The Inmates

Inmates Columbia 45 You Tell LiesLong Branch, New Jersey’s Inmates won a battle of the bands in 1966, leading to just one 45 on Columbia, the horrible novelty song “Local Town Drunk”. Columbia should have promoted the b-side instead, “You Tell Lies”, written by guitarist Ron Flannery.

A few unreleased numbers turned up later on. There’s a psychedelic edge to “Fakirs & Thieves” and “More Than I Have”, unlike the clean garage sound of “You Tell Lies”.

The other members of the band were Bobby Nolan lead vocals, Gordon Rhoades, Al Aschettino on bass, and Sammy Falvo on drums.

I recently received photos of an acetate credited to the Electric Carnival with “Fakirs and Thieves” and “More Than I Have”. Tommy Falcone is listed as producer. Thanks Joe for sending this in.

Anyone have a photo of the group?

The Inmates – Fakirs and Thieves
The Inmates – More Than I Have

The Electric Carnival National Recording Studios demo acetate More Than I HaveThe Electric Carnival National Recording Studios demo acetate Fakirs and Thieves

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  1. It’s really amazing to see this record. You know I don’t even have a copy; I have no idea where they all went, but at the time I thought they’d just live on forever. I was going to bid on it on ebay, but it got away…

    If you ever find another one, let me know.


  2. I’ve had an acetate record in my collection for years with “More Than I Have” and “Fakirs And Thieves” which are these same exact recordings as the Inmates but on the label it credits the band as being “The Electric Carnival”. I’m wondering if Mr. Flannery can shed some light on this for me?

  3. Hey Greg are you a relative of Sam Falvo? Can you ask him about my question above concerning the name “The Electric Carnival”? Chas Kit who runs the site has a photo of the acetate labels if you need to see them. I think he might post them at some point. Thanks……….Joe

  4. When our producer, Tommy Falcone died, we were picked up by this guy, can’t remember his name, who turned out to be an individual who wanted us to play his songs. Since, we did not like his songs, we started trying to produce ourselves under a different name so as not to get in trouble. Stupid idea, but when your kids you do anything.

  5. Sam was my first drum teacher at Monmouth School of Music in Neptune. Just wanted to say hi and thank him for getting me started on playing drums.

  6. I thought the recording made by the Inmates (above) incorporated Jimmy Scott on guitar & was recorded by The Clique. I could be wrong.
    I was in on 2 or 3 recording sessions produced by Tommy Falcone prior to 1966 in Manhattan. The musicians were all teachers from the Red Bank School of Music on Shrewsbury Avenue (Jimmy Scott-guitar, Richard “Buz” Cubbage-guitar, a guitarist from the group “Terry and the Pirates”, Tommy Falcone-organ, John Cubbage-bass guitar, and others). The recording studio he used was across the avenue from the NY Public Library and was above a F.W. Woolworths store. One recording we did was entitled “The Shadow.”

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