M. Rahmat dan The Teruna (M. Rahmat and The Youth)

Both the singer and the band are presumably from Singapore, where this EP was recorded. I have seen a few other records by M. Rahmat, again with backing by The Teruna, but with songs also by female singer Asmah Attan.

All the songs on this EP are good, but the stand-out one for me is Mula Bertemu (First Meeting), with some strong guitar and a driving sound. M. Rahmat has a strong, deep voice; a fact that may have inspired another song on the EP; his cover version of Indonesian baritone Alfian’s Semalam di Cianjur. On that song The Teruna provide a swinging, cha cha backing. The other songs are Elly and Peristiwa di Pantai (Episode at the Beach), and all accept Cianjur are credited to M. Rahmat.

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  1. Both the band and the singer are from Singapore. They have another EP with songs which until today, I have yet to hear again. Among them is Gadis Desa. Good vocal and lively improved backing by the band.

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