Keith Allison

Though born in Texas, Keith Allison made his mark in Los Angeles. A resemblance to Paul McCartney helped him land a starring role on the national show Where the Action Is.

He became close friends with Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and the Raiders and Mike Nesmith of the Monkees, and soon he was playing sessions for both groups on guitar and keyboards.

His album In Action features “Louise”, a fantastic Gary Usher production and the single hit the charts in March of ’67. Louise was written by Jesse Lee Kincaid (real name Nick Gerlach), who was a member of the Rising Sons with Gary Marker, Kevin Kelley, Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder.

The flip, “Freeborn Man”, written by Allison with Mark Lindsay has become a country standard. Keith joined the Raiders in late 1968, then went into acting.

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  1. This record uses the same backing track and some the background vocals (Usher added extra counterpoint vocals) of the Raiders version. Still a great record.

  2. If you google his name there is an excellent you tube video of him and another well respected studio guitarist first name is Waddy (can’t remember the last name) doing Elvis Costello’s song “Pump It Up”. I would love to know if Keith is doing any performing now. In the video he looked great but more to the point, he looked like he really was enjoying himself and I know he’s a decent guitar player.

  3. Yes, Keith Allison is still performing music….. live with the Waddy Wachtel Band on Monday nights at Joe’s Joint in Los Angeles. And he definitely rocks!!! Check out the Waddy Wachtel Band MySpace page for more info on recent gigs and future ones. We love Keith!


  4. Keith was also an all too brief member of the Crickets in 1965, KRLA Beat and others had taken notice of the McCartney-esque lad, and before you know it he was with a reformed version of the Crickets (led by Jerry Naylor), which for all intents and purposes, were on their last legs until the 1970 reunion.

  5. If anyone out there knows Keith personaly, ask him if he remembers the girl who called him once and told him he was great and going to be something someday. We went to Northeast High together in San Antonio. I’m glad to see I wasn’t wrong.

  6. Keith went to Robert E. Lee High School in S.A. (Northeast Independent School District)
    He was really into music, often played with Tommy Brunner, Dave Underwood, Wayne Hensley, was part of Denny Ezba & the Goldens (with Mike Nesmith) Also into drama, played Curly in “Green Grow the Lilacs” opposite the beautiful, late Sharon Hinshaw. Should have been about class of ’61.

  7. Do you have an email for Keith or is he on Facebook? I am Sharon’s daughter and was hoping to contact him to see how he is. Thank you, Debbie Kay

  8. Long time no see Keith,
    The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia!!
    Remember the groundhog???
    It’s great to know your still bumping it.
    Get in touch with me, I have some pictures you would love to see!!
    Faye “The Bigley”

  9. We were friends in San Antonio when you lived on Addax Drive. I lived on Mink Drive.
    Let me know how to contact you.


  10. Keith was always my favorite on Where the Action Is and Happening and he was always my favorite Raider. I would give anything to meet him one day. Just to get to meet him and have a chance to talk to him woukld be the greatest honor in my life!!!!!

  11. I too was in love with you. Never knew what became of you but would still love to meet you and give you a hug! I wish you continued sucess.

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