The Outer Limits, 1966, from left: Jim Westbrook, Pete Hecker, John LeDuc and Jerry Bachman

The Outer Limits on Goldust Records

The Outer Limits on top of Amador Hotel, 1966, from left: Jim Westbrook, Pete Hecker, John LeDuc and Jerry Bachman. Photo from
The Outer Limits, 1966, from left: Jim Westbrook, Pete Hecker, John LeDuc and Jerry Bachman

Outer Limits Goldust 45 Don't Need You No More

Years ago, Wayland L. Davis wrote a detailed story about his time with the Outer Limits, and the Las Cruces, New Mexico music scene he grew up in. He was going to expand on it for publication in Garage Hangover, but then we lost contact. I won’t publish it since I haven’t received his permission, but I will include a little info about the band from our email back in 2009:

I grew up in Las Cruces and was one of the original members of the Outer Limits. I left the group before they recorded with Golddust. But, I helped write “The Waves” and “Walking Away” long before that, and we recorded our first version of both songs with Steve Crosno

Keith Hackney [of the Four Dimensions] lived a block away from me and taught me how to play a barre chord, which led to me playing rhythm guitar for the Outer Limits and Pete Hecker playing bass.

The original Outer Limits were Jim Westbrook, Wayland Davis, Pete Hecker and multiple drummers. First, Jerry Savage and later Jerry Bachman. We named ourselves after the TV show and not the Markettes “Out of Limits” song. John LeDuc [was] my replacement as I left the band before this picture and Goldust recordings.

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  1. Has anyone heard of a former Sydney club band, playing in clubs in kings cross around 1970 called the Sandmen, the only name of one of the members I recall was Julian Lipman who was the bass player at that time.

  2. I came across The Outer Limits in a compilation and was blown away by the lead singer in this group. I put “Alone and Crying” up against anything from that era (I’m 67 and have listened to thousands of garage-band songs; it’s become a bit of a hobby), and I’d buy the single today. I’m dead serious. Can you tell my anything about who sang lead? The guy’s voice is phenomenal in my opinion, and I can’t understand why this band didn’t chart, especially with “Alone and Crying.” Thanks, in advance, for any information on this great voice.

    1. I recorded Jim Westbrook and The Outer Limits in my Goldust Recording Studio in 1966-67. Mr. Robert Bacon called me on March 2, 2017 about the singer (Jim Westbrook), and we had a good hour long visit. It is always nice to hear from someone who has discovered something we did 40 plus years ago. I’m sorry the band or myself did not have the resources to properly promote the music “back in the day”. Thank you Robert, for your call.

      Emmit Brooks

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