Something Obviously Borrowed JCP 45 Joan

Something Obviously Borrowed

Something Obviously Borrowed JCP 45 Tell The PeopleSomething Obviously Borrowed are another mystery to me. Their only single is a good two-sider, released on the same J.R.P. label as the Shadow Casters.

“Tell the People” is upbeat, with typical lyrics of the time (“Now is the time to tell the people, all about love”). D. Geinosky and L. Carr wrote the song; they were probably members of the band.

“Joan” is laid-back rock, with a feel something like Loaded-era Velvet Underground, the singer intoning “please come on home, Joan”. Writer credit is to the producer, James Ruff, but members of the Shadow Casters noted he put his name on one of their compositions, “Going to the Moon”.

James Ruff Productions probably paid for recording time and pressing of the single on J.R.P. 004, sometime after April 1968. J.R.P. labels list an address in Aurora, Illinois. Sandpiper BMI published both songs but I don’t see a copyright listing for either. The code TM 2665/6 indicates Chess Records’ Ter-Mar studio in Chicago.

Something Obviously Borrowed seems to be the only other release on JRP besides the Shadow Casters, and also seems to be rarer than their singles.

Something Obviously Borrowed JCP 45 Joan

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  1. A couple of mentions of gigs for this band from the Chicago Tribune,

    Chicago Tribune, Friday, Feb. 2, 1968. “Shadows of Knight—Chicago teen band shares the stage with Something Obviously Borrowed, Aurora teen band. Tomorrow night after 8pm in Hullaballoo Scene teen club, 950 E. New York St., Aurora, $2.”

    Chicago Tribune, Friday, March 1, 1968 – “New Colony Six and Something Obviously Borrowed share the stage in Hullaballoo Teen Scene teen club tomorrow night, 950 E. New York St., Aurora, $2.”

    Also, from a Sunday, December 31, 1995, Chicago Tribune article on 60s rock clubs in Chicagoland comes this:

    “Besides groups such as the Cryan Shames which had a national following, there were literally hundreds of smaller, obscure local bands. Only in the dusty recesses of basements, attics and used record stores may one still find recordings by the Shadow Casters and Something Obviously Borrowed (Aurora), the Huns (Arlington Heights), the Ravins (rumored to have had Wheaton native John Belushi as a member), the Lemon Drops and Riddles (Crystal Lake) and Nightshades (Glenview).”

    If nothing else this at least places them solidly in Aurora.

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