Fabulous Thunderbolts Poverty 45 My Girl Sue

The Fabulous Thunderbolts

Fabulous Thunderbolts Poverty 45 My Girl SueThe Fabulous Thunderbolts started as a quartet at Kuemper Catholic High School in Carroll, Iowa. Carroll is situated about 90 miles drive NE of Omaha, Nebraska, or 90 miles NW of Des Moines.

The Thunderbolts traveled to Sears Recording Studios in Omaha to cut their only single, “My Girl Sue”/”I Want to See You Again” released in August 1965. Ted Kisgen wrote both sides and copyrighted both under his own name in April, 1965.

I’d like to know what other singles were recorded at Sears. The Echos V from Des Moines recorded a five-song demo there that has not been released. I haven’t seen any other releases on a Poverty Records from Omaha.

“My Girl Sue” is a sharp two-minute rocker. The entire band is solid, but one can’t help but notice the blazing lead guitar, the excellent lead vocals, and the sax solo.

Fabulous Thunderbolts Poverty 45 I Wanna See You AgainMembers included:

Jerry Hauser – lead vocals
Ron Hauser
Gene Wycoff – saxophone
Mike Kisgen
Rich Danner
Harold Powell
Ted Kisgen – drums

They seem to have been a quintet for much of their existence. On their single I hear lead guitar, bass guitar, saxophone, drums and lead vocal. The Iowa Rock n’ Roll Music Association Hall of Fame inducted the group in 2000 and has a tiny photo of the group as a quintet on their inductee page.

Thunderbolts Sears Recording Studios demo 45 Say That You Love MeThe band also recorded a couple of acetate demos at Sears that I haven’t heard, the uptempo “Say That You Love Me” and an instrumental, “The Explorer” that seem to predate the Poverty release.

I had a photo at the top of the page from an ebay auction of this demo, but a comment below correctly pointed out the photo was of a different group, the Thunderbolts from Plattsburgh, NY.

Ted Kisgen joined a later version of the Green Giants, originally from the southern Iowa towns of Shenandoah and Bedford. They had one single on Round & Round Records 4501, “Pity Me” / “You’re Going to Lose That Girl” in November 1966.

Thunderbolts Sears Recording Studios demo 45 The Explorer

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  1. Yesterday, I found a 45 by Smilin Harold (Thege) on Great Western Records. While trying to dig up some information about it, I came across your site. According to the label on this particular record, the two tracks (“Love Sick Blues” b/w “Little Green Valley” – cover versions, I’m assuming) were recorded at Sears Recording Studios in Omaha. There’s no date given and I the only info I can seem to find is an obituary for a Harold Thege in Nebraska from last year.

  2. Note that the photo of band members depicts a band called The Thunder Bolts from Northern NY. They recorded in the 60’s at Rondack Records in Plattsburgh, NY. Songs included “Blending” and “Thunderhead” among others. The center member is Bruce Danville.

  3. The lead vocals on the Thunderbolts One release recorded at Sears recording studio on the poverty label the lead vocalist was not Jerry Hauser it was Ted kisgen. My name is Rich Danner I played lead guitar and was the originator of the fabulous Thunderbolts from Carroll Iowa. I formed the group and was with the thunderbolts for many years I gave the group its name the fabulous Thunderbolts and it had nothing to do with the story about a storm happening the night the group was named that is not true there was no storm and there were no lightning bolts it’s amazing how things come about that are not the truth I simply thought of it and thought it would be a good name

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