The Raymarks

The Raymarks formed in 1962 in Bremerton, Washington, across the Puget Sound from Seattle. They began as the Orbits, changing their name twice, first to the Galaxies, and in 1964 to the Raymarks. They embody the Pacific Northwest sound – playing tough organ-based r&b numbers with a heavy rhythm section with little or no British Invasion influences.

Their first 45 is a stomping version of “Work Song”, my favorite cut by the band. The flip, “Backfire” is a good instrumental. Mike Spotts wrote most of the band originals, including their second 45, the pounding “Louise”, which was mistakenly released under the name the Paymarks.

Their last 45 is another fine garage number, “I Believed”, again written by Spotts. The Raymarks also had several good songs that went unreleased at the time, including “Walking Down the Street”, “Feelin’ No Good”, “Hard Times” (which uses the same rhythm as “I Believed”) and an untitled piece.

Members included Mike Spotts on keyboards, Ken Huff and Chuck Snyder on guitars, Greg Pettit and Terry Carter on saxophone, Larry Trudeau bass, and Terry Selvidge on drums. Like the Wailers (whose live album At the Castle features singer Gail Harris), the Raymarks’ live shows included a female vocalist, Gail Davies, who is not on their studio recordings.

Chuck Snyder went to the Tacoma group the Noblemen in 1964. Ken Huff and Terry Selvidge were drafted in 1966 which spelled the end for the band.

Anyone have a photo of the group?

Sources include: The PNW Bands site.

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  1. i played lots of gigs with terry in the 90s-he told me how the raymarks got their name.the band was really named the paymarks, whoever pressed their record messed up the name and they couldnt afford to fix it. he was in belfair wa. up to last year and was still gigging around the area. he played in a big band called tuxedo junction for years.last time i called him was 6 months ago to see about using him or his brother mike,(also a longtime northwest drummer)he told me he was moving to arizona. i still have his number if you want more info.

  2. Chuck Snyder currently resides in Southern California playing his guitar daily. He enjoys retirement with vacations and his love of music. I grew up with a talented Father and am blessed to have his music as a part of my life. It would be great to see some sort of reunion. If anyone has information on other band members, please contact me.

  3. Hi, I am Chuck Snyder’s daughter Jill. I am sure my father would love to here from former members. Please allow me to forward Terry’s # to my Dad. Dad lives in Palm Desert, California, not far from Arizona. Thanks so much for your post!!! Till I hear from you again, Jill.

  4. Hey,
    This is Terry Selvidge from the Raymarks. If anyone from the band wants to get ahold of me please E-mail me @ I am currently living in Phoenix AZ. I recently moved here from Belfair WA. I would really like to hear from anyone.

  5. Give me any contacts that you have.My name is John Metzger. I was the original Sax player, pictured in the group at Pearls. Would love to make contact…John

  6. Hope you remember me with the Raymarks in around 1966 or so. My parents ran
    Carters Nursery and played western music all over Bremerton, Pt. Orchard and
    God where else. I have been living Reno NV for years now. If you get the time,
    email I would like to hear from you.

    Have Fun,

    Your Friend Always

    Terry Carter

    1. Hey Terry, we’ve been wondering where you are, Diane found this website. We’re in Middleburg, Fl. Yes I remember you, contact me and we can catch up on the last 50 years.

      Your guitar pickin’ buddy,

      Ken and Diane who knows who was responsible for winning the trophy at the battle of the bands.

    2. Hi Terry I was a clarinet player in our high school band until you converted me to sax. Lived down by Star Valley market. Man you had a sweet ride back then ! I remember jammin in the Wagon Wheel with you and some other guys after it was closed down & going to see some of your friends play at a CYO dance. Good old days, my wife and I just celebrated our 50th. Wish you all the best.

  7. I played with Terry and Huff while in the Army. And there was Frank Froga, have no idea about him except he was from Texas. We won some talent contests and did some touring in Korea. Had a great time.

  8. I am Michael Spotts’s youngest daughter , I have a few photo’s of the Raymarks as well as the original Records from the Recording studio still in the envelope as they were sent to my dad in , in 1966 to Lakehurst Drive , from when they recorded Louise , and I Believed !! They aren’t normal records , they are thicker but ,obvious originals. I also have a few copies of the 45’s that were released originally. And I also have a master recording of one of my dads albums , that is still sealed in a postmarked envelope to himself to obtain the copyright from at least 30 years ago. If any one is interested in the Raymarks memorabilia I have, as well as possibly the other album that was a solo project of my dad’s then , I may be interested in talking with you , I know my dad would want these items in good hands , I am sure that someone would find these few items very rare and worth something. Please contact me at your earliest convenience by email from there we can exchange phone numbers , I don’t currently live in Washington State anymore but I would be willing to ship these things if the offer is worth my time and worth letting go, of this rock and roll history that my dad was such a huge contributor of . I only want to let go of these things if they will be of some real value to someone. If they are worth something , then my dad would want me to benefit from it, especially in the current financial situation I’m in. I know they aren’t worth some crazy amount , but they are worth something to the right person. email me at , I look forward to any feed back in regards to the post. As My Pops would say “All’s Well, That Ends Well, With Orwell” ” Thank You , and Good Night “

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