The Tongues of Truth & The Grodes

In honor of the Chocolate Watchband playing the Underground Garage festival in NY this weekend, I’m featuring the original version of their most famous tune, “Let’s Talk about Girls”.

The Grodes and Tongues of Truth were two names for the same band – originally from Tucson, Arizona, but often recording in L.A. They were renamed Tongues of Truth without their knowledge by their manager and promoter, Dan Gates, dj at local KTKT in Tucson. Gates didn’t bother to tell the band about the rechristening until he announced the new single, Let’s Talk About Girls, over the airwaves. They stuck with it while the 45 had it’s time on the charts (#37 locally), then returned to being the Grodes. “Cry a Little Longer” is an earlier 45 on the Tri-M label, and one of their best.

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  1. do you have any other tracks by them? i love cry a little longer…and of course the classic lets talk about girls…it would be cool to hear some more from them…by the way this site is amazing!

  2. I can’t believe that it took me so long to find this site, but of course I LOVE it! Those were some of the best (and worst) times of my life. Many stories come to mind (uh oh, here goes Freiser AGAIN!). Just one tidbit for now: the Tri-M label was a typical fiasco. I was told by my friend, Mike Borchetta, that Uh Huh Girl (first Grode recording in Spring ’65) was a ‘smash’ and that we “oughta start our own label. You, me and my friend (actor, Cass Martin) will each contribute $100, and press up the records — let’s call it (wait for it) — TRI-M RECORDS!” Well, I contributed MY $100 — and it wasn’t until years later that I found out that the ENTIRE cost of pressing the singles was $100. I had been conned into paying it all — AND giving them two thirds of the company, such as it was. ROCK & ROLL FOREVER!


  3. When I was a wee lass I learned that back when I was born that I was supposed to be a boy, (whoops…I definitely am NOT!)and that I was to be named Michael after…..drumroll please….yes you guessed it, Mike Borchetta. Luckily for me, my parents conceded and gave me the female version of the name, Michelle. Maybe one day I will get to meet my name sake. Thats your tidbit on Mr.Borchetta.

  4. I was in a blues/soul band called the Garfield Smelter with Brooks Keenan and Pat McAndrew while at the UofA in the sixties and I remember hearing about the Grodes, but never saw them play. We were the house band at the Dunes on Speedway and I remember the bass player for the Dearly Beloved dropping in and sitting in with us a couple of times and I believe we sat in with them on occasion. Those were magical times. A shame they couldn’t last.

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