Satan’s Breed

Satan's Breed A-L-M 45 Laugh Myself to the GraveThis Rhode Island group cut the demented, organ-driven “Laugh Myself to the Grave” in 1966. The flip is the doo-wop like “Little Girl”. Both sides written by Albert Aubin, R. Lemme, D. Moretti, and thus the label name: ALM.

Satan’s Breed made another 45 as the Angids (or Angi-Ds), “I Like Girls” / “C’mere Woman”. This one is even cruder than “Laugh Myself to the Grave”. No organ this time, just guitars, drums and some bleating saxophone. There’s inane whistling on “I Like Girls”, while “C’mere Woman” has the vocalist delivering some unsavory lines in his a voice akin to the Novas’ “The Crusher”.

21 thoughts on “Satan’s Breed”

  1. I’ve heard that Angids 45. It really is RAW! Can you post up the flip to “Laugh Myself To The Grave”?. I’d like to hear that…If you can of course.

    1. It’s me. I’m back. Nice to know so many of you are still around. Keep in Touch. Better late than never. Also on facebook. Al Aubin

  2. Everyone has dreams. Family members cooperated with this venture. The sixties was a time of idealism and free thought, somewhat naive.

  3. C’Mon Al Aubin!!!!

    Everything went fine until we had to “pay to play” on Providences’ radio stations… only your two namesakes on the record label had any input to this single. The rest of us were like hired musicians!

    It MIGHT have been better if you put the scrubbed version of “C’Mere Woman” on the back side rather than the anemic attempt to sound like Elvis with “Little Girl” on the “B” side…. what a Yuck it was….

    However, you have a gem with the abbreviated “Laugh” on Side “A”… what is missing is the band picture of we in a cemetary with the black and white polka-dot shirts….

    You may consider your generous financing of this record “folly” but I appreciated the money and effort you put in to this project… the songs are all downloadable on the Internet….we need the picture to match to the sounds… find it, upload it, and see what happens…. Nostalgia works!

    Thankxs for your consideration 45 years ago…

    The Cheesy Organ Player
    Lord Lucifer T. Foxxe

  4. Can anybody tell me what label that Angids “C’mere Woman” 45 was on or if it even had an actual release (as opposed to a one off acetate)? I’ve heard it on youtube and it blows my mind but i’ve never been able to find a picture of it any information other than what’s here…

  5. The 45 is a vinyl pressing. The labels are white, all the information (group name, song titles, credits) are handwritten in pencil.
    I’ll have to remember to feature the 45 on my blog sometime this summer.

  6. wow! have you ever seen / heard of another copy, with a printed label or not? Such a knockout record, please do feature it on your site, be great to hear it in a bit better resolution than what ya get off youtube!

      1. They were a great bunch. It was fun to work with them We were so young and unassuming. Then the real world arrived!

  7. The group and songs were active nearly 50 years. Two members of the band have passed. I have not seen the other living members in decades.
    The living former members continue to have interest in music from what I have learned. They were all fine young men. It was a great time.

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