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Updated February 2011

I can now confirm that the Young Men were from Phoenix, Arizona. Members included Frank Lacey, Pete Axtell, Dave Killingsworth, Richard Adams (who replaced the Metronomes original guitarist) and Tony Boynton.

They were originally called the Metronomes and most were students at West Phoenix High School, playing the prom there in 1966. A friend of the band remembered Frank Lacey being one of the first students at their high school to be sent home for having long hair.

Young Men United World 45 Love's TimeTheir first 45, released on United World #6947 in January ’67 has a minor pop song “Too Many Times” on the A-side, written by ‘Howie’ and produced by Forest Higginbotham. It charted on KRUX 1360 AM, reaching #16 on March 16.

Much cooler is the catchy, upbeat “Go!”. The song writing credits list Axtell and Lacey, but as Mop Top Mike pointed out to me, it’s really a very close version of the Dave Clark Five’s “I’m Thinking”, the b-side of a ’65 single “Reelin’ and Rockin'”. On the DC5 original there’s a great shout of “Oh!” before the first verse. The Young Men change this to a reverb-laden “Go!” and dub it in before each verse. They also speed up the tempo, drop the organ part and substitute an excellent dry guitar solo for the bridge in the DC5 original.

The Young Men had a second 45 United World #0001 in April of ’67, a very competent rendition of the Hollies’ “Baby That’s All” backed with “Love’s Time”, a good original by Axtell, Lacey and Froste.

As Dan Nowicki points out in his comment below, Frank Lacey and Dave Killingsworth later were in Thackeray Rocke, and that both records were recorded at Audio Recorders of Arizona.

Thanks also to Mop Top Mike for the dates of the 45s, to John L. for info on the group, and to Brian Kirschenbaum for the transfers and scans of “Baby That’s All” and “Love’s Time”.

Anyone have a photo of the group?

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  1. The Young Men were a well-known group on the Phoenix teen club/high school circuit and their records (cut at Audio Recorders of Arizona in Phoenix) charted locally. Members Frank Lacey and Dave Killingsworth later were in Thackeray Rocke of “Bawling” fame. Killingsworth also showed up in a late-1980s line-up of The Tubes. — Dan Nowicki, Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A.

  2. Went to high school with Frank: West Phoenix High. I was Jr. Class VP in charge of the Prom in 1966 and had Frank play at the Prom. They were called the Metronomes then. I lost my copy of Go long ago. Anyone know where I could get a copy of it? I’d love to hear it again.

  3. Wow – What a blast from the past. I attended Central & North High 1966-1969 –
    and spent most weekends at the VIP Club (7th street and Indian School)-

    The “Young Men” starring Frank Lacey (for some reason I remember wore white pants)- and especially singing “Too Many Times” – If anyone knows where I can get a copy – I’d be eternally grateful

    I also remember of course Vince (Attended Cortez High)and his band “The Spyders”
    which we all know now as “Alice Cooper”

    Another great oldie band who played there was P-Nut butter(I found a copy of the
    song they recorded “What am I doing here with you”? on e-bay

  4. Please don’t forget John Herwehe … such a sweetheart… and the SuperBus – such great memories.

    Hey Tony…. “The Higher You Fly the Much !”

    Love you all forever………………


  5. Wow! I stumbled across this website. I graduated from West High in 1968. I did not personally know any of the Young Men, but I do remember Frank Lacey. I even have a copy of the 45, “Too Many Times” stored somewhere in a closet. I bought it at the record shop (can’t remember its name) at Chris Town. I haven’t had contact with anybody from West since my ASU days in the early 70’s, but then again, I was no social butterfly in high school.

    1. Tony: For sure you and the guys are not forgotten. When I got my copy of “Go” my 3 little nephews and niece and I used to play it and pretend we were you guys. Only they named our group Terry and the Tarantulas. We played that song until the needle wore through. I still listen to it on YouTube and smile thinking about West High and Phoenix in the 60’s. Great times and greater people! And John Y. The name of the record store at Christown Mall was Bill’s Records. That’s where I got my copy, too.

  6. I remember The Young Men fondly, still play guitar for myself, have the Too Many Times and Go! 45, along with a 4-song EP with You Are My Sunshine with Frank in great voice. Live in Utah but travel by Metro-Tech HS occasionally. Miss travel to Prescott in Herewe’s camper, VIP club dates, opening for Gary Lewis, Sunrays, etc. Forest deserves a medal for all his work, never realized all he did for us until years later. Hello to all. Any requests and I’ll post the mp3s somewhere. Richard.

    1. Richard, would love to have the mp3 of “Too Many Times” and “Go”. had the 45 but plenty scratched up now.

  7. John was the best, I always let him beat me while golfing. It is nice to know the the guys and I are not forgotten. Thanks to all.

  8. Hi Richard:

    Just stumbled on this website and saw your comment so thought I’d say high. Last time I heard, you were in Orem. Still there??? Still married to Patty (that is her name, isn’t it?). I live in American Fork. Does your brother still sing with MoTab?

  9. The original Metronomes (1965) were Frank Lacey (guitar), George Matthews (drums), Larry Edmonds (vocals) and John Hesterman (bass/piano). To the best of my knowledge, this was the first band for all of us. It was pretty basic but had potential (especially Frank) and a lot of fun. Later, Larry was with The Just Cause, and I hooked up with The Britons followed by The Grapes of Wrath. If anyone knows what happened to George, I’d appreciate an update.

      1. Hi John

        Yes both Joyce and I live in Portland Oregon…We love it here. I just retired and am enjoying life. Joyce lives with her husband on a vineyard 20 miles from me. Hope you are well

        1. Hi Barbara 🙂

          I’m also retired in the small mountain community of Payson, AZ. Still an active musician on stage and in the recording studio. It’s rather like Mayberry here, my kinda place! If you’re ever curious, look me up on the net at Vaya Con Dios 🙂

  10. The VIP Club was my 2nd home as a teenager. Used to hang out with Vince Fournier in his Spiderman suit. I remember when he said that the band was going to L.A. to try to break in. The next thing I knew the band was called Alice Cooper…and then Vince took the name himself.

  11. I went to Orme school in Mayer for the 1966-67 school year and The Young Men played there twice. The first was the dance just before Christmas and the second was the end of school dance. I have a copy of the Too Many Times/GO 45 that I must have picked up on a school trip to Phoenix.

    1. Is this Johnny Junk, now in Payson where I once drowned whilst hiking with you & Ron Brewer. I had nary a single drum with me, knowing full well the effects of Ludwig vs freezing watery stuff. If you are still here/there, lemy no.

  12. Sorry, forgot to return here 5 years ago, so I’ll post my 2 personal favorites: You are my Sunshine and Go! Frank was the only really talented one. Thanks for covering for me John. If I’m still too slow, email me and I’ll send them directly

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