The Renegades on Polaris

The Renegades I’m writing about today were from Manchester, New Hampshire, about fifty miles NW of Boston. They have no connection to Richie’s Renegades who also released a record on Polaris.

Both ‘Waiting For You’ and ‘Tell Me What To Say’ were written by Lorin Ruggiero.

It was produced by Joe Melino and arranged by Harry Palmer. Polaris was a Boston-based label, Ray Fournier engineered many other sessions for the label.

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  1. Howdy, Lorin Ruggiero, Kenneth “Kenny” Trainor, Robert “Bob” Witt were all from Rockland, MA and Donald “Donny” Pendleton was from Hanover, MA and they were the Renegades in 1965. Kenny Trainor went to Rockland High School and can be found on classmates. He has many photos and the history of the Renegades. I was a good friend of Lorin. He died many years ago. It was great hearing the music tonight. The Renegades played in NH and ME and were very popular there. Lorin was a very talented self taught artist after his music career.

    1. Hi. Lorin Ruggiero was my cousin… He was incredibly talented. I would love to see any photos you may have… or any copies of his music and his art. thank you.

  2. Scott Vander Leest is my dad too!

    What an awesome find! My siblings, Sara, Mindi, Josh and I grew up listening to the old 45’s that unfortunately are not in great shape. This really brought me down memory lane and I am so proud to hear my dad and his beautiful voice. Love you! Alisha

  3. I grew up knowing Kenny Trainor. His sister Lois and I were class mates and Elizabeth was my best friend. Lorin was a wonderful singer. Knew him well. I still have my copy of the 45 hidden away.

    1. Stumbled onto this post by chance; the Trainors are my cousins and would like to chat with you since we’re no longer in touch.

      1. Hi I just came across this from you regarding Kenny …I am here now but my personal email is donna02330 [at]

  4. Wow ! thank you Chris Bishop! I don’t have any recordings but I captured some images of Lorin’s artwork, and one photo at I still have some odds and ends paintings done by lorin

    1. Hi Jay….my name is Donna, I went with Lorin all through High School and to many many of the Renegades “gigs” he WAS a very talented person and had a heart of gold. I would love to see any of his drawings or memorabilia you may have. I can be contacted at my email at it’s been a great trip reading these comments. I visit Kenny still, and Don passed away many years ago too, Bob is living in Maine with his wife of many years Carol.

  5. I was sitting in my living room and looking at some art work on my walls, so, you might say. But the reason for the note is because they s art work was done or designed by Kenny . I have the Beatles, the stooges and Elvis. I use to sing with Kenny and Lauren and Bob, in Hanover in the big yellow house, fun times. A trip to Florida . So anyway thought I would type in Kenny’s name and there it all was and is, love be it. Ric Paris

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