Audiodisc Acetate Little By Little

Unknown Audiodisc Acetate

Audiodisc Acetate Have Faith
“Have Faith”

Audiodisc Acetate Little By Little
“Little By Little, Fallin’ Apart”
Here’s an Audiodisc acetate (actually an aluminum disc coated with lacquer, not made of acetate) from an unknown group who may have been from the New York area. There’s no info on the disc at all, so I don’t think this group will ever be found. No one I know has ever heard these songs on any released 45, so this seems to be a one-of-a-kind demo that was never issued.

From the lyrics, the titles seem to be “Little By Little (Fallin’ Apart)” and “Have Faith”. Both songs are great mid-60s garage, I only wish the condition of “Have Faith” was a little better as it’s a quiet song so the wear is audible.

Thank you to Barry T. for the demo and transfers.

2 thoughts on “Unknown Audiodisc Acetate”

  1. Hi Chris.
    Great stuff this one, thanks for sharing!
    No info on the band, but the music makes up for it. Shame it wasn’t released (most probably judging from the rawness of the recording).
    Keep up the great work, I’ll try to visit more in the future.

  2. I represent the OOUACF (the Organization Of Unknown Artists Compensation Fund) and we are hereby notifying you to stop and desist the on-line posting of this particular musical artist or face heavy fines for not funding our community. As we all know, yes everyone knows, that every performer deserves monetary credit for work established & witnessed. So, either pay up or shut down this illegal posting of unknown artistical songs. Someone out there, somewhere is some unknown person or persons, feeling mis-cheated & derailroaded by your thoughtless & questionable tactics, which take advantage of some group of aspiring lawyers, trying to make a difference.
    You have been warned: WE’RE COMING TO TAKE YOUR MONEY AWAY, HA HA…

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