The Wild Vybrashons

The Wild Vybrashons, from left: Chuck Terpo, Vern Reeves, Harford Capps, Al Lovoy and Mark Papisan
The Wild Vybrashons, from left: Chuck Terpo, Vern Reeves, Harford Capps, Al Lovoy and Mark Papisan

Revised June, 2010

Wild Vybrashons Red Eye 45 One Track MindThe original Wild Vybrashons were Charles Terpo, Vernon Reeves, Hartford Capps and Mark Papisan, along with a female singer who was replaced by Al Lovoy, who had been in two prior bands, the Swingin’ Lamp Liters and the Royal Carousels.

They released one 45, with a version of “A Place in the Sun” as the A-side. I much prefer their update of “One Track Mind”, a song that had been recorded previously by Gary Lewis & the Playboys and the Knickerbockers.

The record was arranged by Steve Norris and produced by Glen Powers, two popular DJs on Birmingham radio station WSGN. Not surprisingly, the record hit that station’s charts, with “A Place in the Sun” reaching #1 on April 24, 1969.

After the single the group shuffled members, adding another former member of the Lamp Liters, Gary Swatzell.

Thanks to Diana Lovoy for sending the scan of the photo and business card and to Al Lovoy for correcting the band lineup in his comment below.

Wild Vybrashons business card with Al's name misspelled as Al Lavoy
Business card with Al’s name misspelled as Al Lavoy
Cool ad and article on the Monkees coming to Birmingham City Auditorium, with the 'Wild Vybrasions' opening.
Cool ad and article on the Monkees coming to Birmingham City Auditorium, with the ‘Wild Vybrasions’ opening.
Not surprisingly the band’s name is often spelled differently, like Wyld Vibrations, Wild Vibrashons, Vybrashuns, etc.

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  1. Hi, have you got that A Place in the Sun song? I’d like to hear it, because I’m trying to find a song, and I think this might be the song I’m looking for.

  2. The orginal group was Mark Papisan, Vernon Reeves, Chuck Terpo, Harford Capps and a female singer. Al Lovoy replaced the female singer.

    Gary Swatzell became a member of the group after the group which recorded “A Place In The Sun” split and restructured.

    Not sure when and if Jesse Warth was ever a member of the Wild Vybrashons. Don’t think Jesse Warth was a member of the Royal Carrousel.

    “A Place In The Sun” was on the WSGN survey for three months.

  3. Courtney,

    My dear friend David Allen sent you A Place In The Sun which contains some pops. Do you have a cleaner version you can email back ?

    Also I have “A Woman’s Way” by Rosetta Johnson from 1971. It was a big local song.


  4. Hi, I may Have some orginal 45’s around some where.

    Shocked to find this.

    I have been in North Carolina the past 20 years.

    Hope all of the member are Great, have not talked to them in 25 years

  5. She also did an album at Musle Shoals. Don’t remember if Wayne Perkins played the guitar. Jasper Guarino was the drummer. They used a few other guitarist and drummers. Roger Hawkins, and Jimmy Johnson. { drums & guitar} Fredrick Knight also had a hit but it may have been recorded at “SOUNDS OF BIRMINGHAM” I remember that Glen Wood played guitar and bass on those tracks..

  6. I can’t beleive no one has said anything about THE REBELLION, they were the number one group in town. Whoever submits the information on this site should inclued this band .

  7. Hi ,
    I was looking on the web for What shows up under me name, and found this.

    I Harford Capps am now in Winston Salem, North Carolina
    I have a Photograghy Studio.

    This make me think of some GREAT Times.

    Hi , to All that liked the Band!

    Have a Great Day,
    Harford Capps

  8. Our 40th class reunion (Phillips High School)is this July in B’ham..we are looking for contact info on Mark, Vernon and Al….found Chuck in California! Thanks in advance.

  9. Harford, give me a call sometimes. 865-622-0645 or send me your address and phone number. Would love to get together with everyone.

  10. What a great band The Rebellion were! Henry Lovoy was a really fine singer and drummer. I also liked Donald Barbee. Good keyboard man. No one has thus far mentioned the So, But So What? either. Kenny Webber and his brother Mike were in this band. I loved them, too.

  11. In or around 1976 , I remember the band and have the album that lead singer at time John Staggs gave me. At that time the band consisted of John, Gary Swatzell , Vernon Reeves,and Ken LeFurgey on drums..The album was recorded at the Sound of Birmingham…does anyone know what happened to John?

  12. Henry Lovoy and Mike Webber are both in the House Band at Hogan’s Hideaway, and have been playing together for over a decade. I talked to Rabbi (Ronald Barbee) yesterday, and he is still playing bass, and Duck (Donald Barbee) is still playing too. I have to be careful about talking to Donald…he might want help moving a B-3, and my back just won’t take it anymore.

  13. I didn’t know Donald was still playing, but I am thrilled that he is. Wish I could see him. I have great memories of seeing him with the Rebellion.

  14. I was born in ’56 at St. Vincent’s Hospital. I remember those groups from talk shows on WSGN. It was in the 60s. I played guitar with Horizons. And Natalie Cole. And the Spinners. And the Drifters. That was when I was just 19. Then it started to go down hill so to speak. I got mixed up with alcohol and drugs. Had to give it all up. Couldn’t stay straight and sober playing music. I’ve been married four times. Two of my wives died in 2009.

  15. i’M still clean and sobert…coming up on six years in June 2018. Life’s been good to me so far…..I have a mansion, forget the price…ain’t never been there they tell me it’s nice…..I live in Hotels, tear out the walls….I have accountants , pay for it all…….they say I’m crazy, I just have a good time!!!

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