Nightshades Gear 45 American Boy

The Nightshades on Gear

Nightshades Gear 45 American Boy

The Nightshades formed as the Deadly Nightshades at Glenbrook South High School in Glenview, IL, a suburb of Chicago. The group’s lineup changed, sometimes to a quartet or trio format, but included at various times:

Gary Schaeffer – vocals
Bob Zemke – lead guitar
Larry LaCoste – rhythm guitar
Phil Jernigan, replaced by Tom Lavin – bass
Don Locke, replaced by Kenny LaCoste – drums

I only have one of their singles, the second of three the band released on Gear Records in 1967 and 1968.

The first was “Summertime” / “Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight” on Gear 747/8.

“Summertime” and the Kinks cover are cool enough, but I like the original songs on their second single on Gear C 749/750, “Flying High” and especially the heavier “American Boy” with its sustained guitar sound and lyrics that would tell an interesting story if I could decipher more of them. The labels list Zemke, La Cost, Jernigan as writers for both songs, published by Gear Music BMI, with arrangement by Bob Zemke, plus Gear Enterprises, c/o Ed Zemke.

I haven’t heard their last single, “Sweet Cecelia” / “My Mother Done Told Me (That You Were a Lover)” on Gear 751/2.

Nightshades Gear 45 Flying High

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  1. Saw the Nightshades play as a power trio with singer at IIT in what ’67,’68? They played Sweet Cicelia and did a Who-like finale with their Vox amps tilted back and the guitars laying on the speaker cabinets feeding back! My buddy Barry had bought their single. Its cool!

  2. Don Locke, not Dan Locke. Don went on to be a gifted artist and author as well as graphic artist for NBC’s Tonight Show for over 25 years….

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