Tierdrops Photo

The Tierdrops

Tierdrops Photo
The Tierdrops, back row left to right: Rick Shelton and Wendell Peterson; front row: Joey Wilbur, George Browning, and Steve Hill

The Tierdrops performing at the Pine Grove in Portsmouth, NH
The Tierdrops performing at the Pine Grove in Portsmouth, NH
Steve Hill sent in the cool photos and news clippings about the Tierdrops, a fellow band to the Devil’s Own, and one of several groups from Portsmouth, New Hampshire in the mid-60s. Steve gives info on the band:

The Tierdrops were a Portsmouth top 40 rock band. We were the house band for the EM club at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and frequently played at the Pine Grove Pavillion as well as the PAL club in Lewiston, ME and the PAL club in Rockland, ME.

Tierdrops at the Pine Grove PavilionJoey Wilbur – lead singer
Rick Shelton – lead guitar
George “Spike” Browning – organ
Steve Hill – bass guitar
Wendell “Pete” Peterson – drummer

“Spike” Browning managed the Devil’s Own and us. Joey played guitar with the Devil’s Own and later became our lead singer and Spike wanted to play so he came to us and became our organist. We did not record a record. Spike did record us on many occasions with his Akai reel to reel, however, the tapes are lost.

We had tried out to become a “surf” band along with bands such as the Rockin’ Ramrods, the Pilgrims, the Techniques, and several others and were accepted, however, I was drafted before we had our first gig as a surf band.

Thank you for keeping the bands of that era alive.

Steve Hill

Tierdrops, Devil's Own, & Cobras, Lewiston P.A.L. Dance, February
Awesome lineup: Tierdrops, Devil’s Own, & the Cobras!

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