Frankie Reid & The Casuals at Botwell House

Botwell House, Hayes, Middlesex

Frankie Reid & The Casuals at Botwell House
Frankie Reid & The Casuals at Botwell House, 1964. Thank you to Frankie Reid for use of the photo.

Botwell House played host to many of the leading British bands during the early to mid 1960s. I would be grateful for any additions to the list below. Gigs were sourced from the Harrow Weekly Post and the Hayes Gazette. Thanks also to Brian Mansell and Andy Neill

4 August 1962 – Frankie Reid & The Casuals
1 September 1962 – Frankie Reid & The Casuals

5 August 1963 – The Rolling Stones

19 February 1965 – Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames and Hogsnort Rupert
19 March 1965 – Them
19 April 1965 – The Who

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    1. I’m afraid that Jan is referring to Wistowe House, Hayes. Not Botwell House.
      Ernie Fripp ran Wistowe and his son Alfie was indeed in Wainwrights. I played there with the Javelins for many months in 1963/4 and remember it well.

      Botwell House was attached to the Catholic Church further down the road from Wistowe and I also went there every week from 1962 to 1965. It had bands on Fridays and Saturdays and even started a Monday night session with Brian Poole and the Tremeloes.
      I played there a few times with the Javelins too.

      1. Yes I used to go to both
        I remember the Javelins do you have a pic please?
        my Name is Frances Mason used to live in Lansbury Drive Hayes
        went to Wistow Blue Moon heaps of places was at Studios when Goldfinger got painted and had to go to hospital. I worked at E M I Records.
        Those were the good old days

  1. I think Jan Frewer is actually thinking of “Wistowe House”, further down Church Road than Botwell House.
    Wainwrights Gentlemen did indeed play there on Thursdays and Mr Fripp who ran it was Alfie Fripp’s (the rythym guitarist) father.

  2. Tony Tacon (above) very kindly sent me the Javelins’ entire gig list from December 1962-December 1964. Ian Gillan gave notice to the band at Botwell House, Hayes on 13 November 1964 but sang with The Javelins on 15 November (Carlton Ballroom, Slough) and 19 November (Wistowe House, Hayes) before joining Wainwright’s Gentlemen (see Strange Brew article)

    The following are Javelins’ gigs at Botwell House:

    9 March 1963
    7 June 1963

    10 October 1964
    30 October 1964
    13 November 1964

    1. When was the open air music festival at Botwell House when Screaming Lord Sutch performed and who were the other acts?(think it was early 60s)

      1. I have been looking for this gig for some time. The Who played as did the Searchers I think. Screaming Lord Such did a stage act with a Coffin on fire on stage. Down the road was a club – was it the Blue Moon Club and Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames played as did “Milly” and loads of others.

        1. Yes Steve, it was the Blue Moon Club, (this was the ‘Mod’ club) where Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames were regulars (I remember the drummer used to do a drum solo on the congas which lasted about ten minutes and the rest of the band used to go off to the bar during it). The Alan Price Trio used to be regulars too….

      2. The ones that come to mind are as follows, I think they are right but hey 50 years ago, I am 74 now and the grey cells are going, remember this day well as it was the day my old dad won the Tote (similar to the Lottery played in clubs up and down the land) at the Hayes Workingmans Club £200 a great sum in those days.

        Johnny kidd and thePirates. Joe Brown & the Bruvvers, Nero and the Glatiators, Heinz, The Tremeloes, Freddie and the dreamers, Chris Farlowe, Screamin Lord Sutch andpossiblt the spotniks.

        1. Hi Brian know that name, think we were at Springfield school together. I was Carol Lynn’s friend. Was at the open air concert. It was brilliant

    2. I was there Dion (runaround sue) (roam around) Joe Brown I think Freddie and the dreamers. Anyway it was great, lots of acts,

  3. yes it was wistowe house and my dad ernie fripp operated the club and i played at the club with paul careen and the ALPINES and later played there with WAINWRIGHTS GENTLEMEN.

  4. Hi all, the venue at Botwell House, Hayes was known as ‘The Peppermint Stick’ and I used to attend regularly. The place was sometimes raided by the police looking for ‘Purple Hearts’ which were the recreational pills of the day (you had to be very careful during a raid to make sure that the guy next to you didn’t slip his pills into your pocket!) The hall was indeed attached to the Catholic Church of ‘The Immaculate Heart of Mary’ which boasted a massive original painting by Annigoni above the altar (still there I believe). The church was run by the ‘Claretian Fathers’, an American order of priests and it was their Father Gamm, a very astute business man, who set up the club and subsequently the ‘London Teenage Pop Festival’ of 1963 and ’64, probably the first open air pop festivals of their kind in the UK (disregarding the earlier Jazz festivals). I was a volunteer at these festivals and they were amazing events with some of the biggest names in pop attending , including Dusty Springfield, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Freddie and the Dreamers, Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, Screaming Lord Sutch (who, as earlier mentioned, arrived on stage leaping out of a coffin with a huge axe and subsequently chasing around the audience with the axe), Brian Poole and the Tremeloes, Billy J. Kramer and Eden Kane amongst many others.

    1. Yes attended both outdoor festivals as my Dad worked in the club . I have vivid memories of screaming lord Sutch as was only 10 at time & remember popping into
      ‘Purple heart club’ as we called it in Friday eve after Guides to get autographs as bands were setting up for evening! Met Georgie fame etc
      The painting in the church is still there,

    2. Yes I remember them all great fun.
      I remember the raids too
      I often talk about the good times some people in Tasmania here find it hard to believe. Our town was the best in the sixties we got to see so much talent.
      Screeming Lord Such was a Classic. I met Cliff a few times and Mick Jagger
      and quite a few others.
      We were a different breed in those days.

    3. I was only a tot myself then but the elder siblings recall these events. The Claretians are a Spanish order, named after St. Anthony Mary Claret

  5. Great site,
    I attendend Botwell regular and the other Clubs was great fun those day’s.
    I met a few of the artists like most of us did in those days.
    I remember getting Mick Jagger’s autograph for a friend of mine Jean and amazed at Screeming Lord Such with the coffin and fire.
    Would anyone remember Cliff Richard and The Shadow’s when they came to Southall?

  6. Botwell Hall rock started in the early 60’s and was instigated by a priest, Father Scanlan who set up the fist rock festivals in the UK, an American, I have been led to believe.

  7. Remember going to Botwell every Fri/Sat. Bouncers with red jackets and infered torch. Great times and bands! Also Irish Church outdoor pop festivals, with Sutch to Del Shannon! Fantastic memories! There was a rumour at the time that Father Gamm, run off to America with the takings??? Don’t know if this was true? Saw Lulu & Luvvers, Javlins, The Zombies, Stones, to name but a few! Ooooh to go back in time!

  8. The two Botwell festivals were held on the small playing field at th side of the church hall which was used as the changing room for the groups involved, it was organised by Fr. Gamm who did not run off with the cash.He did leave the priesthood and I think worked for Hillingdon council. Gabriel Butler lists most of the groups I remember. Servicemen from the U.S. base at Ruislip used to dig pits in the gardens fill them with charcoal and roast oxen carved and sold to the punters proceeds going to the church. I knew one of the bouncers, Johnny Jones well and he got the autographs of the groups taking part for my then girlfriend as he was covering the changing rooms. this was the event with Billy J Kramer, Joe Brown and S.L Sutch. plus many more acts. Great memories.

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