The Past Tymes

“Sitting on the drums is lead singer Bubba Busceme; Brian, lead guitar is kneeling to his right (left in the picture) in front of me holding the bass. Holding the other end of the bass is rhythm guitarist Joe Priddy; his hand in resting on the shoulder of keyboardist Tom Laughlin and in the center is drummer Dale Bond.”
Glen Moyer provides details about his time with three Beaumont, TX groups, the Past Tymes, S. J. & the Crossroads and the Kidds:

I was the last and probably most insignificant addition to SJ & the Crossroads’ lineup. I played bass guitar and replaced Phil Battaglia after he was drafted/joined the armed forces (I don’t recall which). As such I was the youngest member of the group – I recall Sal Serio (SJ and Johnny’s Dad) telling my parents that he and Mar (Mary Serio – his wife) would look after me if they would let me join the band.

Sometime earlier one of my school buddies Gerry Mouton had joined the band partly upon my recommendation. I knew Sal (Mr. Serio) as he owned a Beaumont drive-in grocery and trailer park (Circle Grocery on 11th St) where he later opened SalMar record shop next door. When the band was looking for a lead singer I knew Gerry was pretty good and suggested the band talk to him. I told Gerry to go see Sal and the rest is history.

The SalMar label the Crossroads recorded on was also named for he and his wife. They were great people and I’ve got many fond memories of playing gigs throughout southeast Texas. By the time I joined the band it had moved away from its earlier rock roots and we played a lot of pop and soul tunes – Sam and Dave, Archie Bell and the Drells, etc. Sadly, for me anyway, I’m seldom noted as a member of the band because I came along after they did all of their records.

At the time I joined the group we were practicing in the Serio’s garage of their home on Major Drive in west Beaumont. I vividly recall the song we were learning at my first practice with the guys was “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy” by BS&T.

After the Crossroads broke up – thanks to the Vietnam war and fears of being drafted, etc. I joined another Beaumont group in their last throes – the Kidds – where I replaced a friend of mine, John Schmidt, on bass. Johnny Serio also joined the band with me for a short time but we too soon broke up. Both groups were originally all from Kelly HS (the Catholic HS) as I recall. Gerry Mouton and I were in the South Park school system – having gone to Fehl elementary, MacArthur Jr. Hi, and later South Park HS.

Prior to the Crossroads I was with a less well known band called The Past Tymes. Myself and Bubba Busceme – both from South Park – and later Joe Priddy combined with Tommy Laughlin, Dale Bond and Brian Kalinec from French HS. We played gigs in Vidor, Beaumont, Silsbee, and elsewhere in southeast Texas. This band is never mentioned in 60’s reviews I guess because we never recorded nor did we ever reach the level of playing gigs like the Rose Room, Crown Room, etc. Brian continues to play and has won a few recent texas Songwriters awards and has a debut CD out, Last Man Standing.

Over the years I’ve lost my entire collection of SJ and the Crossroads vinyl 45s and a lot of personal photos of the band. I didn’t appear in any of their “press photos”. If anyone ever comes across any photos of the band performing, I’d love to see them in case I might be there.

Glen Moyer

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  1. Hi,Glen. I found your comments very interesting as I used to live in the Amelia area of Beaumont across the st. from Don Lackey. Since you went to Forest Park you may have known my sister Carol or brother Bill Pixley. I was just in grade school during the 60s but remember “The Cambridge Lads” practising across the street and of course “SJ”. We used to pass the trailer parked on Major Drive on the way to Marshall Jr High. Thanks for the memories-alot of folks may not know what a “hotbed” Beaumont was in the 60s for rockin’ bands!

  2. Hi Glen…don’t know if you remember me? I left the Past Tymes shortly before you arrived. It was myself and Brain who actually first formed the band along with the Tommy and Dale. After leaving I joined another local group The 7th Street Society with Tommy Stoval, Rick Berg (Bass) Doug Wurlitzer (rhythum) and Pat Plummer (drums)

    Nice to see that people still remember those days… they were the best times of our lives. Take care friend!!


  3. Scott;

    Sorry but I did not know your sister or brother – I went to South Park, though my younger sister and brother, Carol and Allen did go to Forest Park. I’d forgottne the Cambridge Lads but your note brought back memories of them. You’re right, Beaumont was a great hot bed of music in the 60s. I remember fondly the “Battle of the Bands” held at Gateway Shopping Center. Thanks for your note.

  4. Kenny – sorry but I don’t recall you – so my apologies. Honestly I don’t remember how I came to the Past Tymes. I’m guessing it was thru my mother who worked at the (then) Village State Bank where I know Dale’s Mom was a customer and friends with my Mom. I suspect Dale’s Mom might have told my mother that the band was looking for a bass player – otherwise I doubt that my life would ever have crossed paths with Brian, Dale and Tommy. Those were some great times and while I still have a bass I rarely play. Of course, I miss making music with friends and would like nothing more than to hook up with a group today – even if only to jam for fun.

    As I noted Brian is a singer/songwriter in Houston with some success. I lost touch with Dale years ago and I think it was Brian who told me a few years ago when we visited in Houston that Tommy had died. They were all a great bunch of guys.

    All the best!

  5. Hi Glenn,

    Thanks so much for the info! I went to South Park briefly in 1966. Joe Priddy and I played trombone together at school and shared a love of rock. We formed our first band in the fall, practicing at the local church hall. Since everyone had equipment, I bought a bass. Unfortunately my family moved to California and Joe and I lost touch.

    I understand Joe past away in 1974. Way before his time!

    Thanks again…

    Bob Eller

  6. Hey Kenny! Thanks for the note. Honestly I’d have to say I don’t remember you but appreciate the extra knowledge about the band. I knew they were a going concern before I joined. Don’t recall how I came to join them either (old age!) but I suspect it was through my Mom and Dale’s Mom. My Mom worked at the Village Bank on Lucas St. where Dale and his Mom banked and visited often. I suspect Mom learned of the band from them and told me about it.

  7. Small world Bob – I played trombone at SP too! (69-71) Joe was a great guy and a great addition to the band – he was the last to join our little troupe. You’re right, he passed much too soon. I too moved to CA for a time (89-93 and lived in Roseville and worked in Sacramento). Still got your bass? I’ve still got my Apollo and recently bought a new Gretsch – hoping to relive my youth I think, but can’t find the time – or the inspiration – to practice after all these years.

  8. Glen — Thanks for this. Joe Priddy was a friend of my older brother Warren Campbell and Joe and other guys came over to our home to play guitars and drums a couple of times. Brian Kalinec graduated with me (1972) from Forest Park High School and he is still performing as an acoustic singer/songwriter. I saw him perform last week at the Opening Bell coffee house here in Dallas. Was it the Past Tymes who began their sets at the Skating Rink with the Vanilla Fudge version of “You Just Keep Me Hangin’ On”?

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