Marilyn Mattson

Marilyn Mattson Allied 45 He Means So Much To MeThe dense, echo-laden production and almost spoken vocals match this song’s dark, obsessive lyrics. A real obscurity, this Allied label also released “Mini-Skirt Blues” by the Flower Children.

“He Means So Much to Me” was written by Robert Bennett Bailey and Douglas Hunsaker. The less interesting flip side, “You Cheated”, was written by Don Burch and was the original A-side to the record.

It came with a picture sleeve (see comments below), and I’ve seen one scrawled with “Sioux Falls” (maybe she came from South Dakota?) and “”Scepter Wand just picked up” (but it wasn’t).

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    1. Hi
      If you still have the picture sleeve and would sell it, I’d pay $300 for it, even in its “grubby” condition.
      You can reach me at sherryrhettlake [at ]

  1. I was starting to lose faith with all the bubblegum recently posted but this kind of dark echoey nico-esque stuff is more like it, more fuzz, more weirdness, more attitude. Bring It On

  2. Could that mean that “Mini-Skirt Blues” on Allied 101 was released before June ’67? Most sources I’ve seen say early ’68 for the Flower Children disc.

  3. How unfortunate her name is so close to that of the perverted lunatic whose name virtually rhymes and is a GUY!
    She looks normal enough almost like a 60s Pixie Girl

  4. I stumbled across this site by accident and while scrolling through, spotted “He Means So Much to Me.” Back in 1968 there was a teen magazine called Teen Set, which included a pen pal section. I sent in my name and address, and when it was published I got about a million replies. One of them was from Marilyn Mattson – it was a form letter sent out by her publicist or record company, explaining that she had just released her first single and was looking for someone to start a fan club for her. It included a picture.

    I suppose I threw it away years ago… but now and then I come across something that reminds me of it. Interesting. Thanks.

  5. Hi Barbara,

    That’s very interesting! In my opinion she recorded one of the most interesting 45s of that era! I always tried to find out more about her and the recording of the single on Allied Records. Do you remember where the letter came from? Would give a leg for a copy of it …

    Kind regards,

    Claus (from Germany)

  6. I do remember it came from an address in Los Angeles (not a big help, I know) and included a black & white photo of her posing in a mini-skirt and (I think) go-go boots. She had blonde hair and was pretty, posed with a pouty expression on her face. The letter was written as though it came from her – “Hi, my name is Marilyn Mattson…” I was ten years old and was quite impressed. “Hey! A famous singer wants to write to ME!”

    If I come across it I will certainly let you know but I’m sure it must have been thrown away years ago.

    Best regards,

  7. Hi,

    Just unearthed a top copy of this, played it and it simply gripped me. I have put this on an MP3 now for myself so if anyone wants to purchase the 45, I have one available.

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