The Ugly Ducklings

Ugly Ducklings, RPM, July 11, 1966
RPM, July 11, 1966
Ugly Ducklings, RPM, October 19, 1966
RPM, October 19, 1966

Ugly Ducklings Yorktown 45 NothinHere’s a quick post before I try to make my way across town during the subway strike – the Ugly Ducklings from the Yorkville section of Toronto, Canada.

Members were Dave Byngham vocals (spelled Bingham on the songwriting credits); Glynn Bell guitar; Roger Mayne guitar, John Read bass; Robin Boers drums. Their first three singles are incredible, later ones are more mainstream but still solid.

Thank you to Ivan Amirault for the scans from RPM.

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    1. The L.P. is exactly the same mix – just shitty mastering on the part of the Record Company. It’s a bit better on the Coloured Label version (done by Capitol Rec.) than on the White Label v. (Arc Records). I think we have to thank Tommy Graham for the super mastering job on the single. He knew what was appealing about “The DUCKS'” Sound!
      Dave Bingham

      1. Dave, was browsing the web looking for information about a film that may have been made by a Bill Huard. The film was about the Yorkville scene in the 1960’s, the musicians, fans, clubs etc, and The Ugly Ducklings are supposedly in the film. A friend of mine also appeared in the film which she says was made @1963-67. This film was titled ‘Weekend’ Do you know if this film exists? I have posted a similar enquiry to Bill Huard on this site. I think there would be an audience for this vintage ‘lookback’ to a seminal time in Can. music. Would appreciate any info you may have in this regard.

        1. Hi Paule, – Yes! I know that the film was shot, because I discovered a few strips of it in an envelope with my photos. I never saw it, or heard that it had been finished. I remember that the film-maker lived(worked) on Prince Arthur Dr(Rd). We shot some in a studio there & on the street
          outside.It was shot in the spring of ’67, when Howie Smith became our bass-player.That’s all I can remember. Maybe Bill might fill you in with some more of the details.

          1. Dave, thnks so much for info. My source told me the film was titled ‘Weekend’ and it was premiered at Cinecity in T.O. I called Gary Topp who ran Cinecity at that time and tho’ he couldn’t recall said film he was interested in my pursuit. My source also said Roger Mayne was the cameraman? Was sorry to read he has passed away. I have not yet heard from Bill Huard. There was a teenage girl in the film who has said she is Erroll Flynn’s (unacknowledged) daughter and they shot a lot of footage of her(a wild child of Yorkville) and that some of the film was shot when the Ducklings opened for the ‘Stones’ in ’66. She also said the film was shot over a period of several years and she also believes Huard was the producer. Does any of this sound credible to you? What I’m thinking is whoever has this film may want to interest someone in film or tv…in spite of what Dylan says…Do Look Back.

          2. Hi Paule. As I said before I remember shooting some of the film. But I can say for sure that Roger Mayne did not shoot any of the footage. If he had been involved, then as band members we would have known about it. Good luck with your search!


      2. Dave
        I saw you guys at a show in 79, I think. You had a horn section at the Danforth Music Hall. It was heralded as reunion. The punk band call The Government was also there. It was a great show by all involved. do any tapes or pics exist of that night?

        Rudy Green

    2. Hey, All UGLY DUCKLINGS Fans !!
      The Complete “SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE” album(13 trks), remastered from the ORIGINAL
      ACETATE, is now available on CD Baby!! I was lucky to find the ACETATE, thanks to my good friend Larry Fitzgibbon and I Re-Mastered it myself with help from Dave Sampson who did the transfers to tape. This version is the original ALBUM punched up
      to enhance the ORIGINAL “DUCKS” Sound! There is nothing better Available on the Net!
      Other versions “suck” in comparison! Check it out now (with other DUCKS-gems!) at:
      All the Best – Dave Bingham(Byngham)

  1. Love your site. Yorkville is a district in downtown Toronto centred on Yorkville Avenue. The Ducks were originally from the Scarborough area of Toronto, which is a suburban borough on the east side.

    Incidentally, I met Dave Byngham backstage at a one-shot charity benefit revival concert in 1988 held right on Yorkville Avenue. What I remembered most was that their guitar player, Roger Mayne, still played his axe like it was 1966. Absolutely no Hendrix, Santana or other such unfortunate influences. The Ducks ’88 version of Poison Ivy was modelled after the Stones’ ’64 version evening featuring the exact same drum ending used so wyldly by Charlie Watts.

    All three of these songs are still heavily played on Toronto’s CHUM 1050 AM (local oldies dreck), especially “Nothin’.”

    The version of “Nothin'” featured on your site is the second (possibly rarer) pressing. The first pressing had a flat black background with silver lettering. I can send you a scan for your site if you’d like.

  2. So sad to hear that Roger Mayne passed away in 2004. I remember dancing to the wee hours to the Ducks in Yorkville at the Inn on the Parking Lot on Cumberland Avenue. They were the house band and the place rocked and was always packed. The Ducks was Toronto’s version of the Rolling Stones and wow, did we love them! Thank you Ugly Ducklings for the great memories and Roger Mayne RIP.

  3. Hello Cher. The flipside of “Nothin'” is “I Can Tell” (York Town 45001). “Rimb Nugget” backs “Gaslight” (Yorkville 45013). Both of these records, but especially “Gaslight/Rimb Nugget,” are easy to find, especially in the Greater Toronto area, but also across Canada. If you’re not from the Great White North, you should be able to get it readily on EBay and for a fair price ($5-$20 for “Gaslight” and $20-$50 for “Nothin’,” depending on condition and pressing).

  4. Thanks for this great site.

    Always loved the Ducklings. Was fortunate enough to see them (and loads of other great bands) back in the “Village” days. Also saw them at The Edge in the late 70s with The Passing Fancy. They released a new album right after this show which I guess is pretty rare by now. I have it but can’t remember the title.

    If you really don’t want to pay major dollars for Ugly Ducklings records then try this Toronto area site for CDs. The first one contains most of their stuff and the second is a re-issue of their first album. This place also has 45s of Gaslight & Nothin’.

    This Vancouver site has a vinyl re-issue of their first album.

    Punchy From Toronto

  5. Thanks for the info on getting “Ducks” music. Sounds like you visited Yorkville in the 60’s too. I just loved it there! I was too young to drink but went to the coffee houses. Met Neil Young when he was with the Sparrows. Also John Kaye (Steppinwolf). There will never be another time and place like Yorkville.

  6. i will post a pic of the 45 & song file on my blog later today or tomorrow.
    it will be on my blog which is in the links here eg mr ed music round up

  7. Hi Ivan…Thanks for the scan of Mynah Bird 45…It appears to be the recording I was talking about, and without really hearing it I can’t tell you much more about it then I already have..but believe you have a copy of the demo we made for Colin Kerr in October of 1964.

    The cover pic was taken at Sound Canada Studios, and shows our keyboard player JC Proffitt at far left…standing up is Sam Romanoff ( manager/agent) front of him and sitting down is Peter Melville, who was a part time sound.light..roadie..assistant for us…and in the background standing up is myself… Bobbi Lee Justice.

    Colin Kerr and Rajah are at the forefront of pic…the pic was taken around 4-5am in the morning as we recorded it overnight.Colin was prompting Rajah to do his bird vocals ( over our vocals music etc ) at this point…and his prompts to Rajah were later removed.

    As I said before..there is no ” b ” side because we refused to record another song with Rajah and under the name ” The Mynah Birds “…so Colin kept the master and acetate of the recording and had it pressed as a demo at Rodeo Records on a trip to England in 1965. He created his own label for it and paid for it himself.

    We meanwhile continued to be the house band at his Mynah Bird Club on Yorkville, where we eventually met Rick James ( Ricky Mathews ) Neil Young, Richard Mason and others who were subbing for us at Mynah Bird Club every third weekend..and they eventually went on to record the song at Motown as The Mynah Birds….but was never released.

    Hope that helps..Bobbi Lee Justice

  8. Hello my name is Bruce Palait in the 60’s I played in the band Manna, we played at the El Patio every Friday night in Yorkville Village. If anyone has any pictures of my band I would love to see them. Right now I just started the band The Glu. Thanks.

  9. Bobbi and Lee and The Scepters were the original Mynah Birds and the first to record The Mynah Bird Hop ( Song ) as a studio demo for Colin Kerr and his brother who wrote the song….and this is probably what you have a copy of. The recording has no ” B ” side as we could not come to an agreement with Kerr as to what it would be…he wanted another song with Rajah and we wanted to record a cover of ” Mr. Pitiful “, thus the ” b ” side remained blank and was used as a demo to shop to major labels etc. There were only a few hundred made and I gave my copy to Scott Young (a reporter and fan at the time) to give to his son Neil Young, who along with Rick James, had been filling in for us every third weekend at Mynah Bird Club while we played gigs outside the Village. Rick asked us if we were going to change our name and do a master recording of it and we declined, so they ended up striking a deal with Colin Kerr/Motown and eventually recorded it as The Mynah Birds. I do not have a copy of that original demo by us, and only know of one other that exists with the original keyboard player of Rick James Mynah Birds..but have not seen or heard it since 1966. it would be great if you could send me an mp3 of it or scan the cover pic to Keep Rockin..Bobbi Lee Justice

  10. I quite sure that the one sided 45 in question is by Colin Kerr and Rajah. It’s called The Mynah Bird Song. On the Mynah Bird label # MB 3360. It came with a picture sleeve as well. I think it’s from the early 70’s(?).

  11. Ed…What you have is probably a demo or radio copy of The Mynah Bird Hop by us, which was recorded before we passed the song over to Rick James to record. Are you sure it’s a 45 or is it an acetate? In either case I would like to hear it…anyway you can send me an mp3 of it?…

  12. Hey Bruce…Bobbi Lee Justice from Bobbi and Lee and The Scepters, we were the house band at The Mynah Bird in the Village 64-67, and remember your band Manna and El Patio very well from then. The 60’s was the era of the ” Toronto Sound ” and there were a lot of amazing bands during that time..Jon & Lee and Checkmates, Mandala, Luke and Apostles, Grant Smith and Power, Shawn and Jay Jackson and Majestics etc, etc…and most of them are still going and friends of mine still and I’m in touch with them all the time. We just played an outdoor gig with Jon Finlay from Checkmates last year…and he is as amazing as ever. We were the original ” Mynah Birds” and actually recorded the Mynah Bird Hop ( with Colin Kerr’s bird Raj ) before Rick James did. What a great and magical time the 60’s and Yorkville were…sorry I don’t have any pics of Manna..but I do have all kinds of old ads from the Telegram and Canadian Scene Magazine that mentions your band and could share them with you…you could also check out CBC Television Archives on the web..they have a lot of old footage on there from the Village. Glad to see you are still playing..and wish you best of luck with your new band. Keep in touch…and Keep Rockin’…BLJ, BOBBI LEE JUSTICE and THE SCEPTERS

  13. At my present age of 57 years young, this group called the Ugly Ducklings still
    gives me a rush when i remember seeing their show in the front row live at La Ronde EXPO 67 in Montreal when they pumped out their hit song NOTHIN in my face and for ever in my memory. Thanks for the rush!

  14. Bill – did you ever do a western Canada trip with a later version of Crowbar with Kelly and others? I was the soundman/roadie for that trip.

  15. Bill
    try looking up “the ugly ducklings ” on youtube. i know one of the group members posts as nothing66 or something like that
    good luck

  16. I remember the Expo gig…I used to manage the Ugly Ducklings…and I have been sniffing around for memories and there are many…only to discover today the Roger died in 2004…how sad..I would have like to have spoken to him again…does anyone know how to contact any of the other members?..I have been in the UK for many years…and have lost complete touch..

    Any news would be great

    1. Hello, are you the Bill Huard that made an indie film @1963-67 that featured The Ugly Ducklings & assorted Yorkville habitues. A friend of mine says she was in this film which she also claimed premiered at Cine City here in Toronto. I contacted Gary Topp who founded Cine City(I think), but he didn’t recollect the film, but said he was very interested to know more about it. Was there ever such a film and if so what became of it? Would be a stunning nostalgia tribute to the musicians, fans and street and city lore of Toronto at this seminal time. I’m in my 70’s now and the kids in the film would be in their 60’s or older. Can you help with further information on this fascinating mystery.

    2. Looking through this today..good memories from Cedarbrae CI!!
      Drove the band around a few times .
      Frank Smith

  17. The Yorkville era was such a milestone in music history, and I’m glad to have been witness to at least a part of it. I used to see bands from the city in Newmarket, Aurora and at the Pav in Orillia, and I played hockey with John Finlay’s brother. What great entertainment! I still listen to the bands today. But some pieces are missing. Does anyone have the flipsides of a couple of 45s I would love to hear again? There were instrumentals on the B side of the Checkmates 45 and another on a Mandala 45, titled “Toronto 67” or something along those lines. I would love to hear them again.

    Glad to hear that so many former Yorkville players are keeping in touch.

    Could someone tell the site owner to correct the “Yorktown” link at the top of the Ducks page?

  18. The Checkmates instrumental you are referring to is on the flipside of their single…released as Jon-Lee Group…” Bring It Down Front ” and is called “Pork Chops”…I have a copy of it and can send you mp3 if you want…interesting enough this song which was originally composed by keyboardist Michael Fonfara was titled ” F**K YOU ” but changed to Pork Chops for release of the single. Jon Finley is still a friend of mine and lives in California…but has returned to Toronto area several times and performed with the original Checkmates several times in the past five years..and with us in 2007. They also released a new single in 2007 with all the original Checkmates ( except Lee Jackson ) with Mike Sloski on drums…Jons current group is called ” Soulbop ” in California…but he does return to Toronto regularily to perform as a solo act.

    The Mandala instrumental was on the flip side of ” Opportunity ” and I have copy of it too…George Olliver is a friend also and he has never stopped performing…although he is more into gospel based music today he still gets together with his band Gangbuster a couple of times a year and performs at different venues across Ontario as The Blue Eyed Prince Of Soul.

    Bobbi Lee Justice

  19. Actually, Neil Young was in the Squires along with Rick James. John Kay was in the Sparrow (formerly Jack London & the Sparrows) which became Steppenwolf. I, too, was not old enough to drink but did trip down to ‘The Village’ whenever I could.

  20. The flip of Opportunity was Lost Love. The instrumental you are talking about was called From Toronto ’67 and it was the flip of Give And Take. Mandala was a great band. When Roy Kenner took over from George Olliver, he had come from the band R.K. and the Associates. I lived across the street from Roy and a few doors from Domenic’s house in East York.

  21. Rick James was never in the Squires, you’re thinking of the Mynah Byrds, which was made up of Neil Young, Rick James, Bruce Palmer & Goldie McJohn (who just so happens to have gone on to Steppenwolf). So clearly there’s some kind of logical thread running through this madness. Or maybe just coincidence. Either way…

  22. I saw The Ducks when they were still The Strolling Bones.It was at a St Mark’s church dance,in Scarboro,back in late 1965 or early 1966.They were doing some raggedy ass Stones&Kinks tunes but looked cool and were passionate about the music,which was mostly covers.But each successive time I saw them they just got better.Then came “Nothin'”on the radio,followed by a gig opening for The Stones.They did a killer version of”I’m A Man” in their live sets,not unlike the Beck w/Yardbirds’ cover.They were an exciting band.I’m glad I saw them and bought their singles & the “Somewhere Outside” LP.There’s a 180gm. vinyl reissue of that LP,in mono,from the original acetates available from Sundazed Records.I believe it was endorsed by Byngham.Even has the old cover artwork intact.

  23. This is a great thread for folks who spent time in The Village,during it’s 60’s heyday.I used to get down there as often as possible,from Scarborough,in that period,mainly to check out Luke&The Apostles,a fine Toronto band.I only recall watching them play Borris'(never remember the proper spelling)but they were around long before we got hip to their cool live sets.I remember they did killer versions of “O Yeah”,”You Can’t Judge A Book” and “Each And Every Day”,and there were always plenty of cute chicks at their shows.They had a really fine mix of R&B and blues-rockers.Also enjoyed their take on “Little Red Book” which was popular at the time,by Love and Manfred Mann.Luke was a natural as a front man,and McKenna,of course was,rivetting,on lead.Jonesy was a cool bassman
    and Peter Germyn(sp)was always creative on organ & fun to watch.I think it was Pat Little who drummed for the group,during the period my buddies and I used to see them(’66-’67)he did all this off-beat stuff and hit hard and knew how to bang that cowbell!Anyone have any recollections of the band,from any period?It’s a shame there were only a couple of singles available from them-I know a lot of people who would’ve gladly been interested in an LP from them,even if it was just covers from their live sets.

  24. “Yorktown” is not an error. It refers to the label that released both the Somewhere Outside LP and the first four 45s of the band. The Yorktown label evolved into the Yorkville label with the release of the 5th single, “Gaslight/Rimb Nugget”: the matrix numbering system carried forward in continuity. The change to Yorkville was likely done to cash in on the popularity of the Yorkville scene. But Yorktown was also a clever name that Capitol (Canada) devised maybe as an in-joke: Toronto used to be known as York back in the way old days (i.e., from 1793 to 1834).

  25. I found my copy of “Somewhere Outside, and found this blog while it was spinning on the turntable. Anybody here remember the Toronto Sound concert at Maple Leaf Gardens? There were 14 groups, including the Ducks, The Paupers, Luke & the Apostles, Stitch in Tyme and Little Caesar and the Consuls.It was an all day affair, 10am to midnight, on Saturday September 24th 1966. I remember I went mainly to see the Ducks,and they were great, but the whole day turned out to be awesome for a young rock music lover. And it only cost two bucks to get in! I think the purpose of the show was to invite execs from the record companies to come and hear these groups.

  26. Billy, I had forgotten about you managing the Ugly Ducklings when you were in Toronto.

    I am still living in Toronto, but I am on my way to Calgary on business tonight, and will hopefully see Wyman tomorrow night. Send me a line at my e-mail address.


  27. Bill,
    It would be great to get in touch after all these years. This is an old post, but perhaps you will see it. I’m in BC now…just spoke to John Read a few weeks ago.


  28. I rember being there at Maple Leaf Gardens for the Toronto Sound. Thanks for the information, most details I didn’t remember. When I walked in the group was playing Summer in the City. Don’t know who they were but sounded just like the record. I also rember The Paupers and know that I lot of Toronto bands played that day. It must have had a pretty good influence on me because as I look through my records I find 45’s from some of these groups and the “Magic People” Paupers LP as well as “Avenue Road” Kensington Market LP. Very glad I came to this site!

  29. I’m 56 yrs old and can remember seeing the Ducks play at a local high school in my hometown of Kingston, Ontario. They played Nothin’, Just In Case You Wonder and I was hooked. Learned each of their songs note for note on my guitar (and pretty much wore my Ugly Ducklings album in the process). Bought my first Fuzz Box in an attempt to sound like Roger. 🙂

    Good times, great memories. RIP Roger.

  30. The single and album versions of the song are exactly the same. However, the mastering job on the singles is far superior to the album master; that’s why you might think it’s different. It should be noted also that the stampers that were cut by Arc Records for the first pressing of the album (white label) were terrible. A lot of the copies skipped. That is why that pressing was withdrawn. The stampers for the better sounding coloured label pressing were cut by Capital Records.

  31. Just reading past remarks on the “Ducks.” When I first posted some comments, I was a newbie on the computer. Wasn’t sure how to post lol. Is there anyone out there that saw the Ducks in Peterborough in the 60’s? They played at a local bowling alley and literally blew the place away. Since I had seen them in Toronto before moving to Ptbo., I knew what to expect but Ptbo. wasn’t ready for them. The cops and fire dept. came and tried to restore order…it was a hoot.

  32. I was at the Toronto Sound concert…it was great. My cousin Rick McMurry was the drummer for Luke & the Apostles at that time…this was his last gig with the band. Remember there was another Toronto band called Dee and The Yoemen who had people outside Maple Leaf gardens holding signs saying ” Dee & The Yoemen – part of the Toronto Sound but were not around”. guess they didn’t get hired to play.

    Different topic but I seem to recall that The Ducks opened for The Rolling Stones at a Maple Leaf Gardens concert in the mid 60’s and to many were better then the Stones.

  33. I have held onto a copy of this single along with one or two other T.O. singles over the years.
    The problem, of course, is that the Jon-Lee single got played to death. My copy is almost unlistenable. If you have a cleaner copy I would LOVE to hear it. I would almost like to hear Pork Chops even more.
    Bands like these guys pushed me along the path towards playing the telecaster through Fender guitars and loving soiul and blues music. Still do that after all these years too.

    I had the good fortune to see the Join-Lee Group at the CNE. I expect it would have been just before they went Stateside and it all sort of fell apart.

    If you have a decent copy of the single I would really love to hear it.

    Dave Sage
    P.S. I hope some of my photos make you smile.
    Guelph, ON

  34. Hi there,

    I am from the United Kingdom. I own the master tape to Gaslight by The Ugly Ducklings.

    How this great song was never an international hit i will never know.

  35. Bands continue to play covers of Ugly Ducklings’ tunes. No wonder the Stones said, “….our favourite band when we’re in Toronto.’ This was an era of lots of Canadian grown music, often supported by local radio.

    Learning the fine bass line for “Nothin'” was an adolsecent accomplishment.

    1. Hi Phil. There is a way of identifying the disc & the cover. I’ll have to get back to you with more info. in June? Each stamper that was used to press the discs had a # engraved in it………

      I’ll get back,

      1. Hi Dave, I worked for your band in the 60’s with Howie Smith, Glynn loved my old Renault Gordini I think Glynn was living on Bathurst St. at the time. We got chased out of Durham after playing at the Kontiki Club. I went to Cedarbrae at the time and worked the Gardens with Howie opening for the Stones. That old Chevy truck.
        I have seen Robin a few times when he was drumming for Bad Dog, but not for the last couple of years.

        1. Hi Dave! – you wouldn’t have any “DUCKS” photos or Memorabilia, would you? (or know anybody that does?) I’m getting close to publishing the “book” about The DUCKS & I’m still lookin’ !


          1. Hi Dave, I will ask around, I had stuff but the 1st wife tossed everything I owned in the 70’s, thanks for the response.

        2. Hi Dave – I remember being with you in your Renault being chased through Mount Forest at break-neck speeds by an army of greasers in muscle cars and outrunning them — like it was yesterday. Awesome!

  36. Can someone link me to interview Dave did that goes in detail about record pressings, and lables?
    Or just tell me about the Yorktown horizontal coloured logo of “Nothin'”, remember reading some where that there were just 100 made?

  37. The Ugly Ducklings owe their success to Arc Sound Co. signing them to their York Town label in 1966. Some members of the band tend to diss Arc and its founders but without them they would never had made the impact on the Canadian music scene.

    1. Peter ! – Arc Sound was not connected to Yorktown Records in any way, shape or form! The “DUCKS” recorded our first single “Nothin'”/ “I Can Tell” on our own, with our own money & then arranged for it to be released on “Yorktown Records”; a new label owned by Tommy Graham & Fred White which was distributed by Capitol Records, Canada. Arc Records didn’t sign the band until the spring of 1967, when we did “Gaslight”, which came out on their subsidiary label
      “Yorkville Records”.

      1. Perhaps the label I was thinking of was named “Yorkville.” Wasn’t aware that Arc didn’t produce the first album. Thanks for clarifying Dave.

        1. Hi Peter. – Yes! We were the resident band at “Yonge Station Tavern” just south of Bloor Street on Yonge, from Jan.’73 to March ’74. Six nights a week, from 9pm ’til 1am, with a Sat. Matinee from 3 ’til 5! When we had other gigs on the weekends other bands filled in for us!


  38. Stupid comment or question probably, but in the mid seventies were you guys the resident band in a club on Yonge St.? I have a lot of difficulty with my memory but I believe you were or had just been Hawkins backing band?

  39. Thanks for proving I am not crazy Dave. I am thinking perhaps R.H. was playing in the area maybe & just got dragged into my memory mix. Those were crazy & exciting times.

  40. Hi there: I was quite young when Gaslight came out, however, I knew the song well as my father, Ivan, was the photographer that shot the cover for the single. Would love to see it again. He has since passed and we do not have the negative. I heard about the shoot though and how the photo was made.

    1. Hi Sandy – Was that the shot that was taken at City Hall? The one where I was wearing a black & white striped shirt?

      Dave B.

      1. Hi Dave- I’m a long time Ducklings fan from the first time I saw the group at Boris’s, through the last time I saw them for a Roadkill movie celebration, to the present day. I see your book is now available as an ereader edition. I don’t do Kobo or Kindle. Will you be releasing it in hardcopy format? I bought the first album on its release and most everything released since however there are some albums mentioned on Wikipedia that I have never been able to find. Wikipedia states that you released 5 previously unreleased albums in 2007 on eBay. Is that true? (Ducks on C.H.U.M., Metamorphosis, Station Days, Somewhere outside- The Complete Sessions) It also indicates a dvd entitled “21st Century Garage” was also released on Freeway Records. Do these exist and if so how could I locate copies? Cheers, John Willoughby

        1. Hi John. – yes, I am working on the “Physical Book Release” – as we speak. It will be expanded from the original E-book release. Over 120 photos, more anecdotes, etc… It should be released to stores worldwide by March/April, next year. Meanwhile everyone – go to my “Soundcloud Page” for FREE (320kbps) MP3s of all my Album releases, to date ! There are a few more albums & singles to come, but – they are all FREE DOWNLOADS! & Each of the Soundcloud Tracks are accompanied by a different photo!!!! Everything that I’m putting up on ” Soundcloud” has been Re-Mastered ! D.J. Bingham

          1. Hi Dave, congrats re book. I will definitely buy the paper version in Spring as a gift for neighbour Susan Naar. Susan knew the Ducklings back in the Yorkville days, and is the girl featured in that ‘lost’ film I have been searching for. As one of the wild childs of that Yorkville era, I wondered if she is in any of your photos. Will check it out when I see the book. You know she is one of Erroll Flynn’s / many) offspring, and still looks a lot like him even tho’ in her 60’s. Talks like him too. Best.

  41. hi i first saw the band at age 13 at the cne must admit i had a huge crush on Glynn anyway i truly enjoyed watching the toronto band scene. i had planned to become a record producer or sound engineer after high school but it didnt pan out. I do have an 45 of gaslight side 1 and Nothin on the flip side on Arc records blue label. I wish the Toronto scene would make a come back like the good old days. Looking to buy the book Dave.


    1. Hi Sue. ( and all DUCKS fans!) The book will be coming out in Paperback & Revised (expanded) E-book form, sometime in the summer or fall. I will post an announcement here on this site, as well as on my Facebook Page.
      ps – I’ll be performing on Fri. May 22nd, @ The Pilot Tavern in Toronto, as part of the first annual “Spirit of Yorkville” Festival.
      Google “Spirit of Yorkville”!

  42. Hi Dave
    I look forward to purchasing the book. Years ago I had put together a scrapbook with hundreds of photos and articles on T.O. bands and saved them in various books I had put together. I strongly stuck to the fact that Canadian bands didnot have to go south of the border in order to make it. I always stuck up for Canadian music and what it stood for. I think that the CNE should have a permanent showcase in one of its buildings to honour TO talent and Canadian music. I sure miss the 60s and 70s the music was creative and true of the artists talent. Maybe I should have become the sound engineer that I had planned to be. Oh well. see you at the venue.

  43. Dave what was it like to work with Bill Gilliland and Brian Ahern? Was there anything that the Ducks wanted to accomplish that they didnt get to? How did you come up with the name of the band? Just letting anyone know I have a Vox amp mint condition, 2 Traynor amps mint cond.,1 Fender Stratocastor mint cond., plus 1 more Fender guitar, owned by a dear friend ,leaving for Cairo back in 8 days or so if interested reply on here, have ads elsewhere so could sell fast, more details when i’m back. Sue

      1. Hey Dave,

        Hope your gonna clarify that Bill was not the founder or president of ARC like many web sites state. Bill was a producer who became a Vice-President after a while. Phil Anderson was the founder and president of ARC Sound.


  44. Did anyone go to the Pilot Tavern on May 22 to see Dave Byngham perform?Ihad hopes to go but i live 2 hours away from the city and just couldnt make it.

  45. I have the old Somewhere Outside LP, it got played so much and I would like to get a new copy of it? Anyone know where I can get one, plus several 45’s Iam trying to get as well of the Ducks that I do have but want to replace them ?

  46. Does anyone have any fond memories of seeing bands like Edward Bear,Leigh Ashford,Milestone, Sweet Blindness,Lords of London, or others? Would love to hear your stories.

  47. I recall back in late 1966 The Ducks were to play at my brothers high school Richview Collegate, and when I found out I thought well I can go , my brothers the president of the school, he said no way I was too young ,I thought whynot? He got me autographs from all the band members on the back of his student card, but I still was mad, glad for the autographs but mad that I couldn’t go. Being 12 at that time sucked you couldn’t go or do anything exciting. Just thought I’d share.

    1. Sue…I was 12 the first time I saw the Stones. My friend’s dad worked at Maple Leaf Gardens and got us the tickets. We had floor seats 10 rows from the front. After the concert fans rushed the stage and the chairs went flying. I cut my leg but man it was worth it! My parents didn’t have a clue who they were and how wild it got. I loved Yorkville also. At 14 went every Sat. night. Of course had to lie and say we were going to the show. On the way home by subway got a copy of the newspaper to read up on a show incase they asked. Then in 1966 my family pulled up stakes and moved way out in the country near Peterborough…thought I would die.

  48. Hi Dave,
    Any news on the release date of your book? Looking forward to reading it and getting several copies for my friends.

  49. Would love to get in touch with Howie smith if anyone knows his whereabouts? I was a good mate of Howies when he sailed happy ll to brisbane australia in the early 80s.I know he played bass with Diamondback in early 74 and think its the same howie but not sure. I will be in canada next year and would love to catch up and bullshit about some of the great times we had motorcycling around Queensland. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  50. Hi George. I have some sad news for you……Howie passed away in May, just 2 days before B.B.King died. He had pneumonia & C.O.P.D. a very bad combination. I was playing @ “The SPIRIT of YORKVILLE” Reunion when got the news. We dedicated the night to him & to B.B. If you go to my Facebook Page there is an Album dedicated to Howie, called “Adventures of The Third Kind”. And check my Youtube page too, for Videos with him.
    I also have a book out that features many of Howie’s exploits – go here
    Signed – Dave Bingham

  51. Hi Dave, I just came across you and the boys doing The Band Played On, well it just made my day, such a great song ,great job,it was so refreshing to hear it. Cheers Sue

  52. Hi Dave, I once again listened to The Band Played On, and understand it it portrays the Bands personal dissatisfaction with record company bosses and the like. It seemed that they wanted to keep you in Mainstream and not to expand out of the box. The Ducks I feel were brilliant an that you and the others kept on perservaying the goal that you all personally had. It is amazing that you didnt look back and give up regardless with all the nonsense that I’m sure you went through to keep record company suits happy. I was 13 when Gaslight came out and i tell you I learned the lyrics in about 5 minutes and got a copy of the song the next day. Thanks Dave to you and all the members original and others for the wonderful songs and memories you gave to thousands of people all around. I was too young to see you play in bars but I listened to Somewhere Outside for hours tirelessly. All the best Sue

  53. Hey Dave, I really enjoyed Glynn’s rendition of the Stones It’s All Over Now. He sure plays a mean guitar. I hope The Ducks do a concert this summer. Any thoughts on the Band playing again? Sue

  54. Roger’s solo is great on “The Band Played On”, but after listening to the rendition of “It’s All Over Now” with Glynn on lead vocals, it is no wonder the music industry turned their back’s on the band after the band reformed in the 1980s. Singing is terribly off key and the guitar’s sound is badly distorted. Embarrassing!

    1. Hey Peter! It’s from a “Live” performance @ The Elmocombo in a room that was hovering at around 110 degrees! Under those circumstances it sounds pretty good to my ears. I suppose though that you could do much better? Get a life,eh? Oh, and by the way, we were never part of the “Music Industry” establishment, and never had any intention of joining them, even if they had asked us to. So we weren’t disappointed at all. We were always on the “Outside, Somewhere”. That’s where the title of our album came from. We did it OUR WAY and we never, ever conformed to “the business”. They would have had us sounding like the “1910 Fruit-Gum Company” if we had. Oh, and also; the recording was made on a ghetto-blaster in the audience, so tough-titty if the guitar sounds a bit distorted…………..why not just say nothing, if you can’t say something positive?

      1. I have a life — thanks for asking. Perhaps the music industry reps only wanted you to be a successful band with a long career and that’s why they were pushing you towards a more mainstream sound. But like you state, “You did it YOUR WAY.” So how many albums have you guys recorded in the last few years?

        1. Hey Peter. The DUCKS quit recording in 2001. Roger died in 2004, so we decided to stop. I was recording with other bands in the 80s, 90s, & up to the present. I’ve never stopped. Click on my “Soundcloud Page” below. You can hear it all. Albums, singles, some “Live” things & nice Studio Recordings. Plus, all the tracks are free Downloads, so if you like some, feel free…………(there are 130 tunes, including all of the DUCKS output). Total Album count so far is 12 + additional singles, etc….. Plus there are 270 Videos on my Youtube Channel. Some featuring my own bands, and others of musician friends that I’ve known over the years, or of special Artists that really inspired me. Note that: other than The DUCKS first album, all my stuff has been recorded independently with no affiliation with record companies. Check the stuff out, man. It’s what it is. No pretense. No hype. No bull. Just music.

          1. Okay Dave. I will check out the new music. I know Roger passed in 2004 and was sad to hear about it. Maybe you guys will get together again and make a “live’ recording one day. Guess it was a challenging night at the Elmo.

  55. Well I certainly enjoyed Glynn’s vocals on the song, hey whats wrong with alittle originality away? Maybe some people have a tin ear. The Ducks established themselves with their own style and had the Balls to go ahead and do things their own way. My favourite band then and decades later still my favourite band from the good old days.

  56. Hi Dave, Just watched Reality from “Off The Wall” great lyrics and great arrangement, areal soulfull song. I have a copy of Epilogue of which I just listened to after quite sometime,nice song.

  57. Hi Peter Yes I have listened to the recording that you mentioned, and it sure does Rock.The Ducklings were unique and had a great style all their own.I felt that the 60’s did have a true Toronto Sound and the bands from that era were honest in the music that they played and true to themseves as musicians.I love all of their songs, and have many that bring back alot of fond memories from that time. I only wish they had played at my high school.

  58. Hi Dave, At one time after The Ducks disbanded did you not form another band called GNU and if I recall correctly Mike McKenna from McKenna Mendelson , Mainline joined.Its been along time so Iwasnt sure if this info is correct. Sue

  59. Well, yesterday I got my copy of Noise From The North End, I must say I couldn’t put it down. Brilliant writing on Dave’s behalf, absolutely great writing. The book takes you on a wonderful journey of personal triumphs, disappointments,laughs, and tears. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Anyone who is a DUCKS fan, or just enjoys the memories of Yorkville, the coffee shops, night clubs, the bands has to read it. Thanks to my brother Phil for buying me the book and many many thanks Dave for writing it. Sue

  60. Thanks for your wonderful comments, Sue. There was so much that I had to leave out! And even then it topped out at over 500 pages. I tried to write it to show how connected we were to our fans. They were a huge part of the experience & nothing would have happened without them. The sense of community among the musicians was special too. I’m really glad you enjoyed it – it’s crammed with lots of history & I did my best to capture the tone & feel of the era. Sadly, it’s something that will never be repeated. Our own little mini-renaissance!

  61. Your welcome Dave, I felt that the book was like a gift from you and The Ducks to all of your fans, it truly was a wonderful read. Thanks again Sue.

  62. @ Dave “D.J.” Bingham

    This message is for Dave Bingham……….

    I have a question for you. What was the deal behind the limited Sundazed vinyl reissue of the Ugly Ducklings “Somewhere Outside” from 2006? I heard there were licensing issues for some reason with Sundazed? What were the sources used to press the Sundazed versions of the record? Acetate, vinyl or the master tape? Also, who was the pressing plant that pressed the Sundazed reissue?

    Any further details to get the record straight on this would be appreciative.



  63. Hi Brian. Yes, there were licensing issues, but I won’t get into that. The source was the original acetate of the album, which is now in my possession. I have no idea who pressed it. Likely the same plant that does all of Sundazed’s re-issues. I also have a dub of the original 15 IPS of the “Gaslight” & “Rimb Nugget” 45rpm, 1/4 inch Master which was auctioned off on eBay 3 years ago.

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