Preachers RE 45, Girls, Girls, Girls

The Preachers

The Preachers were from Tuscaloosa, but other than David Keller, I don’t know who the members were. Keller seems to have been running the show along with producer and co-writer Steve Norris.

“Inspiration” shows a heavy Dylan influence, but though I’ve listened to it a dozen times in the last two days, I still can’t make out what he’s saying.

It was released twice on the Righteous Enterprises label out of Birmingham. The second time, backed the eerie “Hallowed Ground”, it made it all the way to #7 on WGNE in Panama City, Florida on Sept. 9, ’66, where Keller had a club called the Head Shop.

There was a long-standing rumor that this label was run by the Righteous Brothers, but this seems to be completely wrong, and I can’t confirm any connection. It seems unlikely – the “Brothers” were from California, not Alabama anyway.

“Who’s That Hiding in the Closet” is a good horn-driven instrumental, the kind that you could have heard in any town in the U.S. on a Saturday night in the early ’60s.Preachers RE 45, Girls, Girls, Girls

The Preachers had a third 45, a cover of the Everly Brothers “Girls, Girls, Girls” b/w “Dedicated”, from April 1966.

Keller managed groups including the Outer Mongolian Herd and the Omen and Their Luv, releasing one single for each of these groups on his Daisy label.

Prior to the Preachers, David was a member of the Knights Band out of Birmingham.

Photo from the WTBC 1230 history site. Thanks to Bård Hodneland for the clip of Hallowed Ground.

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  1. HI Chas,

    Like you I don’t believe the Righteous Brothers had anything to
    do with the Righteous Enterprises label. Looks more likely to be
    a local gospel label trying to capitalise on a locally popular

    I had a quick look at the BMI database to see if that shed any
    more clues – couldn’t find much.

    David Keller’s full name is David Richard Keller. The only songs BMI has
    registered for him are “Inspiration” and “Hallowed Ground”. The publisher
    of the songs, Sheri-Glen Music is inactive – BMI don’t have a “live’
    address for it – but a possible clue is that Keller’s songs are
    administered by SOCAN, the Canadian equivalent of BMI so maybe he
    moved there.

    BMI give Steve Norris’ name as Henry S. Norris – they list two additional titles for him. “The Ballad of Sad Sam” and “Mother’s Song” both written with
    a Ronald Vickery. These were published by Musicraft, another inactive company.
    Other than that no leads at all.

    Congratulations on your site – it’s a fascinating read and there’s some excellent
    music posted that’d I’d never heard of let alone heard.

    Davie Gordon

    1. I knew David Keller of the Preachers band from elementary school thru Shades Valley and his stint at the University of Montevallo (then Alabama College). In the 60’s I worked a few of his gigs collecting $$. I booked his band at Montevallo and he sang Good Golly Miss Molly, to my girlfriend of the same name. I was in his bedroom with him when he bought radio time for The Outer Mongolian Herd, I said David, I never heard of them… he said I just named them while looking at that map of the World (on the wall in front of us). He left College to move to Canada in about “66. Always a good friend. David where are you?

    2. I dated David Keller in Decatur, Alabama, in 1967-68. We met when his band playing d at our Armory. His band was called The Swinging Preachers when I knew him. They all wore black suits and wigs and their names were Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Corinthians. David was Corinthians. They would come over my house after playing and visit my family. Mama loved entertaining the band, feeding them every time they came into town. I especially liked Dedicated because I was sure he was the one he loved.

  2. The Preachers three 45s, on the Righteous Enterprises label, have zero to do with the famed duo (one of the many annoyances about researching information unverified on the web). Only resemblance is in the name. The Righteous Brothers did not have copyright on the word ‘Righteous’. I’m sure in some print article / clipping there may have been a mention of the Righteous Brothers planning to start up their own label at the same time, but it has no connection to this label.
    I haven’t verified it but I think David Keller was behind Righteous Enterprises (I’ve only seen the 3 Preachers 45s on the label of the same name), before he started up another local label, Daisy (releases by the Omen and Their Luv, Outer Mongolian Herd both from 1968)

    Sheri-Glen music was operated by a husband and wife team from Birmingham. I spoke with them 15 years ago. I’d have to do some extensive digging in my vast notes to get their names.

  3. I know a Dave Keller who was I think from Birmingham and was in a band in the early 60’s. This guy had a Stratocaster and a trombone both of which I have seen him play a little. He has red hair, went to Shades Valley and is fairly tall. If it is the same guy, I can update you on him.

  4. You are correct that David Keller was the leading force behind the Preachers. After the Preachers, David had a booking agency that he ran out of Montevallo where he had attended college. I was with the Omen and their Luv from its inception(1966) till the end (1969) when it morphed into another version of the Rubber Band. We hooked up with David in 1968 when he opened a teen club in Panama City Beach called the HEad Shop. He had a group of bands that included the Omen, The Outer Mongolian Herd and W.C Doan and Co. that he booked. For a short while he opened a recording studio on 15th St. in Tuscaloosa where some of his bands recorded. All of the Omen recordings for Daisy records was done at Boutwells “Church” studio in Birmingham or at Malaco in Jackson, Miss. The last that I heard of Keller was that he had skipped out to Canada to avoid the draft. He was in Montreal? and had a t-shirt shop called Crazy Dave’s. The Preachers had one of their hits featured on the Psychedelic States, Alabama, Vol.II. The Omen were on Vol.I.

  5. Hello-

    David Keller attended Alabama College/University of Montevallo in 1968/1969. I was a freshman in the fall of 1968 and meet him several times as I was from the Tuscaloosa area and had seen the Preachers a number of times. David was the “Social Committee Chairman” for the University and arranged for Percy Sledge to do a show at the college in the Fall Semester of 1968. I never saw him again after that year but UM may have some information on him.

    Tom Martin
    University of Montevallo
    Class of 1972

  6. The Tuscaloosa, AL band “The Preachers” played in Meridian. MS three to four times circa 1966-67. I booked them for a gig in 1966 and paid them something like $300.00 and 20% of the door. They were pretty good….but Meridian High School had fallen in love with the Magnificent 7 & (later Rubber Band). When they went their separate ways I booked the Rockin’ Gibralters for graduation 1967. Meridian HS got out of the dance/social event sponsorship after the 1966 Prom. It was the first and last (at least for a long while) integrated dance held MHS (I booked the Roemans from Florida). Several clubs had always sponsored dances, but with the school out of the dance business it created opportunities for young entrepreneurs! Meridian was a pretty sophisticated dance music market. Between 1965 and 1967 I recall othe bands including the Allman Joys, Gentrys, Tropics, Sandpipers, Dan Penn & the Pallbearers, Greek Fountains etc.

  7. I knew David and most of the bands mentioned here. I grew up in Selma, Al. The Preachers, as well as The Rockin’ Gibralters, The Rubber Band, The James Gang, The Candymen, The Rockin’ Rebellions, Omen and Their Luv, Outer Mongolian Herd and WC Doan all played at The Selma National Guard Amory. I met David at one of the shows and used to hang out with him when he was in town. I was in a local band called The Born Losers. In late ’67 or early ’68 I went with Keller and a couple of other people to see James Brown at Boutwell Auditorium in Birmingham. A memorable occasion! I left Selma and headed to Panama City at the beginning of the summer of ’68. I ended up going to work for Keller at The Head Shop. We brought a lot of great bands into that venue that summer including Wesley-Davis Mastersound a great soul revue band from Alabama. I sold my Farfisa Compact organ to the lead guitar player. During this time Keller also operated the Shing-a-ling club in Selma. Rick Mahoney, Andrew Atkinson, Gary Presley and I went up to operate the shows several times. Those were great times. When the summer when the Head Shop closed down I joined The band, One Way Ticket. We did some shows around the southeast, but broke up after about 6 months. I last saw Keller in 1969. I was hitchhiking back from the Altamont Concert in California and ran in to him and Rick Mahoney. They were on their way to Canada. That is the last I saw of him. What a great time to grow up. Lot’s of great music!

    1. Hey Larry, what a pleasant surprise. Hope you get this. This is Dom Soto (Donna’s husband) I live in Mobile now.

      1. Hey Dom,
        Hope you tare doing well. What memories of those days at The Head shop. I think I owe you and Donna for keeping me alive in those days! I’ll never forget those days!

  8. I believe that Dave, or David, Keller was in a band before the Preachers called the Original Knights. They issued a forgetable 45, “Please Don’t Go” b/w “Going Fishing.” The label was Knight Enterprises and used the same Old English style letting that the Preachers used on their records. I believe that the Original Knights also had someone named Carson Hood. I do not know much else about this band or the Preahcers or whether or not they simply changed their name to the Preachers or if the bands had different members. Does anyone have any further info about this?

    1. My father is Carson Hood and yes from what I understand they changed the name. The one thing you are wrong about, nothing my father did was forgettable.

      1. I remember Carson from Shades Valley High School “65… we were friends… and I knew David Keller from elementary in Cahaba Heights… we were neighbors… both nice guys…Can’t remember the other members of the band.. the Preachers…

  9. Hi Bruce,
    I am writing a novel (true storey) and David Richard Keller is the main character. I have googled David in the past and nothing came up. I was so excited to see this web site. David never was in Montreal. He settled down
    in Toronto where he started a T-shirt industry under the name of Crazy David’s T-Shirts in the 70’s. He was extremely successful and always in the news for his pranks. His face was his logo – looking like one of the
    ZZ Top guys. Anyway, David and I hooked up as a couple around 1977 at which time he left the business. We bought an old 110′ sub-chaser from WW!! out of Nova Scotia and, after fixing her up, motored on down to Key West. I lived
    with him for 5 years and had the best experience of my life. He really was ‘crazy’.
    He never was involved in music after he left the US except to play for his own pleasure with friends. On-board, we had a Hammond organ, Leslie, drums, woofers, tweeters, guitars – the works. I believe he played lead guitar
    as a studio musician on Percy Sledge’s “When A Man Loves A Woman”.
    I left David in 1981 and, I guess you will just have to read the book to find out the rest of the storey!

  10. Hi Tom
    I think you have the right guy. I would love an update.
    I am currently writing a novel based on my 5 years with David on board an ex Sub-Chaser circa WW11 form 1977-81.
    I last saw him in the Virgin Islands in 1996.
    Hope to hear from you,

    1. Marni… David and I were good friends/neighbors from 5th grad thru College. I have a few stories…. 🙂 would love to know what is the rest of his story>

  11. Hi Larry,
    I was so happy to find this site tonight! Every now and then I google David Keller and always get nada.
    I lived with him for 5 years in the late 70’s and am now writing a book about that amazing experience.
    I last saw him in the Virgin Islands in ’96 but he moved and didn’t have email.
    Please email me at as I would love to chat with you and have more accurate memories
    of his earlier days. He really was an exceptional guy.

  12. I knew Dave starting sometime in 1984. He moved the old minesweeper (The Sondra?) into the harbor at Frederiksted, St. Croix. At some point he married a friend of mine named Barbara but they divorced after a few years. He ran a couple of tugs in St. Croix for a while but is now living in St. Maartin and owns a bar. The Sondra sank and is scattered all over the north side of the pier in Frederiksted.

  13. Hi Marni,
    I knew David through his work in Selma, AL and would LOVE to read your book. Will you notify me when it’s completed?

    Just an old friend

  14. Hi all. I worked in Davids Factory in Toronto one summer in the mid seventies. I
    drove the delivery truck. I met him the previous winter when I was at a ski club
    in Collingwood Ont.

    Jim Reed who was the manager of the factory, brought David and his brother Robert
    skiing one weekend. David sure was a sight. Long red beard flying out behind him
    as he and Robert snowplowed down the rather steep hills of the club at beyond
    breakneck speed.

    I worked for them all summer till the end of the CNE. I remember the staff party the next weekend.
    Up at his A-frame cottage on Go Home Bay. We played water volleyball in the inlet, batting a
    beach ball over that big old wooden boat. I partied hard the first night so I took an afternoon
    nap the next day and woke to music blaring out of the cottage and every boat from miles around
    filling the inlet. People who got in early, didn’t get out till very late.

    David had a narrow apartment over one of his outlet stores on the Yonge St strip. He had one of
    those mammoth cabinets with a power amp and stereo on top. Playboy called them
    The Rod Speaker, he had that and an 8 ball pool table in the living room.

    David invited me up for a drink one night when we ran into each other in a bar on the strip a couple
    of years later.I’d been there a few times to meet Karen his director of operations when I worked there
    but I appreciated that he remembered me and thought enough of me to invite me in again. It was a cool
    pad but we were both too drunk to play a decent game of pool.

    Man, the seventies, haven’t been there in a while.

    Here’s to Crazy David Keller who “looooooooooves you!” (the tagline in his tv commercial)
    and the art department at Crazy David’s T-Shirts (now a restaurant on Peter St. in Toronto)

    And people I often think fondly of.

    David & Robert & Jim & Karen

    Thach Bui, John Laurie, Les Fyvie, Russell, not me, the other Russell last seen driving
    his 56 chevy on the way to his framing shop.

    Peace out

  15. Hi Marni,
    My name is Josephine Allt-O’meara. I don’t know if we every met but I went out with David on and off for a year or two (before, I think,you two were an item). I too google him peiodically and was
    surprized to see this site. Funny, I wonder where he is and why he hasn’t found this site.
    I worked in his store in Yorkville, with Maraline(who was from Australia) and then moved to the one at 608 Yonge Street. I’m sure you remember the apartment upstairs that has been described well in an earlier post.
    I also spent time at the cottage on Go Home Lake in fact my parents also had a cottage there at the time(complete coincidence). David and I and his brother(I thought his name was Greg but someone else said Robert),
    were involved in a head on boat crash on that lake, caused by an intoxicated fifteen year old boater. We were injured slightly and the boats sank.
    I would be happy to reminisce with you and give you any details I remember about the ‘Crazy David’ period.
    Glad you’re writing a book I’d enjoy reading it.
    All the best,

  16. Marni,
    I sent you an e-mail but got no response. I know exactly where Dave is but seriously doubt he has e-mail capabilities. I have not seen him in a couple of years but spoke with some friends in St. Croisx the week prior to Christmas who had seen him recently.


  18. Hi Tom,
    I’d like to know where David is. Please let him know, if you do see him, that I would like to know how he’s doing and what he’s done in the time between now and when I knew him. Let me know here and I’ll give you contact info if you do see him. Thanks.
    Josephine Allt

  19. I know him, he lives as I in St. Maarten and has a good going Tugboat business. Nice guy, he plays sometimes with a band on the boardwalk with a old Hammond B3 Organ.
    He played the organ by Percy Sledge as a Studio Musician when they produced “When a man loves a woman”.
    Its a great guy with a lot of personality.
    Sunny greetings

    1. Hi John,
      You probably saw my former posts. I finally finished the novel I said I was working on and hope to publish it this summer. I would love to communicate with you by email at
      (or anyone else that knew or knows David).

    2. Spooner Oldham, not David Keller, played the Farfisa organ on Percy Sledge’s “When A Man Loves A Woman,” the first song Percy ever recorded.

  20. I was the singer with Bruce in The Omen & Their Luv’, bought David’s white M2 & so on. He booked us alot as Bruce said before he split for Canada, son of a Dentist in Bham, Al. , I believe. He was a good promoter & we benefited from it. The Percy Sledge story is one I doubt & never heard before, I heard the demo as a kid in an R & B band called the Magnificent Seven in Muscle Shoals sound with Percy Sledge sitting there, the demo was about 8 minutes long & hadn’t been released. If David is around ask him if that’s really true & I’d like to hear it from him & also to wish him well as he was good to us & he can contact me anytime. Never heard of him being a session player in Muscle Shoals in 1965, he was giggin like we were & quit that to book bands. Not knocking him & I’d like to know if I’m wrong. Don’t think so. Tommy

    1. Hi Tommy!
      Larry Mitchell here originally from Selma. I used to know you guys when Keller booked you at the National Guard Armory. I was friends with Prissy Caldwell. I also worked for Keller at The Head Shop in P.C. when y’all used to come down. When we closed at the end of the summer 1968 I joined the One Way Ticket Band there in P.C.

  21. Howdy Tom, I’m guessing you’re the same Tom I met at ASCAP many years ago. Anyway, I liked Dave, he booked us etc. as you may see below in other replies. I bought his white M2, used it in The Omen & Their Luv & The Rubberband. Didn’t Spooner Oldham play the organ on When a Man Loves a Woman? Below someone said Dave did, I think not. If Dave said that, I suspect that was to impress some ole Gal. Probably got what he wanted. Anyway, hope you’re doing good & I just noticed your name here. Tommy Stuart

  22. Hi Marni! I knew David when he booked bands at the Knights Of Columbus Hall in Montgomery, Alabama in the mid sixties. In fact he used to stay at my house instead of driving back home. I also introduced him to several bands in Panama City during this time and went with him to Selma and Florida to see them. I remember him talking about you and may have even met you once at the KC Hall. The last time I saw David was around 1968 I think. His hair was longer and he had grown a beard. David is one of those people that you NEVER forget.

  23. Hey, That will probably be some book. You can see I’ve commented below a bit. The last time I saw Keller was in front of my house in Tuscaloosa, he’d come down from Bham in a convertible Pontiac with another guy he worked with, he was fixing to split for Canada. Bruce reminded me of some of our playing under the name The Preachers. We were The Omen & Their Luv at that time, he pressed up our recording Maybe Later & used it to bood us, you can see a YouTube video with that thing playing in the background & it’s on that compilation album somebody released, you’d have to say David was responsible for that, we’d recorded it on our own but a disc jockey from Northport knew David & that’s how all of that happened. He had a big teen dance place in Panama City in about 1968 & we played there as The Preachers, & also a one nighter or two that way. It was a little weird but we learned their record Hallowed Ground & got up there & I sang it like it was mine. Later, I bought Dave’s screaming white Hammond M2 organ he’d used in the Preachers, guess he told you all about the Preachers, Mathew, Mark, Luke John & Corinthian? That’s what they said on WTBC radio when they advertised them playing at Ft. Brandon Armory. I think David may have been Corinthian, which was really a dumb name since that wasn’t a person. I don’t know a whole lot else except that I think he’d gone to Montevallo to college & lived near there when me & Bruce went to pick up the Hammond from him. You might discover that Spooner Oldham played the organ on When a Main Love a Woman, but heck, lots of us told tall tales. Tommy Stuart

    1. Tommy, I knew you guys when you were Omen and used to come to Selma. I was friends with Prissy who I think was related to David. Certainly remember the big yellow pontiac convertible. I worked for Keller at the Head Shop the summer of 68 so I’m sure we connected then. Me, Rick Mahoney, Andrew Atkinson, Gary Presley and others. When the club closed I ended up staying in PC and plain bass with One Way Ticket, one of the bands that played there. Eventually went to CA. I was hitch hiking back to LA from the Altamont concert in 69 and ran in to David & Rick Mahoney at a service station! They were on their way to Canada then. Great times! Take care! I’m friends with Bruce on FB, but I don’t think he remembers me from back then

  24. Hi Tom,
    I totally forgot about checking responses on this site because nothing had come in the first couple of times that
    I did. Lots of interesting people have surfaced since then!
    I never received your email – try again.
    Since I wrote to you, I have been tracked down by Russell Quinn – David’s T-shirt artist and one of our buddies on the ship. I am trying to seduce him into participating in the book.
    Speaking of the writing, I have had fun researching the Naval history of the Sondra 11 with the help of some great older men who served in the Navy in WW 11.
    And finally, yes, I would love to know where David is and so would Russell. I doubt too that he has e-mail but I have skype and calling is easy. God, I haven’t spoken to him in 15 years! Where the heck did that time go?
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  25. Hi Jo,
    What fun to find your comment posted! Sorry to be so long getting back to you but I sort of forgot to check this site.
    Why don’t you drop me an e-mail so we can make a date to talk on skype over a glass of wine some night.
    I live in Panama in CA.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  26. Hi Tom,
    So nice to see your comment posted.
    The boat was a sub chaser named the Sondra 11. You were close.
    Are you sure that she sunk at the end of the pier on Frederiksted?
    I am working with the records department of the Canadian Navy and they
    are trying to keep track of where all of these old Fairmiles went after the war.
    I knew up until I left the boat in ’81 and then I saw David again in ’96 but
    could not remember the details of where he said he lost her.
    I think he said that this happened during hurricane Hugo in 1989. Do you know if this
    is accurate? And last question, are there any photos of the sunken wreck?
    You can send me an email if you prefer at

  27. Hi,
    Please write me back and let me know how I can contact David. I am sure if you ask him for permission,
    there will be no problem.

  28. Hi Russ, I came back to this site and found your entry and email address. I sent you an email. I’m putting this entry, in case you miss the message in your in-box. Hopefully you will come back to this site, see this message and we can chat about the good ol days, at least the ones I can remember, it was awfully smokey in that art department. I talked with Tak a few years ago and he had been in contact with John Laurie in Australia but I haven’t seen Les Fyvie or anyone else for that matter in quite a number of years.

    Me, I’m living in the Kensington Mkt area. I’m a local character now, busking and writing and generally doing what I can to get along. I really do remember you guys with a lot of fondness and I’d love to get in touch to say hi.

  29. I met Dave in PC,Fla in 1964/65-we were great friends and had great fun together for several years but have not talk to him since 1972. Know he has a lifetime of more good stories. If your out there Dave get in touch, “HOG”.

  30. Hi, if you see Dave tell him to get in touch with “HOG” Hollis.Want to come to St.Maarten for a visit.

  31. I remember you from Crazy Davids. I remember you telling me that you met David on a waterbed at a store on Yonge Street.Are you still writing the book ? I’m in touch with one of the bands that used to play there. I fondly remember the “after parties” in the attic of the store/nightclub!! LOL

    At the time everyone called me Daisy

    1. Hi Bev,

      That’s funny about you thinking I met David on a waterbed. That definitely wasn’t me – we met in his office when I purchased T-shirts from him. But, I was pretty straight looking back then and many people thought we were an odd couple. We were together from Sept. ’75 until mid 1980. What a ride! It has been so much fun writing my novel, “Because We Could”, and re-visiting all of those old memories. I hope I can find him again soon – I’m ready for another fix.

  32. If you lived with him during the late 70’s it was another girl I knew who lived with him during the late 60’s.
    I don’t remember much about her but do remember she was fairly “straight” looking compared to his wild look!
    They didn’t seem visually to be a match. Both of them were lovely people.

  33. I remember seeing The Preachers several times at the Armory in Decatur, Alabama back in the mid 60’s. They were pretty popular back then, especially with the local musicians. I remember they used to wear black cassocks and long blond wigs. Pretty out there for the day.

  34. David had two brother’s that I know of. Robert and another one who’s name escapes me at the moment. I met him when we set up a store at Wasaga beach. I drove a delivery van full of shirts and wire racks up to the beach. He followed me on his Kawasaki 175 cc trail bike. Every time we hit a red light there he was in the mirror behind me, front wheel in the air. I think he told me he was a trails rider. You know the guys who pride themselves they don’t have to put their feet on the ground.
    We set up the beach kiosk and went back to town. Jim gave me a 125cc pooch to drive to the kiosk from where I was staying which was a few miles away from the beach store. I don’t know what was wrong with that bike, it crapped out in a fog. I’d drive through a puddle and it would shut right down. I gave up on the kiosk and took the bike back to Jim’s in my dads van at the end of the summer. When I last talked to Jim, it was about the kiosk. He said, you should have stuck with it, we made a deal with someone else and they cleared about a grand. I took a job shingling roofs and doing other carpentry and had the weekends off to windsurf. Did I clear a grand shingling cottages. Not quite, but it’s hard to keep the crazy magic alive hawking shirts at a beach without any promotional support except those TV ads, which were great.

    “Crazy David looooooooves you! YEA MAN!”

  35. Finally, I catch up with Crazy David. I loved his T-shirts. He was a political commentator par excellence. I thought I had saved two of my favourite T-shirts, but I can’t find them. 1) when Richard Nixon was running for reelection in 1972: STICK WITH NIXIN IN ’72 / DON’T CHANGE DICKS IN THE MIDDLE OF A SCREW. 2) After the death of J. Edgar Hoover: J. EDGAR HOOVER — BIRTHDATE-DEATHDATE — MAY WE REST IN PEACE.

    Two simple phrases with volumes of history built into them. The guy was an inspired genius. Is he alive? I’d love to write him a letter thanking him for straightening out my politics. American democracy was never quite the same for me after Crazy David. I was a reporter for The Globe and Mail in Toronto in those days and there was actually an op-ed article on him. You could probably access it in their archives.

    Best of luck wih your book.

    Niagara on the Lake, Canada

  36. I sometimes think of that time in my past–1968 at the Head Shop in Panama City Beach– and wonder about David and you, Larry, and the lovely Gary Presley. I was at Montevallo with David. I was attracted to him, so my roommate Greathouse ended up going with him. He contacted me to work at the Head Shop that summer and what a wild adventure that was. Were you there at the beginning of the summer at the little house that we brought the pony (where did he come from?) into the house and were subsequently evicted??? Then we lived at the shop for a while until my ex-husband offered to let us all stay in his little beach house.
    In addition to all the bands and good music that summer (I especially loved the Bobby Blue Bland Review, and, of course Two Way Ticket), it was very politicizing for me with the police harassment and eventual arrests of everyone staying at our house.

    The next time I saw Keller, he came to visit in Mobile and we cut his hair so he could easier get into
    Canada (Soto was draft counseling at that time). Wonderful to read others’ memories of that time and subsequent tracings of Crazy David, memorable fellow.

  37. Yes, Donna. I remember you well. I did live at the house that was raided. I gues I last saw David right after you cut his hair. I was hitch hiking back from the Altamont concert in California. Ran into David and Rick Mahoney in a service station! So long ago! Good to hear from you. Are you in Mobile?

  38. Donna,
    I saw Andrew(Andy) Adkinson in Birmingham around 1972. I also hooked up with Gary Presley a few times in the mid 70’s. He was living in Maylene. Al., out from Montevallo. In the late 80’s he had a small store in Childersburg, Al. I stopped by there once when I lived in B’ham. I’m in Nashville these days

  39. Saw The Preacher’s at The National Guard Armory. In Panama City, Florida. We all had crushes on the lead singer. I still have a photo or two somewhere. They were the wig wearing, naughty boys from Alabama.
    We saw them about three times. Each time, I was delighted to just stand next to the lead singer and enjoy gazing at that hunk of a man.

  40. Thank you Chris for permission to post this.

    I have just published a novel in which David Keller (The Preachers) is one of the main characters. It begins just after David’s ‘garage band’ era ended. Here is the info if anyone is interested.

    An Unauthorized Love Story

    Based on a true story abounding with high seas adventure, experimental sex, and 70’s culture, Because We Could is a mysterious journey through temptation rich in emotional tones and decadent intricacy. An unlikely threesome embarks on a journey tested from the beginning . . . Marni- naïve full of conviction, David- T-shirt mogul, and Sondra- WW II submarine chaser. With a scanty motley crew, a coffer of $100, and Sondra being the only one with logged sea time, they head out of Nova Scotia destined for Key West. As things shift back and forth below deck in 20-foot seas, a complicated shift of power between David and Marni also begins. And Sondra, having brought them together, begins to play her predestined roll in their separation. Because We Could is a hard-core look at love- what gut-wrenching fear, insatiability, failure, and sexual freedom can do to love. It is an up close look at Mother Ocean, graciously exposing her sublime complexity, power, and beauty. It is a story about the uncharted territory of a journey back, seeking old comforts or closure, and how ultimately it is love that rules our lives. Rich in Canadian content from rock stars to naval history, you will laugh, cry, and delight in Marni’s avant-garde weave of literary forms to link the tales.

    Please go to to order in paperback.

    To order the kindle version visit: Because We Could – Kindle

    If you click on the kindle version in amazon, it will take you to the option to ‘look inside’ where, on your computer, you can sample the first three chapters before ordering.

    Hope you all enjoy it.
    Marni Craig

  41. I met David in the mid 60s in Panama City. I’m not sure exactly what year. After I returned to Birmingham, he called and we went out a time or two. I went to see him play at Montevallo, but ended up having to leave early before we could talk. I would love to say hi to David if anyone know where he is now.

    1. Hi Sherryl,
      Nice to hear from you. I just finished writing a novel about the years I spent with David beginning in ’76. As you can imagine, it was quite the adventure. I believe he is now residing in Sint Maarten where he runs a tug boat business. I last saw him in the mid ’90’s but, he is not one to keep in touch.
      This site was a great find for me as I have connected with many people that have known him over the years- even got to have lunch with the girl David dated before me!
      If you are interested in checking out my book, just go to and type in the title: “Because We Could: An Unauthorized Love Story”. You can sample it for free on Kindle or order the soft cover.
      Warm Regards,
      Marni Craig

  42. Had grt times with David .. Like so many others… I knew him in Toronto Ontario… Where is he now??? Anyone know???

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