Del-Vetts Dunwich PS I Call My Baby STPa

Selling 45s at Allentown Record Expo this Saturday

Del-Vetts Dunwich PS I Call My Baby STPa

I can’t afford to keep all these 45s … and I’m always looking for new ones. I’ll be selling 45s of many genres – garage, surf, r&b, international, soul, etc at the Allentown, Pennsylvania 45 & 78 rpm record fair this Saturday, April 1, 2017. If you haven’t been, there are more 45s than you can look through in three days, let alone one. Not sure my table # yet but if you come ask for Chris Bishop’s table. Or contact me ahead of time, I’ll be in town from Wednesday afternoon on.

1901 S. 12th St. ( S.12th & Vultee Streets ), Allentown, PA 18103

10-4 PM, $3 admission.

More info on the fair’s website,

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