Waters Delcrest 45 Mother Samwell

The Waters

The Waters: clockwise from left: John Burgard, Ray Barrickman and John Mackey
The Waters: clockwise from left: John Burgard, Ray Barrickman and John Mackey

The WatersWaters Delcrest 45 Mother Samwell was a Louisville, Kentucky group with John Burgard guitar and vocals, Ray Barrickman bass guitar and vocals, and John Mackey on drums.

Their first 45 on the Soul Blvd. label was “Lady in the Field” (Barrickman and Burgard) / “American Cheese” (Barrickman, Burgard and Mackay) – I haven’t heard it yet.

Their second 45 features two excellent originals by Burgard and Barrickman, the upbeat pop song “Day In and Out” and the stupendous freakbeat of “Mother Samwell”.

Released on the one-off Delcrest label in January of ’69, all copies I’ve seen have white labels with black print. Promo copies exist on the Hip label, a Stax subsidiary from March of ’69, but that issue seems to be much rarer. Production was by Paine-Baker. Paine was Stuart Paine, who owned the Soul Blvd label.

John Burgard had an earlier group called Jonah and the Wailers with Chris and Courtney Johns that opened for the Rolling Stones at Memorial Auditorium. BurgardWaters Delcrest 45 Day In And Out visited San Francisco in ’67 then returned to Louisville to form the Waters.

The Waters broke up in 1972 and Burgard went on to form CoCo Morgan and other groups.

Ray Barrickman previously played bass and sang in the Oxfords. He later played bass in Hank Williams Jr.’s band for a couple decades, and more recently was in a reformed version of another legendary Louisville group, Soul, Inc..

Thank you to Brian Talley for sending in the photo of the band – if anyone has other photos of the group please contact me.

Background on John Burgard from “I’ve Got A Mind To Ramble” by Keith S. Clements.

4 thoughts on “The Waters”

  1. The Waters also recorded a cover of “I just want to make love to You” with Mother Samwell on back side. I used to have that 45 years ago. Also I believe it was in 1970 or 1971, The Waters opened for The Doors in Louisville’s Freedom Hall

    1. I saw the Waters in my teens up in Cherokee Park near Cherokee Fountain I believe! An outdoor gig that was a blast for me!
      I do have a picture of the band that someone requested if still needed.
      I unfortunately had to sell my 45’s a few years ago..Amoeba Records (Los Angeles) and Criminal Records (LA, too). Louisville music is what got me started playing drums…and Ringo!
      Was that Doors show ever taped? I was there!
      10 rows back. I remember people were pissed ’cause Jim wore white jeans!
      If u need any restoration done drop me a line.
      I had Kenny and The Accents, Soul Inc., The Oxfords, The Rugbys, Us Four, Sinbad etc.
      one of the first groups to befriend me was NRBQ. Great story there.
      Anyway I’d like to send pic but how in this format your using?
      I do have the Cd stuff of some of these groups but I’m also looking for those 45’s.

  2. The Waters were a mainstay at The Windmill (? like 2nd or 3rd and Main) it seemed to me as I saw them a number of times there. They were amazing and had the place hoppin’ / dancin’ / rockin’ everytime I went for sure. Glad I could get in using my older brother’s military ID as I think I was ~16/17/18 at the time? Also, The Waters which later became Mouse Knees (or at least the next band John Burgard was in that I knew about…) would rock/bring the house down at the Headrest on Frankfort Ave. Great, great times…

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