The Epics Dolphin 45 White Collar House

The Epics of Columbus, Ohio

The Epics Dolphin PS White Collar House
The Epics, picture sleeve to their Dolphin single

The Epics Dolphin 45 White Collar HouseThe Epics came from Brookhaven High School in Columbus, Ohio. Warren Knox, Jim Miller and Michael Richards wrote the great A-side, “White Collar House” which refers to some kind of upscale nightspot, whether a dance club or bordello I can’t decide as the lyrics are vague. The band’s performance is a stand-out, and Musicol Recording Studio did a good job recording it.

Library of Congress records show copyright registered on May 1966 to Warren Knox, James Miller, and Mike Richards (Michael Kirk Richards). The band was a quintet but I don’t know who the other two members were.

Michael Richards wrote the gloomier b-side, “She Believe In Me”, and also arranged both sides. S. Graves produced the session.

It’s the only release I know of on the Dolphin label, which Buckeye Beat suggests was tied in with the Blue Dolphin Club for teens. There is a rare picture sleeve which I don’t own that shows the photo at the top, with a blank back.

The Epics Dolphin 45 She Believed In Me

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  1. Warren Knox was not a member of the Epics. Bill pence on organ (back left), Roger Pence on bass guitar (back right) and Bruce Kerr on drums (back middle). Mike Richards, the creator, leader and lead guitar of the Epics is on the front left and Jim Miller – lead singer – is on the front right of the picture. Scott Graves was our manager. In fact the picture on our record sleeve was taken in Scott’s back yard! White Collar House was suppose to be about a teen club but some of the choice of words unfortunatly left that unclear. Thank you for putting information out on our band. We did in fact spend lots of time practicing in garages!

  2. There was a band that played a variety show at a rural school when I was a youngster. The band was “The Epics” however I don’t know much else. When they started playing it was such a shock to the locals that people left the auditorium in droves. I stayed, that is, until my mom came back in and dragged me out by my ear but I was in love with this new experience called rock and roll. I’ve tried for years to figure out who the band was and what happened to them. This took place in the Oklahoma Panhandle sometime in the late 60’s. I’ve been obsessed this last year with all these old memories that keep popping up. Thanks for any info.

  3. When I was a kid, the black Epics bus broke down in front of our home just west of Marysville, OH. Somewhere in my parent’s stuff are a couple of pictures of the bus and the guys and a copy of the 45 with the cover photo they gave my mom. I have not seen these items in years but my parents never threw anything away. We had just moved to the country and were still living in an old trailer. If I come across these items, I will post them.

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