The Majestic Five Santa 45 Jerk Like Me

The Majestic Five

The Majestic 5 at the Can Can, June 1965
The Majestics 5 at the Can Can, June 1965

The Majestic Five Santa 45 Jerk Like MeThe Majestic Five have this one obscure single on Santa Records out of Phoenix, Arizona in 1965.

The A-side, “Jerk Like Me” is a cover of Rudy Gonzalez & the Reno Bops “Do the Jerk Like Me”. The drummer lays down a rock-solid beat up front in the recording, while the rest of the group sounds somewhat distant. The singer does a good job but the record has a sparse sound.

The flip is a ballad, “Queen of Fools” written by Saenz and Escobedo who I guess were members of the Majestic Five. Santa Records was located at 506 W. Cocopah in Phoenix, I haven’t seen any other releases on this label.

They don’t seem to have been around too long at least under this band name. In June of ’65 I find several ads for their week-long engagements as the Majestics 5 at the Can Can on 3rd St. and E. Roosevelt in Phoenix and then in September at the Grand Canyon Bar and Lounge at 119 4th NW at Copper in Albuquerque, but no mentions of the group after that.

The Majestic Five in Albuquerque, September 1965
The Majestic Five in Albuquerque, September 1965

The Majestic Five Santa 45 Queen of Fools

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  1. The group formerly was known as Manny and The Majestics and also used to appear at Phoenix’s old Riverside Ballroom. There was a member named Joe Saenz. “Queen of Fools” was comped on the 2014 CD “Desert Doo Wops.”

  2. The majestics, the majestic four, my brothers band, same guys, consisting of Albert Rodriguez on drums, Albert escobedo on guitar, Arturo borquez, on bass, Joe saenz, alias jj on one time Jerry cruz, vocalist, Benny Dimas on rhythm guitar. The band wasn’t heard of for a while, cause they were in Los Angeles for six, seven years. Played the purple bunny in norwalk, the blue bunny in montebello, the red velvet the in hollywood, the tip top club in inglewood, and other clubs. Worked with wolf man jack backing up oldies groups like the drifters, and others, backed up et ta james, Tyrone davis, quite a few famous groups.

    1. Hello,
      just letting you know that Bennie Dimas passed away April 12th 2018 here in Lodi Ca. Bennie was a great Musician and formed his band here in Northern Ca., They went by the name “The Oso Band”. He was a great Man and very talented Bass Player. He will be missed.

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