pleasure of singing and playing in two different bands. The first was Bear Creek Road, second was Black Cat & Bone(I was the bone). I really loved England and had some of the best times of my life there. Planning to go back some day but am afraid things will be completely different to me. Miss those fish and chips. I was living in Mildenhall and visited Lakenheath very often.I wish wealth and health and happiness to your country.

    Donnie Bearup (Oglethorp)

  48. Hi Chris, Stumbled across your site on which I congratulate you! I know it’s really tough trying to maintain without the help of sponsors and I seriously hope that since you comment some 2 year ago you have found the necessary assistance – I applaud you for your passion!

    A question…you mentioned one of South Africa’ top 60’s groups called The Gonks. My own passion is the collecting of what we call ‘local is/was lekker’ (local is/was great) of which I have gathered a really great collection. Problem is I cannot find a copy of The Gonks SA hit, ‘You can’t stop me loving you’. Can you assist?

    Further to this, do yourself a favour, search and request Facebook ‘friendship’ from a guy called John Langemann. He’s a South African with 2 HUGE Facebook albums of the SA bands (garage and other). You will have a ball – this I promise you!

    Seem to be struggling to load my website in the ‘homepage’ column above…it is http;//www.hands-on.co.za

    Looking forward to hearing from you…and persevere!

  49. Hi there,

    Got a copy of Gonks – you can’t stop loving me / crying my heart out – on Fontana lying in front of me!
    If you have another cool record lying around we can trade…………….
    That is..if you got something interesting for me….

    mail me here



    Jean-Pierre (from the Netherlands)

  50. I have 3 45rpm acetates by a band called “The Creations”, Hertz Recording Studios, 38 Halsey Street, Newark, New jersey. the songs are: “Bricks & Stones”/”Set Me Free”, “The Outcast”/”I Don’t Care”, “Far Away”/”Captain Dirtbomb”. It’s all mid 60’s garage rock music. The song “Outcast” is a Surf instrumental, pretty cool. If anyone knows anything about these guys and there band, i sure would like to know. Thanx!

  51. Just a minor correction – the original line-up given for the “Glory Rhodes” was accurate for the most part, except it should be noted that the original guitar player was Greg Noble (I don’t know if this spelling is correct). After Greg left the group, the former lead guitar player from the “Moon Dawgs”(Frank Spencer) joined the band. After Frank Spencer left, the former rhythm & lead player for the “Moon Dawgs” (Allen Johnson) joined the group. Allen Johnson went on to form a group called “Orange” around 1970 with Ray Genovese as lead singer (former lead singer for the “Moon Dawgs”). Don’t know whatever happened to Frank & Allen, although Ray went on to sing with the “Paper Steamboat” around N.O. for awhile & currently sings lead with a nostalgia group called “The Nobles” on occasion. I heard him at a “Paper Steamboat” reunion some months back & he’s still got his singing chops.

    I co-wrote an article with Jon Newlin(whom I really didn’t know personally) called “Remembering the Beaconette” which appeared in Wavelength(a now defunct N.O. music magazine) in January of 1985 (issue # 51), which has a little background on the Beaconette (the long gone club that was on Claiborne near Napoleon in New Orleans which featured bands like “The Glory Rhodes”, “Yesterday’s Children”, “The Palace Guards”, “The Other Side”, “The Moon Dawgs”, “The Better Half Dozen”, etc. from around 1966 to 1969)should anyone be able to locate an issue. One Andy Brown (who published “Brown Paper Sack”) corresponded with me briefly after reading the article & he was nice enough to send me a cassette copy of some of these groups’ recordings in ’95.

    Better close here. I’ll try & send some more info in the future.


    Larry Eagan

  52. Chris,

    Not sure if you are still working on this site, but I thought I’d write you a line.

    By serendipity, I found your site. I think your site is fantastic! It’s got some great research and covers a lot of great bands. When I came across your site, (searching for some old 45’s) I instantly looked for my Dad’s band from Florida, and thought I’d tell you about them.

    Charlie Souza’s original band The Tropics were a great illustration of the beach garage pop music scene in the late 60s. California had the bright sensibilities of the Beach Boys in all of their five part harmony surf music glory, but Florida had a scene that was unique and all its own. And one of the greatest bands to come out of that era was The Fabulous Tropics who played exclusively at the Surfer’s Club in St Pete.

    Here’s a nice little documentary made for their “30 year reunion” >> http://youtu.be/vejH1KUdciY

    Here’s some info & a vid from a reunion they did> http://youtu.be/Azv7f9GmUGk after that, they kept it going for a few more gigs > http://youtu.be/FWiSGziRVLA

    Here’s a re-release of their discography >> http://www.amazon.com/Anthology-1965-1969/dp/B0012KBBOQ/ref=sr_shvl_album_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1330021429&sr=301-1

    Their top hits were>>

    I Want More

    Time (as played on Dick Clark)

    1966 they won the “Battle of the Bands” in Chicago…a big deal back then as ‘Battles” as they called them were really popular events.

    Thought you might enjoy….

    -Chip Souza

  53. I remember you and the band. I played both Glen Island and the 42 Club. I was the first disc jockey to behave like a band. I had a van a big PA system a large record collection….. sort of the house act at the 42 Club. I knew Kevin Brenner. Do you have any photos of your band or old photos of the 42 club or Glen Island. my email ohboy408@yahoo.com Please advise. do you have recordings of your band?

  54. Hi Chris,

    Congratulation for your website !! a true Bible for any Garage collectors !!!
    I have never seen a so professional work !!
    Are you also interested in 60’s italian garage ?

    Stay cool, The Caveman

  55. Chris, like your site I just found by googling Jimmy Musgrove R.I.P. (James William Musgrove Sr) of the Dagenites of DC. Do you have a Facebook page for this site as well? Please email me with FB pg address & I will also be glad to post your info on my fb page under my n ame as shown. Thanks & rock on ~ music lover Linda Kilroy Bresnahan, Fairfax, Va. & D.C.

  56. Thanks for keeping the past alive..My uncle Dan Felton was the lead singer for the group, “The Colder Children”. A great vocalist….

  57. Chris. I was shocked to find that a site concerned with West London rock venues was being compiled by someone from the Big Apple!!! I suspect that us old. Cockney Rockers are going to use it like a “get together”. I have already. Discovered an answer to something that as bugged me for years. Thanks Chris, keep it up

    Bob Danks (1942……….?)

  58. Stumbled on your site looking for old friends The Myddle Class. I went to high school with Dave & Rick. Rick’s sister Bonnie and I were in the same class. I first heard Rick play guitar when I was 10 years old. My dad was the Philp family barber and both Dave and Rick came to him for hair cuts before we all let our hair grow long. Myke & I used to date sisters! I have some interesting stories if you want to get in touch.

  59. I was in the Back Door Men, later called the Joint Session when the Myddle Class was flying high. Dave once rescued me from an over-zealous security guard at the Myddle Class Summit Show. I was also there with the band when they became The Myddle Class (formerly The Kingbees) at the show in Stirling, NJ. Met Al and Carole there and was formally introduced to Carole by Dave in Mr. Chessler’s classroom (after fourth period). I still have a very sweet letter from Carole sent to me after Rick’s passing.

  60. Chris!
    I love your site…you have done a fantastic job!!!! I don’t know what else to say, except keep up the good work, my friend!

  61. hi chris,
    love your blog. i run a travel website out of brooklyn that also (occasionally) writes about music; i’d come across your website doing a google search for dinosaurs sinister purpose to add to our music section. would love to have you guest write some stuff for us. or at least share beers when we are in hudson again in november.
    cheers and keep up the good work!
    -erin and denny

  62. Hi Chris! You don’t know me but I discovered your site back in 2010 and I must say, it has come a long way since. Also I heard you on The Bedazzled Radio Hour with Spike Priggen today about the WGXC Record Fair and suddenly became re-inspired to visit your block and listen to obscure 45s again. You’ve done an amazing job with this site over the years and I like to thank you for keeping up the good work. Sincerely, Erica.

  63. Hello, Chas,

    Ray Reach here. I am a 50+ year professional musician from Birmingham, Alabama. I began classical piano study at age 6, and started playing (self-taught) guitar in rock bands at age 14. I know personally many of the musicians you feature on Garagehangover.com, including Wayne Perkins, Charles Nettles, members of the Distortions, Torquays and many others.

    I played in numerous bands, including The Echos, The Daze of the Week, The American Cyrkus and others.

    I have lots of pictures and stories to tell about growing up playing music around Birmingham. In the 1970s, I made the transition to Jazz as my main focus, but I still play pop and rock for weddings, concerts, corporate events, etc. I have performed with and written arrangements for a number of nationally and internationally known musical acts, including The Temptations, Chaka Kahn, Jonathan Butler, Smokey Robinson and many others.

    Please peruse my website ( http://www.rayreach.com ) and my bio on Wikipedia.org ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Reach ). I’ll be happy to help you “fill in” info about Southeastern region bands, if you wish.

    All the best to you, and continued success with your great website.

    Ray Reach
    Director of Student Jazz Programs
    Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame ( http://www.jazzhall.com )
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ray.reach

  64. Hi Used to go to school with Rex And brain Brayley in the sixties,Used to have jaming times at rexs house,Try ing get in touch for old times if you have a email or FB i see he has a linked profile but not used much,Thanks John keane

  65. Dear Chris I Was so happy to find this sight.I am the founding,member of the Band Utopia Carwash.Our record,was a joy to see on line.Loyd deckman was a bass player who wrote the song ,but he isn’t on the record. I am the rhythm guitar player and Mike Ostrander was the bassist,he forgot to mention all the people in the group.Barry Ambosio went on and ended up as Tony Iommi personal assistant,before he passed from cancer.Great group Great fun and miss them all. thanks jack t.


  67. WOW! Impressed by all of the work you have put into this! Wonderful job and great content. I married Mike Dektas of the Shantels so was especially pleased to see the information you have on his band! Thank you.

  68. Del Paramor lives!
    Just seen the site and found and can later add some more info about this time. Bobbie Morris and Paddy Corea are both in the States; Pete Mole died last year in Southend-on-Sea, but have lost touch with all the old Sonority band which was also called Mr. Mo’s Messengers, and Brass Lungs at various incarnations!

    1. Hi Del

      Were sonority formerly known as Mr Mo’s Messengers? Know they did a single in 67. Are you in touch with any original members?

  69. Re: Battle of the Bands/Vol 1. and the Traits
    Yep, High on a Cloud was an iconic song that symbolized the frustration of being alone in a wealthy, but irrelevant suburb of Pelham, NY. Battle of Bands was at the Westchester County Center and happened in Fall/Winter of 66/67. The Traits were originally called The Six Pence and the membership was somewhat different. The Six Pence wrote High on a Cloud. Craig Coates was guitarist and Atkinson was the singer. They were a great live band and I remember singing to myself: “I got a nickel bag and I’ll show what I can do” as a means to my own escape.

    BTW: Orphans were also a great live band. Saw them at a friends (Eleanor?) 16th birthday party in New Rochelle and was blown away of their rendition of the Spencer Davis tune, Gimme Some Lovin.

  70. We ‘The Illusions’ recorded Jezabel at Garrisons in 1963. We were under contract with Records. The flip side was Nitemare. Go to Youtube ..(.The Illusions Jezabel) to hear the song and watch video. Also on Youtube from the Garrison studio..Go to Youtube … (Bolsaman00 Garrison)….for ‘My little Kewpie doll B/W Carol. Nice website.

  71. Hello,
    I’ve been a big fan of 60’s garage rock for a long time now, so much so that I am in the process of forming a band to play some of these songs. If possible, could you please help me determine the lyrics to the following songs?
    -The Dagenites- “I’m Gone Slide”
    -The Dagenites- “I Don’t Want to Try it Again”
    -The Briks- “It’s Your Choice”
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

  72. I host a radio program on KWMR out of Point Reyes Station, a town north of San Francisco near the coast. “Rock of Ages” airs Sunday nights, 8–10 pm Pacific Time, streaming live at KWMR.org. In the first hour, I play deep tracks from the Golden Age of Rock and Roll, including the Garage Barrage, a set of three garage/freakbeat tunes, toward the beginning of the segment. (In the second hour, I feature live music from local singer-songwriters and bands.) I’ve used your website to research obscure garage bands, and I’ve played tunes from several of the groups I’ve discovered on these pages. Tonight, I’m playing “Loneliness,” from the Uncalled For. Thanks for all your efforts!—Mark Nichol

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