2 thoughts on “Garage Hangover profiled in Tribe Magazine”

  1. “Garage Hangover is an amazing social document” is a terrific quote. You should use it on any promo material you send out (like the movie ads do).

    I don’t understand why you said “the tables have turned.” Were they not interested before?

  2. Garage Hangover, my name is Tommy George with 60’s groups The Surf Knights, The Dream Machine, and Big Sweet from the 70’s.

    Dave Ritz owner of the Houston Record Convention, Chuck Gardner from Groove Record Shop, Joe Baiardi from The Fab 5, and myself are presenting a huge event called Texas Psych Garage Happening on June 3rd 7:00 PM, Down Town Houston at Birra Poretti’s. It’s free for the fans, and we’ll have a limited edition poster signed by all the 60’s icons. Just a few of the icons from the 60’s who will be there.

    > Roy Head– singing Treat Her Right
    > Ezra, from Thursday Children
    > Scott Chambers from The Glass Kans and Michael
    > Tommy George from the Surf Knights/ Dream Machine/ and Big Sweet.
    > Rod Prince from Bubble Puppy.
    > Neal Ford.
    > Larry from The Clique. Larry may preform Splash1.
    > Rob from The Fever Tree.
    > We’ll have a house band with Rock Romano from the Fun and Games Commission.
    > Reid Farrell former band member of Archie Bell and the Drills.
    > Cadillac Johnston the original bass player from ZZ Top.
    > Band members from The Interns.
    > Love Sreet Light Circus favorite Kenny Cordray.
    > Texas number one Tribute Group the Fab 5.
    > And surprise guests that don’t want mentioned.

    And many more coming on board everyday.
    Would you please accept my invitation to represent Garage Hangover in this dedicated event to those of the Texas 60’s music scene. If not, would you mind asking anyone from the Triumphs if they would attend.
    Rick Campbell from the Houston Chronicle will be there, and many other media attendees.
    The Media and editor of a Book called Boys from Houston will be there to document this event. Free to the public.
    Please reply to me so we could add your name to the media list This will be a great historical event to go down in the Texas 60’s music history.


    ommy/ surfknights@yahoo.com.

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