The New Generation

“That’s the Sun” is a fine garage song with a touch of psych. All copies of the record suffer from a warble in the tape created in recording or mastering. New Generation Sonic 45 That's The Sun

From Spartanburg, South Carolina, the New Generation had Tommy Caldwell on bass and Doug Gray on vocals – these two would soon become part of the Marshall Tucker Band. Other members were Randy Foster on rhythm guitar, Ross Hannah on drums, Dan Powell on organ, and Keith Wood on lead guitar.

Anyone have a photo of the group?

“That’s The Sun” was written by Tommy Caldwell and Randy Foster. The flip side is a conventional pop song called “Because of Love (It’s All Over)”. Released April of 1968 on the Sonic label.

I’ve read they had one other 45, but I think that may be a mistake. They were not the same New Generation with a 45 on Kapp, “If You’re Lookin’ for Love” / “Never Let the Right Hand Know (What the Left Hand’s Doin'”.

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  1. “R. Foster” — Randy Foster — lives across the street from me in Spartanburg. He’s a great guy.

    I’d love to hear this track….I need to find out if he has a copy.

  2. Hey. Trying to find contact info for Randy Foster.
    He was in the very first band I was ever in with Len
    Millis & Eddie Gibbs – all of Spartanburg. I you
    have any info please pass it on.

  3. The band members were Doug Gray on vocals, Tommy Caldwell on base, Randy Foster on rhythm guitar, Keith Wood on lead guitar, Dan Powell on organ, and Ross Hannah on drums.

  4. My uncle Ross was the drummer in this band. My mom and dad tell stories of following their band around. I am named after my uncle.

    -Ross Hanna

  5. I was the original drummer in the new generation band from la Canada in 1965 to 1968 my name is Greg Tully we were signed to capital records in 1966 our producer was nick vanet he also produced Linda ronstadt and the beach boys. I don’t know how this other band was formed but we were recording and played the Fillmore in 1966 may 12 look up the poster

  6. Tommy Caldwell and I wrote “That’s The Sun” in Ross Hanna’s house while at a New Generation band rehearsal. We needed a B-side for” Because Of Love(It’s All Over)” That tune became popular for a while and was played on local station WORD and well as put on a number of area juke boxes.
    I’m currently writing songs for a Spartanburg community project and am thinking of either putting the “That’s The Sun” track on the cd or re-doing it with other area artists.
    Also our New Generation band did not record any other records that were released, however we do have tapes of other recorded material from Mark 5 studios in Greenville, S.C.

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