Rockin' Eccentrics Pye promo for "What You Got"

Silver Blades, Streatham

Rockin' Eccentrics Pye promo for "What You Got"
Rockin’ Eccentrics Pye promo for “What You Got”, scan courtesy of John Kerrison

Silver Blades was a notable venue in Steatham, southwest London where many of the top UK bands played during the 1960s.

I have started to collate a list of bands that played there and would welcome any additions.

2-3 August 1963 – Jeff Curtis & The Flames

16 October 1964 – The Stormville Shakers

6 January 1965 – The Drovers
26-27 March 1965 – The Rockin’ Eccentrics
14 April 1965 – Herman’s Hermits
3 May 1965 – Manfred Mann
7-8 May 1965 – Jeff Curtis & The Flames
13 December 1965 – Hedgehoppers Anonymous

17 January 1966 – The Kinks
18 April 1966 – The Small Faces
19 December 1966 – Spencer Davis Group

3 February 1967 – The Smoke
7 May 1967 – The Move
4 September 1967 – The Move
2 October 1967 – The Small Faces
23 October 1967 – The Move
28 October 1967 – Mud
6 November 1967 – Cream
24 December 1967 – The Herd

26 February 1968 – The Small Faces
18 March 1968 – Whistling Jack Smith
8 April 1968 – The Move
22 April 1968 – The Small Faces
29 April 1968 – Manfred Mann
25 October 1968 – Toast
11 November 1968 – Greatest Show on Earth

3 February 1969 – The Move
21 April 1969 – The Herd

The gigs were source from Streatham News, the Coulson & Purley Advertiser and Mick Capewell’s Marmalade Skies. Thanks also to Greg Russo

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  1. The Silver Blades in Streatham was an ice rink that found a more profitable life as a rock venue. I used to skate there as a kid.

  2. In 1964, I was lead singer of a West Country Band called “The Starfires” and we had a three date weekend booked in London. I’d like to, if I may, quote from a book written by former “Starfires” guitarist Barry Sowden.

    “After a performance at The Princes Ballroom in Yeovil, Somerset, manager Stan Strange called the boys together and told them that in association with Lionel Digby, head of LMD Entertainments of Torquay, he had set up a three-date long weekend in the London area, and that they would leave for the Capital on the following Thursday week.
    The big day arrived. The contents of the van were rearranged to allow sleeping bags and blankets to be stowed alongside guitars, amplifiers and drums. The journey was uneventful, and the boys reached their destination with ample time to spare.
    Venue one was a recently opened club called The Rendezvous in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. The Starfires proved good ambassadors for the West of England, and were well received by an audience of several hundred people.
    Day two of the itinerary found Dave Walker, Ginger Walker, Ken Strange, Fred Skains, Stuart Boyles, and Terry Denning…….The Starfires….topping the bill at the massive Streatham Ice Rink. The support act for the evening featured song writing brothers Ray and Dave Davies, who with two friends, had formed a band called The Kinks.
    From the outset, The Starfires played superbly, and they finally left the stage in the early hours of the morning with the applause still ringing in their ears. The Kink’s lead guitarist Dave Davies, flatly refused to believe that the boys were not professionals, and Kenny got the shock of his life when he was mobbed by dozens of screaming girls, anxious to obtain more than just his autograph. Ray Davies’s day had completely ruined. The Kinks had been totally out-played by an amateur band from the West Country, and his offer to swap the Gretsch guitar he was currently playing, for Ginger’s Fender Stratocaster had been politely but firmly turned down.
    The final booking of the tour should have taken The Starfires to the famous 2 I’s coffee bar in Soho, but sadly it was not to be.
    Ginger was rushed to a nearby hospital with severe chest pains and breathing difficulties. The diagnosis of the duty doctor was that Ginger was suffering from Pleurisy. Immediate action by the doctor and his medical staff unquestionably saved Ginger’s life.”

    Some fond memories, especially from the day that we ‘Head-lined’ over The Kinks at such a great venue.


  3. Found the following gigs in The Lewisham Borough News:

    29-30 April 1966 – Some Other Guys
    2 May 1966 – Alan Price Set

    30 July 1966 – Search for Sound contest – winners were The Planet Set. Others included The Embers, The Low Limit and Sister Jill & The Bretheren and The Motivation (Norbury, Surrey band)

    4 August 1966 – The Monopoly
    6 August 1966 – The Soul Survivors
    11 August 1966 – The Associates

    15 September 1966 – Steve Brett & The Mavericks
    17 September 1966 – Steve Brett & The Mavericks
    21 September 1966 – The Tea Set
    22 September 1966 – Giorgio & Marco’s Men
    24 September 1966 – Giorgio & Marco’s Men
    29 September 1966 – The New Jump Band

    1 October 1966 – The Ways and Means
    5 October 1966 – The Little People
    13 October 1966 – The Boys Blue

    2 December 1966 – The Bossmen
    31 December 1966 – The Escorts

  4. I recall going to Streatham Ice Rink between April 1964 and February 1965. I remember a band playing there with a blond singer who looked like Keith Relf, so now I’m wondering if the Yardbirds actually played there. Can anyone confirm if it was them or another band. It was always Saturday nights when we went there. Happy days.

  5. Streatham News has a full listing of gigs at this notable venue.

    I’ve just listed below some other notable ones from 1964 that I have found but there are many missing:

    20 March 1964 – Soul Messengers

    8 April 1964 – Hi-Grades

    22-23 May 1964 – Henchmen
    27 May 1964 – Geoff Curtis & The Flames

    5-6 June 1964 – Cyrano & The Bergeracs

    4-5 September 1964 – Cyrano & The Bergeracs
    11-12 September 1964 – Mark Four
    16 September 1964 – Muleskinners

    9 November 1964 – The Mojos
    27-28 November 1964 – The Others

    26 December 1964 – Mark Four

  6. Hi
    I was one of the DJ’s on Monday night at the rink, and I think you’ll find that the Small Faces did not turn up for the gig on 2nd October 1967, we had over 3000, in the rink that night, everybody that was in the rink that night was given a free entry pass for the next gig, and we quickly booked the Move for 23rd October

    1. Thanks Brian for confirming for me that the Small faces did not turn up for one of their appearances. But I had forgot how many groups we did have play there.

  7. I remember hearing Little Stevie Wonder, probably in 1966. The DJ was one Dennis McGrath, who I recognised from primary school in Battersea in 1959.

  8. Hi
    Just to add a couple more to your list, Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames appeared in 1963 and 1964, not sure of the dates, also the Drifters, appeared at least twice maybe 3 times again not sure of the dates, but would have been between 64 and 68, and also Napoleon Xlv in 66,
    Cliff Richards and the Shadows record there television series from the Bali Hai, which was meant to be “The Two Eyes”Coffee bar where they and many others started out.

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