Royal Coachmen Coachmen 45 Lollipop

The Royal Coachmen “Lollipop” / “Bama-Lama”

Royal Coachmen Coachmen 45 LollipopThe Royal Coachmen are an unknown group who cut two fine, fratty rockers for their own Coachmen label in June of 1966.

“Lollipop” does sound like it could be an original, while “Bama-Lama” is a rewrite of Little Richard’s “Bama Lama Bama Loo”.

A. Parker is credited for both songs. ASCAP has both songs listed in their database, but mixed in with the compositions of British soundtrack composer Alan Frederick Parker. There was an Al Parker playing in the Plymouth Rockers, but that group is listed as from Arizona and working out of Los Angeles.

It’s difficult to say where the band was from. The numbers 200,914 and 200,915 on the labels refer to the Decca custom pressing code, often used for New England records, but there were pressings for groups from Pennsylvania and beyond. The Sea Music Pub. (ASCAP) was located at 1 Boylston Place in Boston, MA, which may be a better clue to the band’s origin.

1 Boylston Place was also address of Ace Recording Studios, owned by Milton and Herbert Yakus, with William F. Ferruzzi chief engineer.

Royal Coachmen Coachmen 45 Bama-Lama

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