Early Americans Brenick Flagg 45 I Love You (I Want You)

The Early Americans

Early Americans Brenick Flagg 45 I Love You (I Want You)The Early Americans come up with a balanced, rich ’60s sound on “I Love You (I Want You)”, not released until May of 1971.

The group may have been from Bath, Pennsylvania. Both this and the b-side “Got a Lot” were written by Nick Mitchell and produced by Nick Mitchell and Brent Koehler.

The Early Americans released this single on Brenick Flagg Records STEA 1012. Pete Helffrich mastered the single, signing the deadwax and indicating stereo sound, though I don’t hear much stereo separation on this single.

Helffrich Recording Labs did a lot of mastering for classical labels like Everest, Nonesuch and Turnabout, but as far as I can tell, relatively little recording. One of Pete Helffrich’s most notable recordings was another PA band, Sandstone, for the album Can You Mend A Silver Thread? I checked the back cover of that LP and didn’t find any other names in common with the Early Americans.

This is not the Early Americans from Tampa, FL who cut Night After Night on Paris Tower in 1967.

Early Americans Brenick Flagg 45 Got A Lot

4 thoughts on “The Early Americans”

  1. Was surprised to find this recording
    Was good to hear it again
    I was part of the band and played keyboard on this recording
    Fun times at 15

    1. Joe, my name is Angela Mitchell. Nick Mitchell is my dad and he and my mom came across a recording of this. He was really excited to hear it and I am trying to find an actual physical copy of this. You said you played keyboard on this recording. Do you by chance have a copy of this or know where I could find one? Thanks for your time.

      1. sorry for the delay in getting back to you
        I wish I did have a copy
        Living in Michigan now – Tell your Dad hello
        Maybe it is time to get the band back together again

  2. Helffrich did a fair share of recordings. The thrifts and junkstores of Eastern PA are awash with private press oddities with recording dates into the 80s bearing evidence of this in their liner notes.

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