The Pitmen

The Attic Club, Hounslow, Middlesex

The Pitmen
The Pitmen

Opened on 2 June 1964, the Attic Club in Hounslow, Middlesex was an important music venue in West London.Attic Club Listings 1963

I have started to compile a list of artists that played at the venue and would welcome any additions as well as any memories of the club in the comments below.

5 June 1964 – Rey Anton & The Peppermint Men
13 June 1964 – Alex Harvey Soul Band and Miston-Tuac
20 June 1964 – The Cheynes, The Kingbees and The Roosters
23 June 1964 – The Fairies and Miston-Tuac
25 June 1964 – The Yardbirds and The Snowballs
4 July 1964 – Blues by Six and Miston-Tuac
7 July 1964 – Charlie & Inez Foxx and Spencer Davis Group
10 July 1964 – Erky Grant & The Tonettes, The Tempests and The Second Thoughts
14 July 1964 – Alex Harvey Soul Band and Miston-Tuac
24 July 1964 – The Animals and Steve Marriott’s Moments
19 August 1964 – The Pitmen
21 August 1964 – Manfred Mann and Gene & The Cossacks
1 September 1964 – The Soul Agents
12 September 1964 – Spencer Davis Group and The Pitmen
19 September 1964 – The Soul Agents
10 October 1964 – The Soul Agents
7 November 1964 – The Soul Agents

The above gigs were sourced from the Kingston & Malden Borough News. Clipping and photos courtesy of Gray Newell.

The Pitmen

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  1. I’m sure you know that The Attic Club at 1a High Street Hounslow later became The Zambesi in 65, before the Ricky Tick took over the venue. A lot of groups appeared at the Attic, including Downliners Sect, Georgie Fame, Stormsville Shakers, The Moments (featuring Steve Marriott, Jimmy Winston), The Others, Debae Four: although I don’t have dates perhaps the Middlesex Chronicle archive might reveal more?

    The Pitmen were a local Bedfont act, one of the members, John Taylor, was a good friend of my father, I’ll try and dig out some contact details as he might have more information of groups who appeared there.

    Just dug these Attic dates up after a bit of googling:

    Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders 6/19/64;
    The Merseybeats 7/3/64
    The Spencer Davis Group, Them 7/7/64

    1. I remember ‘THEM’. always drew a packed house. when Long John Baldrey was delayed they played for nearly three hours non stop. fantastic set!!!!! they later had to change their name to ‘THEMSELVES’ after a certain irish band of the same name had a chart success. on the Baldrey set was a certain tartan scarved Scotsman named Rod Stewart. oh so many memories!!!

      1. Hi Clark
        I was the drummer with Them and remember the night you mention.
        We were lucky enough to play with Long John Baldrey a number of times. It was always an adventure especially the all nighters at Studio 51 in Little Compton Street Soho. Great Days remembered with affection.
        We owed a lot to Don ODonnel’s Mother (now Don Craine). She put THEM into a number of places when The Downliners Sect toured Europe. I last played two years ago at 70.

    2. I do believe that The Swinging Blue Jeans played at the opening night of the Attic.

      I attended regularly and still treasure a flyer signed by Eric Clapton when he was playing with John Mayall .

      Wonderful days .

      I was attending Spring Grove Central school and lived in Heston .

      Rod Stewart and Baldry had a drink with us in the Coach and Horses prior to going on stage with Steampacket .

      A few of us were regular visitors to all of the local clubs including Crawdaddy , Eeel Pie Island , Ricky Tick , Windsor , Marquee , Flamingo , Blue Moon , Hayes , Goldhawk Road , 100 club etc etc.

      We were very lucky to be a part of this generation. Never asked to fight in a war , NHS , work readily available , great music and the contraception pill .

      I’m 67 now and am retired in south east Asia but remember those times with fondness .

      1. Hi Chris,

        I also lived in Heston, am 67 and went to Spring Grove Central School and then to Twickenham Tech. I played in a local band called Themselves and then with Jo Jo Gunne.
        I since worked in the States and Norway and am now retired in Gloucester. I agree with your comments and remember those times with affection.

        1. I went to Southall Grammar Tech. then to Twickenham Tech. my band started off as the Buccaneers then a name change to the Conchords playing every Sunday night at the White Hart in Southall for two years, during which time we changed our name to The Tramps and also played alternate Friday and Saturday nights at The Station Hotel Richmond.
          We supported the Yardbirds at the Attic Club, I lent a guitar pick to Eric Clapton!

        2. Hi Mac,
          I went to an Eel Pie exhibition two years ago and supplied an author with information about our Band Themselves. It can be found on the web under Eel Pie memories. I last played two years ago in a Blues Band with some excellent musicians. I still work at 72, am really well and have been lucky enough to travel the World in my job. I did ask in my Eel Pie message if you, Keith, Tony and Brian were still on the Planet. Good to know you are !! Keep Well.

      2. Just saw your comment on I, too, went to Spring Grove Central School and lived in Heston. But I’m older than you – just turned 78 – agree wholeheartedly with your comment: “We were very lucky to be a part of this generation. Never asked to fight in a war , NHS , work readily available , great music and the contraception pill .” Yes, we were fortunate, and those of us born just before the WWII, and who were lucky enough to survive it, have had a large slice of the welfare state pie. I now live in Vancouver, Canada, but visit England every year – my brother now lives in Chiswick. I’ve often wondered about trying to track down some old school friends from Spring Grove Central – which I believe no longer exists as a secondary school. Do you know of any contact organization for the school?

      3. Yes -your comments are so very true: “We were very lucky to be a part of this generation. Never asked to fight in a war , NHS , work readily available , great music and the contraception pill .” I, too, went to Spring Grove Central School and lived in Heston – but I’m older than you – 78 now. Is there a “look-up” web-site for the school? I’d like to try to reconnect with some of the people I went to school with (those who are still alive!) I now live in Vancouver, Canada, but visit England every year.

      1. I used to go to the attic club hounslow, but my husband knew you when he worked at printec in wraysbary He remembers you very well from those days

    3. Don’t remember a John Taylor, Rick and Terry Parsons, John Hard, Chalky White and Tube (Brian) can’t remember his surname., were the Pitmen as I remember them (Rick and Terry are my older brothers, I was pretty young at the time

      1. I remember Robin Parson’s and his brothers, and the pitmen, with John Hard got my first guitar from him £5, I have pictures of john my sister Janet, the Weaver’s and the Christ’s with us on a stage in John’s back garden, lovely days when we were young, all in Beech Road Bedfont, I’m 65 now and miss my youth, Bob B

        1. Oh and the Hope sisters, Forgot them top of the charts and from top of the road!! Brilliant remember Dave Goodman RIP and Caruso Fuller I think he is in LAX Great Days my sister went to Hounslow favourite was Georgie Fame! & Hazel Denslow on the Birds Eye Pea Advert lived near went to Battersea funfair with Her! lovely Girl I didn’t like it on the Big wheel She laughed brave girl! I do now!, I Had great mates And good parents, Just really nice in those days Bob

    4. I saw Georgie fame there and James brown I still have my membership card. Great days and really exciting venue such a small venue but great

  2. I remember watching Georgie Flame play at the Attic Club. We had. Long conversation with him during the interval when he was most vocal on how all modern music (rock, jazz and R&B) was really all based on the Blues. His kind advice was to learn how to play the Blues and just keep perservering. He said he could only play in one key a year before and he could still only play in three then. This was about 1963. He had just had his hit record (Gotta Go) and was a really nice bloke.
    A few months later a semi-pro/amateur band in which I played lead guitar had the opportunity to play an evening at the Attic Club. I seem to recall that unknown bands could play for free every Wednesday night just to get some publicity. I seem to recall we were called The Sheritons with a singer named Tony Jordan but it was many, many moons ago.

  3. Don Craine of the Downliners Sect has been in touch and they played the Attic Club on 20 September 1964 and 31 October 1964

  4. What ever happened to Dave Arnold of Ashford Grammer and bass player of the Pitmen. Hi nick name was Voom Voom for his ability to slide the keyboard as he played?

    1. Hello. Your memory is a bit off. My name is Rick Parsons the original bass player of the Pittman now living in Chicago IL
      The original Pittman members included
      Terry Parsons, vocals. John Hard, lead guitar. Chalky White, drums. Brian Taylor, rythem guitar

      Rick Parsons went on to play with Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band. Left and moved to Minneapolis MN in 1985 and moved to Chicago in 1995. I am 67, retired and watching my son Tyler pick up where I left off

    2. I believe the Dave Arnold you are referring to played with a later band with several of the original members of The Putmen

  5. Does anyone know anything more about “Rey Anton and the peppermint men, as a kid I did a milk round with a guy called Malcolm who was their drummer, they played at the attic club

    1. The drummer you enquire about is Malcolm “Doc” Randall. He lived in Woking and was the drummer in the ALL NIGHT WORKERS after me and now we have re-formed and are gigging again. see the website. Unfortunately poor old Doc had ill health and passed away recently. We all attended his funeral at Woking. He was a great drummer. We both went to the same teacher Max Abrams!
      Thanks to Garage Hangover I found my old bass player Brian Hosking and we all got together and re-formed the band after 45 years or so. It’s all thanks to this website.
      All the best

    2. I had the pleasure of singing with Malcolm in the Dae b four and the All night workers and stayed friends with him until his death 2 years ago, a lovely guy remembered fondly

      1. Hello Iain,
        just seen your message posted recenlty, yes Malcolm was a good guy, I helped him on the milk round for a couple of years when I was 9 years old until 11. I was an awkward kid and must have have been a bit of a pain in his side in someways, but he treated me good and helped me grow up. did not see him again after I quit the round and I am 63 now, but never forgot him.

  6. In the early sixties I was Lead Singer & blues harp player for a band called the Copains. Tony (Matt) Matthews Vocals & Harmonica,Tim Hinkley – Keyboards, Brian ? – Lead guitar, Herc? (nickname) Rhythm guitar, Dave ? Bass & Viv Brougton (ex Pretty Things) Drums. We played at the Attic Club as support band for John Mayle and the Blues Breakers on what I believed to be the opening night. I will never forget that night, for having completed our gig John Mayle invited us all back on stage and we jammed for about an hour playing both his and our setlists. Can anyone confirm this?

    1. 1 was one of the 1st to become a member of the attic. I remember that night as if it was yesterday. you are right about jamming with mayall. an incredible night. couldn’t be repeated now especially in such a small venue

  7. Hi,

    I remember a number of times seeing Gino Washington & the Ram Jam Band play at the Attic.
    They were all wearing the vividly coloured satin shirts and large collars!

    You couldn’t beat them for energy and crowd participation.

    I used to live in Ealing and travel by tube on the piccadilly line from Northfields station.

    It was also opposite Hounslow bus terminal.

  8. the attic. a mecca for pure r n b. am I right in thinking it was drink free. I know everyone who attended was only there for the music. sunday afternoon was great . 2 or 3 hours of records and free entry. those were the days

  9. Yes, The Attic Club later called Zambesi was alcohol free. You had to go to Tankerville pub few minutes walk away towards high street. I think when called Zambesi Club before becoming Ricky Tic there was DJ Sunday nights called Tony Long. Not sure if he played on intervals or whole Sunday night.

  10. My dad John Hibberd was the bass player with Gene and the Cossacks. We just had a surprise reunion/gig with the band for my dads 70th! It was fantastic! They have still got it!

    Robyn hibberd.

  11. Not sure if my memory serves, but I swear I saw Three Dog Night at the Zambesi in the 60’s. Great Club and so easy to get home as the Bus Station was right across the street!

  12. I was vocalist with Dae b four during this period, we had many happy times at this venue, I later fronted the All night workers with Doc Randal on drums I remained friends with Doc until his sad demise in 2014, we both ended up living in Woking

  13. There are three gigs I remember. Firstly Bo Diddley, when I got, and still have, his autograph. Secondly Long John Baldy the top of whose head you couldn’t see because of the beam at the front of the stage. Thirdly, and most memorably, Jimi Hendrix because of the plaster dust that fell from the low ceiling when the headstock of his guitar hit and it and for the fact that he was playing many of the same songs as I was with a local amateur band – but so much better!

    1. I was at that gig and remember it was so crowded and hot that some people fainted but stayed upright because there was no room to fall down. I also remember jimi hitting the ceiling with his guitar.

    2. I was at the attic that night , Jimi Hendrix played , i was right at the front . Hè hit the ceiling with his guitar , so hè could slide his fingers down the strings , the plaster started to come away , the more it came down the more hè did it . It ended up all over his hair and jacket . In the end there was a hole in the ceiling , hè love it ! A great night . Like you i went to watch many bands , and many clubs , what great days they were

    1. Not sure but I reckon Kenny Slade was their drummer as he was from Sheffield and ended up with the Dae-b-Four who played there and also Bobby Hebb before then working with Joe Cocker

  14. I’ve got many fond memories of the Attic Club. My Dad Bill was the founding owner, creator or whatever label you want to put on it. He came up with the term are you an Attic Fanactic ! I can remember so many great nights and days of preparation. I was only 8 or 9 but certain memories stay with you forever. The music back then was fantastic, the bands were raw and hungry. You had to be special to survive the circuit.

    1. I used to go to SG grammar school with your sister Linda. We went to Attic club one night – we can only have been 13/14

  15. What a great club that was, seeing all the great bands before they hit the big time. I remember seeing the Walker Brothers and I’m sure Pink Floyd played as well, could of been the Zambezi by then. Good to read all the memories from back then what a great era to have grown up in 😄

  16. THEM was a local Band with four lads from Hanworth, John Bevins, Tony Rees, Keith Parnell ans Brian ? Mac Macdonald joined the band and lived in Isleworth.
    For some time THEM was the House Band at The Attic and supported just about all the main bands at that time.
    The Band later became THE VIRGIN SLEEP after Them came over from Ireland and had a No.1 hit with Here comes the Night.

  17. Lots of pubs and clubs around the Hounslow area played good music, the master Robert was on the fullers circuit.adem and Eve, red cow and more a good place to be in the day also Southall comutaty center was very good would just like to say a big ty for the music and for the friends I made and some I still talk to LOL

  18. Hi I have just read Phil Collins book..Not Dead Yet..made mention of the Attic..mind f….k as I attended Hounslow Town Primary school 1963-65.he lived in Hanworth rd!.the Attic backed onto the school playground so heard many an up and coming band of that erra rehearsing..sadly I was only 10 when I left to emigrate with my family to Durban South Africa…great reading everyone’s comments…excellent.

  19. Hi I was one of the first members my club card was No. 0005. It was a great venue with all the top up and coming bands plus established bands playing there. I lived in Hounslow so was lucky to be near all the great clubs around London. I was MOD and we use to have all our scooters outside. It was a great time to be a teenager, the BEST.

  20. I played with a band “The Soundcasters” managed by Bill Channel in 1964. We were scheduled to play with PJ Proby. However, he locked himself in the toilet and refused to go on. So we had to play the whole evening. It was the closest I have ever been to a riot.

    1. Hello Jim. It has been a long time and yes, I remember that night well!
      How are you, where are you and are there any more of us left?
      I have no idea why I did a search for The Attic, I think a friend was talking about PJ Proby and I mentioned that night.
      Anyway, good times to remember.
      Kind regards to you
      David Balfe

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