Jerry and the Remnants Gini 45 I've Wasted My Time

Jerry and the Remnants

Jerry and the Remnants Gini 45 I've Wasted My Time“I’ve Wasted My Time” by Jerry and the Remnants is a single I’ve been looking for and finally found last month. The song has tough rhythm guitar, sharp drumming and bass playing, swirling organ fills and very fluid transitions from verse to chorus and back. The production is not as distinct as one might like, but the performance overcomes that deficiency.

Members of Jerry and the Remnants were:

Jerry York – lead guitar and lead vocals
David Donahoe – rhythm guitar and lead vocals
Frank Larsen- bass and vocals
Jerry Solberg – keyboards and vocals
Buzz Minson – drums

Jerry and the Remnants Gini 45 If I Love has a history of the Remnants by lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist David Donahoe: how the band had formed out of the Plaidsmen and Vectors, and how members of these three bands eventually formed the Todes, who I’ve covered on this site before.

The Remnants cut their 45 at Gold Star Studios in Los Angeles in the summer of ’66. It was the swan song of the band, who broke up immediately after as members went their separate ways. David Donahoe immediately joined the Todes, who cut their 45 in Los Angeles just a week after the Remnants, though in a different studio.

The 45 was released as Jerry & the Remnants (at live shows they were simply the Remnants) on Gini 103 in October, 1966.

Jerry York wrote “I’ve Wasted My Time” as well as the ballad flip, “If I Love You”. It was produced by Glen Law, the songs published by Glenart Music BMI. Glen Law was from Utah but had been writing songs and producing music in Los Angeles since at least 1959, when he released the first record by C. Carson Parks (Van Dyke Parks’ older brother) and Bernie Armstrong as the Steeltown Two “Wolves” / “Tarrytown” on Gini 1001. I don’t know of any other releases on Gini.

Murray Music Provo Daily Herald, July 31, 1966
July, 1966: bands shut down for playing too loud. Unfortunately the article doesn’t list the groups.

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  1. So – you must have won the bidding on Facebook for the Remnants record a couple months ago, right? As I recall it sold for $225. I have had a Facebook notification order in place since 2007 to alert me when this record appeared for sale on Ebay, and the one you bought is the first time this record has come up for sale. I asked the seller by email where he got it and he said he bought it from a collection in Georgia. If you have not added the Utah based Vectors to your site you should consider it (there were other Vectors so some people confuse us with other bands). The Vectors were huge in Utah for 2 years, and played one summer on the Sunset Strip in teen clubs. The Vectors story and their recording of Shortnin’ Bread and flip side original surf instrumental are available at the 60s Garage Bands web site under Scenes and Things, and then click Brigham Young’s Best. The Vectors were the first Rock and Roll band to come out of BYU/Provo and start weekly, packed off campus dances, and we went on to win the Utah battle of the bands in Salt Lake City and have popularity all over Utah and some of Idaho. I have met many alumni over the years that attended those dances. I think the Vector’s record has come up on Ebay 3 times in the past seven years, and the last time the price was moving every few seconds at the end and it would have exceeded $300 if time had not run out, as I was trying to bid against at least two others when it ended at about $285. Very recently the Todes record sold on Ebay and I think the price was $52. I was shocked at the low amount since it was the biggest hit. Thanks.

    1. Kim, I knew your Dad well. My brother Frank Larsen was friends with Jerry and played slot of music with him. It’s nice to hear from other people that can share memory’s.

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