Pharaoh Records Discography, McAllen, TX

Jimmy Nichols ran a recording studio in McAllen, Texas and owned the Pharaoh label. The Zakary Thaks and Bad Seeds used Nichol’s studio for their early singles. I’ve read that the studio burned down years ago with whatever stock and master tapes was left in it.

Pharaoh discography:

Any help with this would be appreciated

1001 – Ray Wray Quartet – Yes Indeed!


101 – Ray Wray Quartet – “A Song Is Born” / “When Your Love Has Gone” (with picture sleeve – see above)
102 – Robert Burnie – “My Twistin’ Mexicali Baby” / “Come Just a Little Bit Closer to Me” (J. Nicholls) Division of Alki Alki Music Pub. BMI
103 – Johnny Jay & the Pompadors – “You Drive Me Crazy (You Drive Me Wild)” (Johnny Mendez) / “I Feel So Lonely” (Benny Mendez)
104 – Billy Myers Combo – “Oso” / “Ten Little Indians” (some copies on red vinyl)
105 – Johnny Jay & The Pompadors – “She’s Gone And I’m All Alone” / “I Want You So I Need You So”
106 ?
107 ?
108 ?
109 – Don Blackey – “Mona Lisa” / ?
110 – Marvin Nash and the “K” Sisters – “I’ll Cry” / “Happiness”
111 ?
112 ?
113 – Davis Brothers – “I Don’t Hear You” / ?
114 – Noe Pro & The Blue Valiants – “Hit Me With The Stroll” / “My Love Is Real”
115 – Marvin Nash and the Chevelles – “Darling” / “Dina” (1961)
116 – Don Bennett And His Orchestra – “That’s All” / The Balladiers with Don Bennett And His Orchestra ‎- “Texas A & M Waltz”
117 – Don Bennett & Orchestra – “Jersey Bounce” / “Only A Dream”
118 – Noe Pro and the Blue Valiants – “I Know” / “Reina de mi Vida”
119 – Little Joe Parker and the Vikings – “Straight Jacket” / “Feed the Chickens” (both by Joe Gonzales)
120 ?
121- Noe Pro & the Blue Valiants – “Come Along My Baby” / ?? (1964)
122 – Little Joe Parker and the Tigers – “Is That A Tiger In My Tank” / “Movin’ On”
123 – Ronnie Dale – “You’ve Learned How To Cry”
124 – Noe Pro and the Semitones – “I Know What’s Been Going On” / “I Love You My Darling”
125 – The Cruisers – “An Angel Like You” / “The Lonely”
126 – Jeanne Hatfield – “My Babe” / “Summertime” (March 1965)
127 ?
128 – The Cruisers – “Another Lonely Night” / “Please Let Me Be (The One For You)” (with picture sleeve)
129 – Simon Reyes & the Outerlimits – “My Baby Hurts Me” / “Mistake Number Three”
130 ?
131 – Billy D. Nash – “This Little Light Of Mine” / “There Is A Balm In Gilead” (with picture sleeve)
132 ?
133 – George and the Lion’s Den Trio Here’s George – “The Swinger” / “Crazy Ideas” (with picture sleeve)
134 – Arturo & Pat with the Invaders – “Oh Yes Tonight” / “So Tenderly & Faithfully”
135 – Jim Roberts – “Jukebox for Company” / “Hay for My Donkey”
136 – George and the Lion’s Den Trio – “Tequila Sour” / “Como Prima”
137 – The Cavaliers – “Pride” (Billy Rowe) / “Sea Weed”
138 – Danny Mata & the Pathfinders – “Looking Around” / “Iolavay”
139 – The Cruisers – “My Place” (E.J. Ledesma) / “Walkin’ and a Ridin'”
140 – Eddie & the Emeralds – “Preparation X” / “If You Only Knew”
141 – The Playboys of Edinburg – “Wish You Had A Heart” (James Williams) / “Understand Me”
142 – The Playboys of Edinburg – “Look at Me Girl” / “News Sure Travels Fast” (James Williams)
143 – Simon Reyes – “Broken Hearted Fool” / “What Now My Love”
144 – Jeanne Hatfield – “Wowie, Pretty Scary” / “If You Want Me”
145 – Don Pierce – “Take Another Drink” / “One Man Band”
146 – Thee Kavaliers – “That Hurts” / “Symbols of Sin” ( both by Javier Rios)
147 – The Headstones – “24 Hours (Everyday)” / “Wish She Were Mine” (both composed by Dave Williams)
148 – The Cruisers – “The Fire’s Gone” / “Oh! Sweetness”
149 – George Garza & the Lion’s Den Trio – “Watermelon Man” / “Blue Moon Of Kentucky” (1966)
150 – Thee Kavaliers – “The Last Four Words” / “Ballad Of Thee Kavaliers”
151 – Christopher & the Souls – “Diamonds, Rats and Gum” / “Broken Hearted Lady” (both composed by Chris Voss)
152 – The Headstones – “Bad Day Blues” (Williams-Palmer) / “My Kind of Girl” (Dave Williams)
153 – Brother & Sister – “See What Tomorrow Brings” (Arturo Longoria) / “The Answer Is Love” [square flower-power folk!]
154 – Thee Kavaliers (Cavaliers) – “Congregation for Anti-Flirts, Inc” / “Back to You”
155 – The Cruisers – “Celina” / “Baby Doll”

I had erroneously listed 141 and 142 as by the Playboys of Edinburgh, but they were not named after the Scottish city, but rather after Edinburg, TX, a small town northeast of McAllen.

See individual entries on The Cruisers, Christopher & the Souls, Simon Reyes and Noe Pro & the Semi-tones, and Thee Kavaliers for more info on those bands.

There were other Pharaoh labels:

Pharaoh Records 7707 – Hot Coke – “Make This Love Last” / “All By My Self”

Massachusetts: (pressed either in NY or Hollywood):
Pharaoh SA-327 – Roy Victor – “Hot Dog” / “You Are My Wish” (ZTSP-94713, arranged and cond. by Fran Devino, Harvest Hill publishing, ASCAP)
Pharaoh 339 – Scavengers – “You Do It Too” / “Speed Trap”

Tulsa, OK:
Pharaoh 1006 – Paragons – “Who Am I” / “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”   (also released on BTR 1006)
Pharaoh 1235 – Dynamics – ” Lucy Part I” / “Lucy Part II”
Pharaoh 1236 – Roger Wayne & the Clic – “Ballad Of Sara Lee” / “I Gotta Lotta Time”
Pharaoh 1239 – Mike Catron & the Avanties – “Donna” / “Bass Beat”

Thank you to Gilbert Rodriguez for his help with this discography and to Ed Nadorozny for the Ron Wray sleeve scan. Thank’s also to Bob, Drunken Hobo, Jason Chronis, Max Waller and Tommy for the additional entries. Thanks also to Fred Hoyt for the Jeanne Hatfield sleeve scan.


29 thoughts on “Pharaoh Records Discography, McAllen, TX”

  1. 102 Robert Burnie My Twisin’ Mexicali Baby / ?

    105 Johnny Jay & The Pompadors : She’s Gone And I’m All Alone /I Want You So I Need You So

    109 Don Blakey : Mona Lisa / ?

    110 Marvin Nash And The “K” Sisters : I’ll Cry / ?

    131 Billy D. Nash : This Little Light Of Mine / There Is A Balm In Gilead /with PS

    133 George And The Lion’s Den Trio : Here’s George Crazy Ideas / ?

    136 George And The Lion’s Den Trio : Tequila Sour / Como Prima

    Pharaoh LP :
    1001 : Ray Wray Quartet : Yes Indeed!

    Note : mMention of “Division of Alki Music” printed on the earliest Pharaoh releases.

    On Alki Records (TX) :

    161 Nat Love : I’m Lonely And Blue / Deliver Me (Bb Feb 27, 1961)
    706 Ray Wray : Off To The Moon You Go /It Coul Be You (Bb Oct 31, 1960)

    Not to be confused with:

    There was another Alki label around the same time, from Seattle, Washington,
    with releases by “Rod Lemke And The Pearls” and “the Robert Attwood Quintet”.

  2. Pharoah (TX) 45 – 102 Robert Burnie – My Twistin’ Mexicali Baby (1962?)
    Pharoah (TX) 45 – 109 Don Blackey – Mona Lisa
    Pharoah (TX) 45 – 113 Davis Brothers – I Don’t Hear You
    Pharoah (TX) 45 – 123 Ronnie Dale – You’ve Learned How To Cry
    Pharoah (TX) 45 – 131 Billy DNash This Little Light Of Mine
    Pharoah (TX) 45 – 135 Jim Roberts – Jukebox for company
    Pharoah (TX) 45 – 137 Roy Victor – Hot Dog
    (Taken from Bj’s Country & Rock ‘N’ Roll 45 rpm Collectors Guide)

  3. Thenks Bob and DrunkenHobo for these additions, I’ll add them to the main article above. One note, the Roy Victor is a different Pharaoh label and # – see below:

  4. Does anyone remember Donnie(Don) Pierce from Corpus Christi? He wrote and recorded “Take Another Drink” and “One Man Band” on Pharoh Records? He played live in his band(s) in C.C. for many years and owned The Town Pump bar.

  5. I am a personal friend of Jeanne Hatfield, and recorded background with her on Time and Unprejudice Girl at Jimmy NIchols’ studio in McAllen. Over the years I lost my copy of the record, but have been able to find 3 of those 45’s and have purchased them. I sent one to Jeanne as she had lost hers also. I am looking for copies of My Babe and Summertime, but have not been able to find any. I was saddened to hear that the studio had burned down with all it’s wonderful tapes and records. I had moved out of the Valley in 2001 but recently moved temporarily back to McAllen. Just thought I’d weigh in on this website.

        1. My dad George was a Chevelle for a couple of years when we lived in Harlingen and he sang on the 7″ with Dina and Darling on it. He often talks about Marvin Nash and wants to know what he has been up to. I think my dad said that his stage name was Frankie Diamond. Any info would be cool.

  6. Hey Chris, thanks for your input regarding the two PHARAOH Records 45’s in my vinyl collection by THEE KAVALIERS (146 & 150). Not that big a deal, but I thought you might like to know that your website spells the name of the group for these particular 45’s as follows: The Cavaliers. Garage Hangover is the BEST website on the internet for Garage Band genre music!

  7. I have about 60% of the label run. Here’s a few that are missing from the discography right now:

    The Flip of 109 is “Danny Boy”
    114 – Noe Pro & The Blue Valiants – Hit Me With The Stroll/My Love Is Real
    117 – Don Bennett & Orchestra – Jersey Bounce/Only A Dream
    144 – Jeanne Hatfield – Wowie, Pretty Scary/If You Want Me

  8. Jeanne Hatfield Bonsall is my amazingly talented Mama! I really wish she had received the noteriety she deserved. She still rocks, and is still beautiful!!!

    1. She and another girl did beautiful background vocals on my brother Simon Reyes records,My baby hurts me and Broken Hearted Fool both on Pharaoh records.I love her voice,very strong and energetic! I listen to my brother’s records all the time so it seems like I know ur mom well. Lol
      God Bless!
      Freddy Reyes

  9. anyone seen a copy of Marvin Nash & the Chevelles – Say a Prayer For Me-
    Supposedly on Pharaoh 1001????? I’m sure its not the LP listed above.


  10. I would love to hear ANY of George and the Lion’s Den Trio songs if anyone has any of these originals. That would take me so back to the best years, clubbing in Reynosa at the Lion’ Den Club where the Trio played. They were SO good.. the best club music of that era, great piano, rock.. even could sound like the Beatles.
    Pharaoh List 133 136 139

    Hearing Playboys of Edinburg (Texas) was great, too.
    The Classic Rock era.

  11. Does anyone have a list of names and contact information with everyone associated with Jimmy Nicholls and Pharaoh Records?

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