The Specktrum Somethin' Groovy 45 Confetti

The Specktrum

The Specktrum Somethin' Groovy 45 ConfettiI can’t find out much about the Specktrum. The band may have been from Cranston, Rhode Island but I’ve also seen them listed as from Abington, Massachusetts, which is south of Boston and an hour away from Cranston.

In February, 1967 they put out a single on Somethin’ Groovy Records SG-500 featuring two originals by the band, “Confetti” by R. Moore, K. Jeremiah and “I Was A Fool” by R. Schmeisser, K. Jeremiah. Publishing was through Exciting Music BMI but I can’t find anything in BMI’s database on these two songs or the writers.

The Specktrum Somethin' Groovy 45 I Was A Fool

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  1. According to the “Fuzz Acid and Flowers” the band were from Abington, Massachusetts.


    Personnel incl:
    R. MOORE A

    1 Confetti/I Was A Fool (Somethin’ Groovy SG-500) Feb 1967

    The sole 45 from this Abington, Massachusetts band. Confetti is a wistful jangly folk-rocker whilst the flip is a subdued Zombies-style ballad. If you were lucky enough to subscribe to Dave Bass’ “King’s Ransom” ‘zine, he uncovered a box of them and they were on offer in issue #1 at $3 a throw. That was in ’81 and the 45 is just a shade more expensive now (add a zero!).

    Recently I Was A Fool has appeared on Tymes Gone By (LP), and Confetti was thrown onto Mayhem & Psychosis, Vol. 2 (CD). In 2000 the compilation Leaving It All Behind (LP) featured Confetti and reported that the band were really from Cranston, Rhode Island.

    (Max Waller/Mike Markesich)

  2. I don’t know how my name got attributed to the entry, or where Abington, Mass. came from. i certainly didn’t contribute that information.

    According to New England Teen Scene comp complier D. Brown who located a bandmember way back in the early 80s, and the copyright certificate submitted by the songwriters, the group was from Cranston, Rhode Island.

    Many unplayed copies of the 45 were found at that time, and the record was a common item for decades, priced at no more than $20. It still turns up as of 2015.

    The song was copyrighted under the title: Confetti (Whiskey, Rum and Wine). Songwriters are Kenneth Jeremiah and Randall Moore.

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