The Huntsmen - picture sleeve courtesy of Jim Wilson

The Huntsmen and the Los Angeles scene in the early-mid 1960’s

The Huntsmen - picture sleeve courtesy of Jim Wilson
The Huntsmen – picture sleeve courtesy of Jim Wilson.

The Huntsmen came out of Millikan High School in Long Beach, and were friends with the Emperors and also likely the Royal Knights, as this sleeve scan and the business cards below came from the collection of one of that band’s members.

The Huntsmen had two singles on the Pam label in the early ’60s:

Pam 1001/1002: “Send Me Some Lovin'” / “Wishbone”
Pam 1003/1004: “Fever” / “Big Bowl of Soul”

“Wishbone” and “Big Bowl of Soul” are band originals.

The labels list the band members, but I don’t have good scans of the labels – if anyone can provide some please contact me.

Jim Bradshaw – lead guitar and lead vocals
Jerry Christensen – drums
Mick Lorito – rhythm guitar
Bill McKinney
Don Rabish (?)

I’m not sure if this is the same Pam label that owned by Jim Aguirre and located at 150 Pamela Blvd in Monrovia, across the city from Long Beach. That Pam had a release from the late ’50s, Bill Garland’s “Lonesome Guitar” / “Guitar Blues” (Pam 45-201).

I’ve heard the A-sides of both singles and they’re excellent as this shows:

Jim Bradshaw had a long career in music after the Huntsmen, including a bi-racial band, the Disciples of Soul, and stints with Johnny Otis, Shuggie Otis, Eddie Vinson, Taj Mahal, Etta James, Junior Wells, and Henry Vestine of Canned Heat. James Bradshaw died in Oregon in 2003.

Pam label info from Rockin’ Country Style.

These band cards offer a glimpse of the local scene circa 1964-’65, including the Royal Knights, the Huntsmen, the Emperors and two cards from the Starfires from Downey. Did any of these other bands record?

Los Angeles band cards, early '60s
Los Angeles band cards from circa 1962-1966, including the Vida-Men, the Coachmen, the Continentals, the Del-Links, Mikron Custom Guitar Finishes (Mike Cohn and Ron Eclit), the Starfires, The Royal Knights, the Impressions, the Ascots, the Leisuremen, the Friends (“Dances – Riots – Concerts”), the Shamrocks, and the Versitile Intruders. From the collection of Jim Wilson.

7 thoughts on “The Huntsmen and the Los Angeles scene in the early-mid 1960’s”

    1. The Wanted – do you mean the Detroit group, the Wisconsin group, or is there an LA-based Wanted that you’re talking about? It helps if you can list the names of some of the members.

  1. I met James Bradshaw in Corvallis, Oregon. He was a great friend, and taught me a lot about the blues. He died as he lived, on the edge, and we miss him.

    RIP brother

  2. I went to Millikan High School with “The Huntsmen”. Don Zabish was a fraternity brother of mine in Sigmus; he passed away I believe in the 70’s. The other Huntsmen were all friends. The Huntsmen performed at a Sigmus party at my home in 1964 or 65. The Huntsmen, and myself, were all in the 1965 graduating class. Several years ago, one of our frat brothers, Mike Skaug (class of 66) found many of our frat brothers from numerous years, and we have since been reunion-ing in South Lake Tahoe, at one of our brother’s properties for groups. We are gathering for a week starting today. If any other classmates see this, they are welcome to contact me. Thank you for your post

  3. I also graduated from Millikan in 1965. I was also a member of the Huntsman. The band was called the Huntsman because a Mr, Hunt paid for the recording session. We may have been called the Faros prior to the name change. My memory is a little fuzzy on this point.

    I believe the sound studio was in Long Beach.

    I played lead/rhythm and did some vocals. Jim was the lead singer.

    Thanks for putting this blog together. Brings back a lot a great memories.

    Don Zabish did pass away in early 1970. He and I were very close and spent a lot of time sailing in Alamitios Bay

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