Lonnie and the Legends Rev sleeve Penguin Walk

Rev Records discography

Gil Shelton, Rev A-1003 "I Was Wrong from the Start"

Rev has one of my favorite singles, “Glimmer Sunshine” by Jack Bedient & the Chessmen.

The Tommy Love and Lonnie & the Legends are the only picture sleeves I know of for Rev.

The label’s location is usually noted at 12044 Chandler Blvd, N. Hollywood, CA, but the Tommy Gardner 45 gives an address of 12055 Burbank Boulevard. No relation to the Rev label from Arizona in the late ’50s that had releases by Doug Hardin, Skip & Flip, etc.

I’ve put these in possible order of release – but it’s only a guess.

This discography is probably incomplete – any help with dates, info and scans would be appreciated!

Rev 45-D-100/45-D-101 – “Wish You Were Still Mine” (Don R. McGinnis, Loucan Music BMI) / “Devil in Me” (J. Bryant for Mosic Publ., BMI) both sides arranged by Don McGinnis

Rev A1001 – Tommy Love – “Love Bug Is Buggin’ Me” / “Your Heart Is Like a Swingin’ Gate” (W.V. Thrasher, arranged by Bruce Locke)

Rev A-1003 – Gil Shelton – “I Was Wrong from the Start” (Joe Fiorito, Laucan Music BMI) / “A Penny in the Wishing Well” (with picture sleeve)

Rev 45-1005 / 45-1006 – Lonnie & the Legends – “Penguin Walk” / “Crazy Penguin” (George Grah, Laucan Music BMI, with picture sleeve)

Lonnie & the Legends had at least three 45s on various labels, I cover that band in more depth here.

Tacey Robbins & the Vendells, Rev 45-R-1102 "My L.A."Group Therapy Rev 45-D-166, Seventh Heaven

Rev 45-R-1102 – Tacey Robbins and the Vendells – “My L.A.” / “Ordinary Boy” (both by Billy Storm, “Sound Track Motion Picture ‘Psycho a GoGo'”, arranged by Don McGinnis, Produced by Al Adamson, Laucan Music, BMI

Rev 45-1-66 – The Frontiers Men and Joanie – “Roaring Angels Game” (Major W.V. Thrasher, Laucan Music” / “Anaheim U.S.A.” (Lee Brian, Val-Dare Music BMI)

Rev 45-D-166/45-D-266 – Group Therapy – “Seventh Heaven” (Tom Jones, Bill Doran) / “Cheated Again” (Bob Pecel) (both sides arranged by Bill Doran, March 1966)

Rev 45-D-104-66 / 105-66 – Jack Bedient & the Chessmen – “Glimmer Sunshine” / “Where Did She Go” (October 1966)

Rev 45-N-105 – Nocturnals – “Stag Line” (Don Freeze) / “I Want To Know”

Rev 45-R-107 – Jay Jay Cameron with King David & the Parables – “Short Dresses” (Jay Jay Cameron – Barry Hansen) / “Miss Missile”

Rev 45-G-112 – Doug McGinnis – “Moon Over Texas” / “Everything But Me”

Rev 45-115-67/116-67 – The Royal Teens – “Chicaney” (Chirico-Whittle, Laucan Pub, BMI) / “Tears in My Eyes” (Monarch #66743, May ’67, band included Sam Chirico who later formed “The Paper Fortress”)

Rev 45-117-67/118-67 – Nona Nikova – “Dreams Are Not Enough” (Sam Carrino) / “Let The Sun Shine” (Nona Nikova), both pub. by Laucan BMI, arr. by Sam Carrino

Rev 45-117-68/118-68 – Leo & Marv – “Mrs Heartbreaker ” / “House of Lonely Hearts”

Rev 45-119-68/120-68 – Real People – “Sea Of Reality” / “The Man” (both by Parks, Alan, 1968)

Rev 200-69 – Art Wight – “Pickin’ Fights for Christmas” (Art Wight, Laucan Music BMI) / “Three Cigarettes”
Rev 200-69 – Cousin Frank – “Pickin’ Fights for Christmas” (Art Wight, Wight Barn ASCAP) / “Three Cigarettes”
The above two seem to be identical releases except for the artist name and publishing info. Not sure why there were two releases under different names. Country music.

Rev-3028/9 King George and the Timps – “I’m Thru Losin’ You” (Howard Huntsberry, Launcan BMI) / “I Cried” (George Renfro)
Also released on Midtown M-002, “I’m Through Losin’ You” (credit changed to E.B. Robertson) / “I Cried”. Rev issue seems to be rarer.

Rev-3528 King George and Mischief Lads – “Shing-a-Ling Baby part 1” / “Shing a Ling Baby part 2” (both by George Renfro)
“part 2 is particularly insane” – Mr. Robinson

Rev 4003 – Los Chicanos – “Love Is Blue” / “La Bamba”

Rev 500 – Darvy Traylor (arr. LaBerta Ellis) – “Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey” / “That’s All That Matters To Me” (1974)

Rev-5001 – L.A. County C.O.P.E. – “Sacramento Playhouse” (Cheep Music, ASCAP, 4:00) / “Stand Up You Children”

COPE = Commitee on Political Education? Seems to be some riff on Nixon – anyone have clips of this or a good scan of the b-side?

Rev 7001 – Al Hanner “Beyond the Reef” / “Who’s Sorry Now” (need confirmation of this one – label scans please)

Rev-8107 – Tommy Gardner & His Versatiles – “Why” / “That Kind of Love” (both by Tommy Gardner, Mayon Pub ASCAP)
This label gives Rev Records address as 12055 Burbank Blvd.

Rev 1722 – The Seaweeds “You Swam Away With My Heart” (Vocal)/”You Swam Away With My Heart” (instrumental)
Red label with Rev in plain typeface

Rev-1941 – Danny Ghaffouri “X-Rated Baby” / “The Lady” both sides by Danny Ghaffouri, prod. and arr. by Bruce Graham, green label with Rev logo

Rev 1951 – Tony De Bruno “Io Canto Cosi Perche Sono Italiano” / “Ah! Cie Bella La Barese”

Rev 1952 – Danny Curtis “Windbag” (D. Curtis & Tom Jenkins for Charted Course Music – Dag Music, BMI) b/w Greg Biela “Flyaway” (Tom Jenkins) Produced by Tom Jenkins for Breakaway Productions, Stereo, tan label with Rev logo. 6430 Sunset Blvd. address.

Rev 1960 – Dave Duncan And Hardtimes – “Sweet Country Lovin'” / “My Hearts In Country” (need confirmation of this one)

Thanks to Ed Nadorozny for the scan of the Gil Shelton 45, to Max Waller for info and the scans of the Royal Teens and to Mr. Robinson, beccabear, Laurent and the rest of G45 Central for their help. Thank you to Barry Wickham for the scan of the Lonnie & the Legends sleeve and Group Therapy 45.

Sacramento Playhouse, Rev 45

The Two Sides of Gil Shelton, Rev picture sleeve

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  1. i have rev 103 by gil shelton-a penny in the wishing well/ i was wrong from the start. will send a scan of said record. its pure pop music

  2. Many years ago I saw a movie that was based on the recording industry and it seemed to me that it was on Rev and Ronn Records.I had a 45 about 50 years ago of a number called “Plaything”.The only thing I remember about it was that the singer was a man named “Ted”.I haven’t seen this movie in about 45 years.Can you tell me anything about it.The only thing I remember about the record was one line from the record:”I’m not your plaything anymore.”

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