Tangle Canary 45 Any Time, Any Where

The Tangle on Canary Records

Tangle Canary 45 Any Time, Any WhereThe Tangle recorded the very cool single “Any Time, Any Where” / “Our Side of Town” for Canary Records of Nashville, Tennessee in October 1966.

Alvin Holland and Nyman Furr came from Camden, Tennessee, about 50 miles west of Nashville, so that was possibly the base for the group.

Members included:

Alvin Holland – guitar and lead vocals (?)
Ronnie Waters – guitar
Nyman Furr – bass
(?) Hayes – drums

“Any Time, Any Where” has great riffing guitars and a relaxed Stones-like feel to the vocals and band.

When I can make out the lyrics to “Our Side of Town” they’re wild: something about munching her box…lunch.

According to the labels, Halland, Furr, Hayes, Waters wrote both songs. C.L. Womack produced the single and also published both songs through C.L. Womack Pub. Co. BMI but I can find no copyright listing in the Library of Congress indexes.

Halland is a typo for Holland and a site for the Tennessee River Crooks band featuring Ronnie Waters on guitar listed the members of the Tangle as Alvin Holland, Ronnie Waters and Nyman Furr.

Holland, Waters and Furr later played in versions of Maggie Lee & the Percussions.

Nyman Furr passed away on March 10, 2007, according to Wikipedia.

Thank you to Max Waller and Mario Aguayo for their help with finding info on this band.

Tangle Canary 45 Our Side of TownCanary Records had at least seven releases, most seem to be country music. J.C. Rhoton, Jr. shows up a lot on the labels, possibly he owned the label. Howard Rhoton may be his son, his “I’ll Skip School” on Canary was advertised in Billboard on April 25, 1964.

Gower-Moore Studio seems to be connected to the Gower guitar makers in Nashville.

Canary had two Nashville addresses on its labels, 2906 Ironwood Drive and 2911 Harlin Drive.

Canary Records discography (any help with this would be appreciated)

Canary 1002 – Rhodes Boys – “Pretty Little Miss” (V. Rhodes, B. Rhodes, V. Rhodes) / “Got A One Way Ticket”, prod. by Curtis McPeake, Gower-Moore Studio Production.

Canary 1008 – Howard Rhoton – “Look Back” / “I’ll Skip School” (H. Rhoton, J. Rhoton), Gower-Moore Studio Production.

Canary 1010 – Bob Hayes – “Johnny Reb Was a Fighting Man” / “1862” (both by B. Hayes, C.L. Womack for Ironwood Music)

Canary 1012 – The Tangle – “Any Time, Any Where” / “Our Side of Town”

Canary 2001 – Barbara Dale – “Winner Take All” (Joe South) / “There Stands My World”, produced by J.C. Rhoton, Jr.

Canary 2002 – Charlie Rife & the Chordsmen – “Are You Sure” (C. Rife) / “Here’s the Key”, prod by J.C. Rhoton, Jr, for J.C. Rhoton Music BMI

Canary 2003 – Barbara Dale – “Missing You Again” (Baker Knight) / “Greatest Show on Earth” (Mike Cain)

4 thoughts on “The Tangle on Canary Records”

  1. I have a copy of Canary 1009: Joe Rhoton Look Around & Walking Back. Marked “not for sale.” Just about to list it on eBay.

  2. Mary Lou Turner cut a 45 on this Label -Only Fooling and the flip side was Heart Don’t Listen . Later Mary Lou Turner had a number one with Bill Anderson. Sometimes -I think around 1976.

  3. The Drummer for the Tangle was Robert Hayes. His father owned a Teen Club in Camden and I believe he had the connections that lead them to Canary Records. My Name is Will Richardson from Erin Tn. I replaced Alvin Holland who was well loved by the other band members but his alcohol use on gig nights forced the band to get a replacement. Although Ronnie Waters was not as smooth as Alvin Holland He was Quite a great Player. I worked with them after the Canary Release. I have most of a Box of stashed NOS records of the Tangle in the Original Box. No disrespect to Mr. Holland this is what Ronnie Told me with the others present. I do believe that Alvin and Nyman are cousins possibly first Cousins. On ancestry it appears that Nyman’s mother was a Holland before she married. I would Spend the night in Camden after the gig and Drive to Erin REAL early as my beloved mother Billie Richardson required I go to Church if I played a club late on Saturday Night. I would Sleep in the family quarters of the jail with Nyman and his family. I played pretty well but I picked up Licks from Ronnie many of which he got from Alvin. Alvin sat in a few times at the teen club. I believe it was more enticing to stay sober and look good since he was removed from the band. He was quite smooth as most lefties are. He and Waters played Gretsches and while I worked with Them Waters traded to a Sunburst 335 Which actually was not as big sounding as the Gretsch (even though I have never owned a Gretsch but have owned Many 335s).

    I Have an endorsement with Stevens Guitars although he labels it simply recognition in the Artist section. He built the Gunmetal Grey Strat that Clapton signed off on and played for 7 years in the nineties. He makes an incredible 335 shaped guitar and a Les Paul Killer called the LJ.

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