The Rice Paper Window

Rice Paper Window, Green Bay, Wisconsin

One reader sent in this neat promotional photo of the Rice Paper Window, a quintet from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I don’t know anything about the group, who was in it or if they recorded. Anyone have more info?Thanks to Bob Degutis for sending in this and other Wisconsin band photos.

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  1. I was one of the guitar players in this group. We played in and around Green Bay from about 1966-1969 when the group morphed into The American Dream. I left in early 1969 to serve in the Navy. Both Lyle and Joe passed away before their time and I think of them frequently. Both were the most talented in the band and wonderful friends.

    We were a close group that loved to perform. Even though we played almost 50 years ago, I remember some of our great gigs in vivid detail.

    1. Jay, I remember you well. After my six year Navy hitch, I settled into a career in banking. It took me to Idaho and 40 years in Montana. I retired last year and my wife and I spend our summers in Kalispell, MT and winter in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. We have two grown kids.

      How about you?
      Mike aka Mick

      1. Betty and I got married in May 1970, and moved to Cincinnati. I went to college for Data Processing (as they called it then) worked in systems design, programming and management for 30 years at the a large company. Had 3 daughters with Betty, and am still in the Cincinnati area. Working for a small tech firm now. Like it , will keep working until I can’t or don’t want to anymore. Married to Betty for 46 years. Go to GB several times a year. 50th Preble reunion coming up in 2 years. Interested? I think you are on the MIA list. would be good to see you. Lots of great memories.

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