The Epics, Bakersfield Californian, Nov 20, 1965

The Epics

The Epics, Bakersfield Californian, Nov 20, 1965
Poor quality photo of Howard Dumble of the Epics, Jeff Gustafson of the Addams Family, Karl Haas of the Glanz, and Ron Sackmann of the Amoebas, in the Bakersfield Californian, Nov 20, 1965

The Epics have one of the best Louie Louie takeoffs titled “Louie Come Home”.

It’s a very danceable number as I found out when I played this to a packed house at Pop Gear some months ago.

The band was from California, perhaps Bakersfield. It’s leader was Howard Dumble, according to a clipping I found in the Bakersfield Californian.

The flip was “Give Me a Chance”, written by Dumble, Ward, Concelez and Iger for Shindig Music BMI. I assume Ward, Concelez and Iger were the other members of the group.

Produced by Lou Bowden, the single was released on the Zen label in April of 1965.

Anyone have a photo of the group or more info on this band?

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  1. I notice that The Epics single on Zen 202, “Louie Come Home,” was produced by Leo Bowden, as indicated on the label. I have wondered who Leo Bowden is, because I have a single by Georgia Lynn on the Lynn Label (a Bakersfield label with the address noted on the label) and the producer is Leo Bowden. I think Bowden was closely linked to Buck Ram.

  2. Actually, Leo Bowden was married to Georgia Lynn Bowden. She sang a version of “Sugar Shack” that was pretty successful in the Bakersfield area. I know this because this was my uncle (my Dad’s brother) and his second wife. She also taught dance in the Bakersfield area. They have both passed away.

  3. Leo and Lynn were my parents. Together they produced several records under the label. For a time, Bakersfield had quite a recognizable music scene. The production of the records was short, as they started their family, and Lynn opened up a dance studio.

  4. Need Assistance:

    Can any one direct me to a site that might have recordings by Leo Bowden or Georgia Lynn of Bakersfield (1960’s). I would love to play their tracks on my classic rock radio show (Dick Lee and 60’s Garage Rock from the Valley). Dick Lee ( (541.683.2263)

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