Private Collection Photo

The Private Collection

Private Collection Photo
Richard Kuzniak sent me the photo above of the Private Collection, a band he used to see weekly at the El Patio nightclub in Yorkville. Ivan Amirault wrote to me with info on the band and the clippings seen below:

The Private Collection, RPM, May 13, 1967
The Private Collection, RPM, May 13, 1967
from left: Aldo Tarini, Dan Salhani, Jacques Chartrand, and Dave Mouslaison

Dave Mouslaison – lead guitar, organ, vocals
Aldo Tarini – rhythm and lead guitar, vocals
Jacques Chartrand – bass, vocals
Dan Salhani – drums, vocals

The Private Collection were from Sudbury but relocated to Toronto. They performed regularly at The Flick and El Patio, managed by Mike Burak, a part-owner of the clubs. RPM magazine reported on October 2, 1967 that the band had just done a session at Sound Canada with Rick Shorter producing.

Ivan wrote to me “They were a very good harmony band. Dave Moulaison was later in Aaron Space who recorded a great LP on Warner Brothers only in Canada.

“Jocko Chartrand was also in Buckstone Hardware who had a 45 on Apex here in Canada. It also came with a picture sleeve. The core of that band was from North Bay, about 1 1/2 hours east of Sudbury. Joko also made a couple of fairly good solo singer/songwriter type LPs in the 80s.”

Ivan has over two hours of home recordings of the band, plus a few songs from their never-released studio sessions.

The Private Collection. RPM, October 2, 1967
The Private Collection. RPM, October 2, 1967
The Private Collection RPM October 28, 1967
The Private Collection, RPM October 28, 1967

5 thoughts on “The Private Collection”

  1. when i heard the private collection after being in toronto refining their musical talents….they played the mine-mill hall on regent st. here in sudbury…they sounded fantastic…the BEATLES tribute set was one of the best i’ve ever heard…i was in awe and so very proud of our local talent… too bad they didn’t stick together for awhile longer!!

  2. One week after Sgt. Pepper came out in the summer of 1967, The Private Collection were already performing A Little Help From My Friends, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, and Fixing a Hole and doing them all really well! These were songs the Beatles said they couldn’t possibly duplicate on stage. The Private Collection should have been huge!

  3. I guess by the looks of it theses guys they wanted to be The Lovin Spoonful. They dressed like them what I can see and even posed in the same positions as the Lovin Spoonful did in one of their photo ups

    1. PS: I have a photo of John, George and Ringo wearing t-shirts with wide stripes in the dressing room at maple Leaf Gardens in August 1966. Do you think they wanted to be the Lovin’ Spoonful as well?

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