Kenny Bernard & The Wranglers

The Wranglers were a Southeast London band formed around 1963. Judging by early photos they were a four-piece outfit before joining forces with singer Kenny Bernard, who was from Trinidad, in 1965.

Prior to the link up, The Wranglers had released a lone single for Parlophone in 1964. After they became Kenny Bernard & The Wranglers, the group cut two singles for Parlophone before drummer Glenn Martin from Wembley joined them.

An article in the South East London Mercury newspaper, dated 13 August 1965, lists the line up as:

Kenny Bernard – vocals
John Taft – lead guitar
Trevor West – rhythm guitar
Colin McKie – bass
Ian Saunders – saxophone
Alan Reeves – organ
Glenn Martin – drums

Reeves had previously been a member of another local band, The Showtimers.

This line up cut the group’s third single with Bernard, “The Tracker” c/w “You Gotta Give” on Pye, released in August. The A-side was a cover of The Sir Douglas Quintet’s “She’s About a Mover”.

This line up became the house band at the Ad-Lib Club and live recordings by the band have been released by Acid Jazz Records.

Around September Glenn Martin left to work with singer Ayshea Brough and then a few months later landed a job with Hedgehoppers Anonymous.

Judging by a later article in the South East London Mercury, Martin’s replacement was drummer John Aldrich, who together with guitarist Trevor Brown (possibly the same person as Trevor West above) joined Alan Reeves’s former band The Showtimers in early 1966.

Bernard later went solo.

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  1. ‘Sir Douglas Quintet ‘The Tracker’ was actually the follow up to ‘She’s About A Mover’ a similar , but different song and its was ‘The Tracker’ itself that Kenny Bernard covered

  2. I think also that Trevor West was also Trevor Brown.The wranglers were a good band.Did a good live show doing Shadows instrumentals.They had all the right guitars and amps for it.It was rumoured at the time that Trevor browns mother bought most of the equipment.and was also their manager.I remember her distinctly sitting in a quiet corner at their gigs in a fur coat lapping up the atmosphere,that was about 1962-3 at the St lawrences church hall Catford,which sadly is no longer there.They were good times compared to now.

    1. I remember seeing the Wranglers at the Locherber hall in Lewisham!
      I don,t remember the date but they must have made an impression.
      The only person that I know of that remembers them is Bill Wyman. He mentioned them in one of the books that he wrote a few years ago.
      Great days!

  3. The first advert in NME for Wranglers was in June 62 for “The Wranglers featuring Vern Brandon”. Another NME ad from July 63 shows “The Fabulous Wranglers with Vern & Ken” and by September 63 they are “The Fabulous Wranglers with Kenny Bernard”
    Ads for the August 64 Parlophone 45 (“Liza Jane”) show Bernard with a 4 piece band.
    A December 64 follow up (“Somebody Help Me”) is credited to Kenny & The Wranglers – produced by Pete Gage who apparently tried to get Kenny to front his new band (which became the Ram Jam Band).
    Around this time The Wranglers included Roger Read on organ who was replaced by Alan Reeves who had been with Shorty & Them.
    Kenny & The Wranglers had a third 45 on Parlophone (“Doobie Doo”) before signing with Pye

    1. Say hi to Kenny for me, I’m still drumming and I’m currently with the Surrey Jazz Orchestra. I’ve seen him on you tube, he can check me out there too.

    2. A confession:
      I was a bit of a groupie of the Wranglers and I had a crush on Johnny Aldrich….. I wonder where he is?
      They were a great band and Kenny a really good singer. I think I still have the vinyl single of ‘Somebody help Me’ somewhere.
      Say hello to him – although he won’t have a clue who I am!

    3. Just wanted to say that i love the clip of kenny in be my guest film. The song, somebody help me has been a favorite of mine for years , has a lovely feel about it. Kenny looks good in his sharp suit, with the slightly short trousers! Can you ask kenny if the song is on a compilation at all. Regards to kenny, thanks, terry

  4. I have just found a June 1965 New College Oxford ball programme which lists “The Wranglers” performing. No idea if it is the same band.

      1. Hi.
        Pleased this is of some interest.
        It seems to be New College Ball, 21 June 1965. Others on the programme in the “Garden tent” and “Holywell Tent” are The Zephyrs, The Pretty Things, The Washington DCs, Michael Bentine, Bill Savill & his Orchestra, and Humphrey Lyttleton. Others are listed in The Red Room and The Night Club. I could send a scanned copy of the programme to an e mail address.

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