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Sound On Sound were from Grundy in the western part of Virginia, close to a three hour drive to any large city like Roanoke or Johnson City, Tennessee.

The original group consisted of Ed Dixon lead guitar, Curtis Shortridge guitar, Stoney Ratliff organ, Larry Lester bass and Terry Long on drums. Looking for a singer they found Oakwood’s Danny Rose of the Kool Kuzzins, who had cut an excellent 45 on Spot in 1967, “Love Can Be True” / “Hey Little Girl”.

Sound On Sound played back country gigs until they opened their own club, the Time Tunnel, in Garden Creek, about 10 miles from Grundy.

From the Virginia Mountaineer:

These young men performed at a nice, wholesome hangout in 1967 at Young’s Branch for the young people in our community. The teens danced and had lots of fun!

In 1968, at a radio station in Big Stone Gap they recorded their only 45, produced by Joe Deaton. The A-side was the sleepy My Little Girl, but on the flip is the much more electric Girl, You’ve Got to Turn Me On. Dominated by Stoney Ratliff’s organ style, Ed Dixon’s guitar buzzes in around the vocals while Terry Long smacks the kit and Larry Lester plays runs on the bass, making a great single all in all!

Sources include: The Virginia Mountaineer, and liner notes to Aliens, Psychos and Wild Things vol. 2.

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  1. when i was a whippersnapper,my best friend was Brandon Ratliff … had a farm in Maggie, Va. 1600 acres I believe… Now a musician looking up jimi in Virginia Beach, Va. I see the Ratliff name, from Grundy. I know only 2 things from Grundy. Ratliff’s and wrestlers. Hello jimi. hello brandon. hello bobby, black diamond ranch…. everyone. Northcross 1990. period.

  2. This is a great read. Thank you for your research. I am the current President of the Garden High School Alumni Association. The Association in conjunction with the Appalachian College of Pharmacy began an annual community festival called Garden Day Community Festival two years ago and is held on the campus of ACP, formerly our Garden High School. This year we are going to stage the Time Tunnel and will feature reunited band members of Sound On Sound or those members who will attend the event while a current “garage band”, Gomer And The Three Pyles, headline the concert and who are also made up of some former Garden, former Grundy, Abingdon and surrounding area band members. Although The Time Tunnel was just a little before my time many people remember it. I personally know the Ratliff family. I also knew Curtis Shortridge and I’m sad to say he passed away just a few years ago. I spoke to Ann Ratliff, the mother of Stoney, at church just last week and she told me she has the 45 that you show. Wish us the best as we attempt to reunite the members. Thanks again for article. I will post it on Facebook.
    Tim Owens

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