The Tony Hendrik Five

“I’ve Said My Say” is a ringer for the Small Faces, but it’s great!

The Tony Hendrik Five were from Germany and mostly recorded typical pop of the day. The A-side, “Tavern in the Town”, is really awful. “I’ve Said My Say” shows they had some talent and should have pursued this tougher sound more often.

3 thoughts on “The Tony Hendrik Five”

  1. great early find. this was recorded in early 70s, back when he was in his 20s. hendrik gained great success in europe, in the 80s, as he songwriter and producer for succesful disco pop band bad boys blue. together with his wife, karin hartmann they wrote numerous hits for many german acts, meanwhile his writing skills improved greatly, his sound always followed trends. bad boys blue even entered us billboard chart in 1992 with “save your love”. there you have it!

  2. I got this great THICK german book called Die Deutschen Beatbands (FULL of picture sleeves).

    THIS Tony Hendrik Five record was released in 1968 (so 100% NOT in ’72!) and was their fifth record! They made a total of 12 45’s and one album. They mainly produced awfull 60’s pop (Like the A-side here) to some cool freakbeat-mod ones. They orignally came from Rendsburg (dunno where that is). One other appearantly cool 45 release I’m hunting for is from 1969 called “work all day”.



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