Sonny Page and the Triangles

Jim McDaniels, Mike McCloud, unknown drummer, Sonny Page, Cleo Riley, unknown bassist
Left-right: Jim McDaniels, Mike McCloud, unknown drummer, Sonny Page, Cleo Riley, unknown bassist

Sonny Page and the Triangles REM Records demo The Golden BookAl Collinsworth of the Outcasts wrote this history of the band of his friend Sonny Page, and sent in the fantastic photo above.

Sonny Page and the Triangles represented Lemco Records’ entry into the country music scene. Sonny’s recording of “Big Wheels”, which began with the sound of an 18-wheeler shifting gears as it sped by, received air-play on country radio stations such as WAXU in Lexington, KY and was promoted by Grand Ole Opry and Columbia Records recording star Esco Hankins. The recording included the Triangles and studio musicians Kenny Whalen on guitar and Bill Wasson on bass.

Sonny Page and the Triangles REM Records demo Lost CityThe original Triangles included Sonny page on vocals and guitar, Charles Burgess on steel guitar, Raymond ‘Timber’ Lowery on bass, William Hanshaw on guitar and David Miller on drums. Later, the Triangles added Jim Mcdaniels and Cleo Riley on guitars. Sonny also recorded on the Rem Records label (“The Golden Book” / “Lost City”).

During the 1960s, Sonny and the Triangles played country music shows with such stars as Webb Pierce, Pee Wee King, the Collins sisters and George Morgan. Always a very popular singer in the Lexington area, Sonny worked with the famous 50s star Little Enis and was a regular performer at Lexington’s Zebra Lounge. Sonny also worked at Martins where JD Crowe first started in Lexington.

Sonny retired from professional music and had a very respectable career as a peace officer. He was a lieutenant with the Fayette County Police, a Fayette County Deputy sheriff, a Fayette County deputy jailer and a bailiff for several high profile Fayette County judges.

Sonny is now happily married and living peacefully in Lexington, KY. Sonny told me that like many of us 60s era musicians, he too had lots of fun and has always had a genuine love of music.

Al Collinsworth

15 thoughts on “Sonny Page and the Triangles”

  1. Greetings,
    As a DJ @ the old WIXI in Lancaster,Kentucky, I rememember very well
    this Single on Lemco.
    The great thing about this small Station was the fact that we were able
    to play all “Local” Performers. Sonny’s release was no exception. Also I
    had the pleasure of playing first–Harold Montgomery’s 45’s too!(Harold
    was from Lancaster)

  2. Harold came by and set in with us a few times,at martins i belive.we have one of his records somewere,sonny

  3. Hey Sonny!!! Glad you made it to GarageHangover!!! Maybe we can get more of your friends to not be so shy and post a comment…….

  4. I had the pleasure to play with Charlie Burgess and Timber too at Martin’s with the great Sonny Page i learned a lot about everything in life back then wit hthose Guys They are were great Friends Thanks Sonny

  5. Sonny, I tried to send you an email to the address you listed here but it came back. Do you now have a new email address? I have a question concerning Harold Montgomery.

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