The Mystics (Westchester, NY)

The Mystics came from either Valhalla or White Plains, and had turned in a decent cover of the Peppermint Trolley Company’s “Lollipop Train” on the Ren-Vell Battle of the Bands album, which I covered last year.

Members were Jimmy Carpenito vocals and guitar, Charlie Sinerate guitar, Bob Fresta organ, Dan Liberati bass and Mike Mruz on drums. Jimmy Carpenito stayed active in music.

For their follow-up single they recorded a novelty original called “Ride My Pony (Come)”, complete with carousel calliope organ playing, and written by James Carpenito and Bob Fresta.

The flip is an excellent cover of the P.F. Sloan & Steve Barri song “This Is What I Was Made For”, which had been previously been done by the Grass Roots (on Dunhill records) and Wild Life (on Columbia). All copies of the Mystics’ version have a short audible glitch that comes in about 45 seconds into the song, probably dirt or damage to the master stamper.

They have another 45 with two original songs by Jimmy Carpenito on their own Mystic label, “Orphan” / “Bad to Me”, that I haven’t heard yet. These were recorded at White Plains Recording Studio. The group played on the Zacherle show at some point.

Thanks to Ron for the label shots of Orphan / Bad to Me.

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  1. Hey Charlie, this is Bob. Check out our “Mystics” Facebook page with alot of pictures and our songs.

  2. Jimmy Carpenito went on with his music efforts,which turned into a band named Chelsey.The band consisted of Marty Carpenito,Vic Mandragon,John Pagano and Joe Pagano . I remember one night at the Rob Roy in armonk new York that Jimmy told me make sure you show up,I have a surprise guest. It was DION! Jimmy and I recorded some sessions and radio ads. John Pagano worked downtown in a studio, I think called Media Counterpoint(somewhere around Madison ave).John helped me learn how to “mix music” and produce a better product. This web site is cool and made me remember stuff from a while ago. If you want to know more let me know.

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