Wirdaningsih and Dorado Sound Unlimited

Wirdaningsih comes from Sumatra, Indonesia and was very popular in the 60s and 70s in Malaysia, where this record was recorded. I am not sure if the backing band, Dorado Sound Unlimited, were Indonesians or Malaysians.

The song Adaik Bachinto, is sung in the Minang language, and while it is similar to Indonesian, it is a bit difficult for me to make out. ‘Adaik’ is probably the equivalent of ‘adik’ which means younger sibling, but can also be used by women to refer to themselves in relation to their male partner. ‘Bachinto’ probably has some relation to ‘cinta’, or love. Thus, the song would appear to be about Wirdaningsih’s love for a younger sibling or her love for her partner. Any Minang speakers out there who can help out on this?

There is a tasty fuzz break in the middle of the song. Wirdaningsih still performs in Indonesia and Malaysia. Her younger sister, Irni Yusnita, was also a popular performer in the 60s and 70s.

5 thoughts on “Wirdaningsih and Dorado Sound Unlimited”

  1. In my opinion term “adaik” means “adat” (Minang language). Adat means custom or tradition or practice in English, therefore Adaik Bachinto means Love Practice.
    best regards, fachrizan

  2. hello I’m a minangnese. Adiak is not adat. Adiak is adik in indonesian language which means sister. Bacinto means bercinta in indonesian language which means in love. So the phrase is trying to say that his sister is in love. hope that clears everything. 🙂

  3. adaik bachinto = adat bercinta = kebiasaan bercinta = tata cara bercinta …. in english…. love terms ? love characters ? love rules ? he…. he … he … i dont know ….

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