The Kynds

I’ve read that the Kynds were from Troy, NY, only to find out they were actually from Hudson, NY about a half hour south and only a few minutes from where I now live. I was even more surprised to learn they recorded their single in a small studio in Kinderhook, NY, run by Earl Kennett, who seems to have passed away in 1995.

Members were Joseph Cirincione, Jerry Porreca and Dan Wood. They were a trio of organ, bass and drums, which may explain why the organ is loud in the mix on both of these songs.

Jerry Porreca wrote to me “the band actually formed in Hudson. It evolved from the Del Tones to the Kynds and then Bits & Pieces.”

They released this one great 45 on what must be their own Mo-Foag label in the first half of 1966 (RCA custom pressing number TK4M-5296).

“So, If Someone Sends You Flowers, Babe” has become a favorite of mine, with its repetitive organ lick and quiet vocals. As far as I can make out, some of the lyrics are:

Kynds, Good Times Troy Record 1966 April 9
The Kynds at the Excelsior House, ad from the Troy Record, April 9, 1966

It really makes no difference if you like what you see in me
Not a chance babe,
‘Cause I’m happy,
That we are free (?)
What you say girl,
It don’t have no effect on me
So, if someone sends you flowers, babe,
You know it wasn’t me.

It was written by Dan Wood and Joe Cirincione, Jr.

The b-side is the fast “Find Me Gone”, written by Joseph Cirincione, published by Upstate Music BMI.

Thanks to Brian Kirschenbaum for the scan and transfer of “Find Me Gone”.

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  1. The Kynds 45 was released in September, 1966. Both sides are all-time faves of mine, especially the ‘screw-you’ chick kiss-off “So, If Someone Sends You Flowers, Babe”. Great!

    Two members are Joseph Cirincione and Dan Wood.
    Joe resided in Schenectady NY at the time of the group, Dan lived in Troy, NY.

    They have an unreleased original tune, “I’ll Get You Yet”

    I’ve had four copies of this 45 thru the years, but I’ve not been able to find either member. Joe was a drummer, and he later joined a hard-rock group circa 1968 founded by one of the members of the Intruders (group that recorded the ’64 disc, “Hey Hey” / “What Kind Of Girl Are You”

  2. Just curious where you found that record…….I was the drummer in the band……it was just the three of us organ bass and drums…….it was recorded 50 years ago in a studio in Kinderhook, NY…… Earl Kennett….

  3. My Dad ,Larry Parks(Podrazik) recorded many times at Earl Kennet studios in Kinderhook several times with his bands The east coast clique & the cleaners. He cut a couple of45’s from there. As I recall ,my dad said it was an old barn & the vocal booth was in the silo? The building is long gone & now houses a Stewart’s shop. My Dad is from Sch,dy as well as the band. The records were on the Knight & Charter records labels.

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