The Redcaps

The Redcaps, November 1964. Left to right (back): Graham Smith, Rick Wright and Mick Stewart. Left to right (front): Tony Dougherty and Eddie Thorpe

A London band formed sometime in 1964, the group’s line up in November comprised:

Tony Dougherty – lead vocals (from South Harrow)

Mick Stewart – lead guitar (from Hanwell)

Graham Smith – rhythm guitar (from Ealing)

Rick Wright – bass (from Dulwich)

Eddie Thorpe – drums (from Watford)

Mick Stewart is the best known member. He went on to play with Mike Dee & The Prophets, Simon Scott, The All Nite Workers, Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, Hamilton & The Hamilton Movement, James Royal, Sweet and Mojo Hannah among others before moving to the United States.

We would be interested to hear from anyone who can add further information.

November 1964 gig


February 1964 gig from East Kent Times
East Kent Times advert, gig, 24 April 1964

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