The Tradewinds

This unknown group recorded one of the strangest versions of Jessie Hill’s “Ooh Poh Pah Doo” I’ve ever heard, titled “Oop-Oop-a-Doo”. Unfortunately there is no name listed under the song writing credits for “Floatin'”, a cool instrumental with sax, piano and some sharp guitar.

Jim Gordon of USA Records started the Destination label to cover bands from the area around his Chicago base, though this group may be from Indiana.

The was a group called the Trade Winds that eventually morphed into Styx, but I think it’s likely a different group. Nor were they the Tradewinds from New York who recorded for Kama Sutra. Anyone know for sure?

Thanks to Geoff Brittingham for the scans and transfers of this 45.

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  1. I was leaning toward the Tradewinds to Cambridge Five connection. Circumstantial evidence: Cambridge Five USA 850 (1966) Floatin’ / Heads I Win. Floatin’ shares the same matrix #6346. From South Bend, Indiana, one more single on USA, then disappeared……. I still don’t know who they are. Heads I Won shows a writer credit to Michael Morton.

    1. Hi Mike,
      Are you sure about this Tradewinds 45 being the beginning of Styx.
      I got all kinds of grief when I mentioned that fact on YouTube when I posted the 45.
      It will be great if it is.

  2. As far as I know, this Tradewinds band had only one single, they were from South Bend, Indiana. The single was released in March of 1966. This information was found in the book, “Teen Beat Mayhem”

  3. I saw a group called the Tradewinds play at the original Arie Crowne theatre in Chicago. I only recall 3 guys playing Beach Boy type songs with great harmonies. The guitar player had a red & white wide horizontally striped shirt & a big red guitar, looked like a Gibson ES 335. The bill included the McCoys (Hang on Sloopy) & the Standells (Dirty Water). Final act was The Rolling Stones with Brian Jones.

  4. The Tradewinds became the Cambridge Five out of South Bend, IN. No connection to Styx. We were together for 7 years. Played throughout the Midwest. WLS and WGN airplay on 3 singles, no hits. The Cambridge Five has 4 or 5 mentions in Carl Bonafede’s (sp) book on Chicago area bands of the 60’s.

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